देखो! आखिर आ ही गया सैलाब,
ना कोई इंद्र की कृपा और ना कोई वायु का दाब!
कितनो ने ले ली है जल समाधि,
जो बचे हैं, उनमे है बाकी जान आधी!!

अब ना कोई सहारा है और ना कोई मसीहा,
ना कोई उम्मीद की रौशनी और ना कोई दिया!
अब किससे कहोगे तुम अपनी आपबीती,
वो आएंगे और फिर चलेगी तुम्हारी लाशों पर भी राजनीति!!

जाकर लाओ उन् मसीहाओं को,
जिन्होंने भ्रमित किया है तुम्हारी दिशाओं को!
मांगो जवाब अपने हक़ का,
और मांगो जवाब अपनी बदकिस्मती का!!

तुम्हारे संग आंसू बहकर,
वो पिएंगे शराब!
अपने अरमानो के संग डूबते,
तुम झेलोगे सैलाब!!

अब तो आँखें खोलो मेरे भाई!
कब तक टूटते बाँध देखोगे,
कब तक देखोगे उजरते घर?
कब तक सुनोगे झूठे वादे,
और कब तक बचाओगे डूबते घर?

आँखों की काली पट्टी को खोलो,
और गले से जाती की जंजीर को तोड़ो!
और तब भी आँखें ना खुल पाये,
तो देखना फिर से आएगा सैलाब!!

लेखक : नीलेश रंजन


Half the Destination – Straight from the Author

Half the Destination-cover page

Hi Friends, Last week somewhere around 5th of Aug,15 my first book “Half the Destination” got published and was made available on Amazon India, Flipkart and Amazon US by the publisher. Honestly speaking I still don’t know how to respond to when people comes forward to congratulate me and want to know more about the book. So, I decided to pen it down through this article to tell everyone about my book.

The story is clearly an outcome of a very long time dream which I have lived with for so many years right from my college days. But, like any other ordinary person I too had no idea about where to start and how to start writing a book . So, last year somewhere around Nov,14, I started writing blogs on my website http://www.randomwithlife.com  which turned out to be the first step towards achieving a goal of writing a book and to get that published. Second step was like when the readers started giving their reactions over some of the burning topics that I chose to write upon without even caring about the political outcome of the same.

My book Half the Destination is based on the struggle in love for a middle class guy named Amish from Bihar. So, why did I choose Bihar? There are two reasons behind that :

  1.  I have myself lived with that kind of struggle for quite sometime.
  2.  I did observe that most of the guys from Bihar are morally stuck with so many things at a time in comparison  to the easy going guys from the other parts of the country.

The story talks about the natural urge in most of the guys from the middle class families in India for being ethically and morally correct in almost everything in their lives specially when they are close to the age of 30 which is a very crucial age in everyone’s life. And it also depicts how they choose to stay unhappy in an effort to keep everyone happy in their lives. The story also talks about the moral boundaries that a girl has to adhere to in those states specially when the matter is related to their love life.

I always wanted to write something related to a very common failure of love stories in Bihar. So, this book is very close to my heart because I did give my honest effort through the story to highlight all those shortcomings that our guys and girls has to face due to their own indecisiveness. I will truly feel successful for being an author of this book only when it will help the youngsters to have a kind of required firmness in their believes and individuality.

As an author it was very difficult for me to complete the book because many times while writing the book I got lost in the story to that extent where I felt angry, got emotional breakdowns and at several instance it made me smile as well. So, basically I have lived the life of the character named Amish in the story throughout the time when I was writing. Then the cover page design came up as a big challenge to me which got sorted out by one of the finest artist I came across in my life. Her name is Suwarna Sable and she is one of the most talented person I have seen with paint and brush. So, one fine day I was able to complete the book and then only I was able to sleep properly. I must say that I have enjoyed writing this book a lot and I hope my readers will enjoy that thoroughly .

By : Nilesh Ranjan

The Incredible India!!

incredible india

After writing so many criticizing articles towards the politicians, social angst and mismanagement of the governments, now its the time to speak something positive about the country. So, lets start with the much being talked about “The Incredible India” which is very efficiently and actively being promoted by our film star Amir Khan through the campaign “Athithi Devo Bhava” . I must admit that his involvement to that cause has added an extra value to the campaign due to his volunteering into the social activities which are larger in the interest of this nation. He also hosted the tv serial named “Satyamev Jayate” which led to a great awareness about certain issues in India like ill practices by the medical practitioners, poor condition of the cops in India, the self declared judiciaries like Khap Panchayat, etc.. So, his credibility towards the nation is making the campaign of “Athithi Devo Bhava” a kind of revolution in the tourism industry.

Not everyone in this country are  privileged to explore it and so their knowledge about India is restricted to their village, town, city or at may be only up to the state they belong to. Whatever they know about the other places in India is based on the books, newspaper or might be through the television. And so we are mostly tend to form a perception about the other part of the country based on the media report or television programs. Right from my childhood I had been lucky to see the different colors of this nation. Being a son of a Railway Employee I had the privilege to travel in trains without fair using the pass issued by the government. In early 90s I got an opportunity to see the places like Madras, Madurayi, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Mysore, Trivandrum , Jagannath Puri , Kolkata, Nainitaal, Almora, Ranikhet and Varanasi. And I loved everything about all those places which are mentioned above. Be it the temples of Tamil Nadu, Sea beaches of Trivandrum, Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari, Sunrise in Rameshwram , Boat ride in Nainitaal and Varanasi and the food in Kolkata.

My father ensured that we do understand the diversity of our nation from a very young age and so he took us to many places to visit. He never taught us the language barriers, religious barrier, etc. because they never use to exist in those times. I belong to a small town of Bihar named Darbhanga which is known for its beautiful fort, temples and one of the very prestigious medical college of India. It has got one of the oldest Sanskrit University along with the Sanskrit library which stores a vast legacy of old scriptures. It has got the rich legacy and cultural heritage of Mithilanchal. We speak a very sweet language named “Maithili” which got recognized as one of the national language of India somewhere in 2005. When I got an opportunity to visit a place named “Vaishali” in Bihar then I got to understand the deep linkage of Budhdhism in Bihar. I did try to understand the way all the preaching of Gautam Budhdha was preserved over there. The shrine explained everything very calmly to me and I felt quite satisfied.

After completing my school I went to another unexplored part of the country for attending my college. I got admission in Jaypee Universirty which is located in Waknaghat(Solan district) in Himachal Pradesh. It is known as Dev Bhumi Himachal which means the land of Gods and that was true to a very extent. People of that region were very humble and polite while speaking. They always carried a very sweet smile on their faces which was good enough to make your day very beautiful . I stayed in Himachal for almost 4 years to complete my engineering. I visited a lot of places like Shimla, Solan, Kasauli, Kufri, Narkanda, etc. and those were one of the most memorable part of my life. I will always cherish the memory of those sweet speaking Himachalis who often used the term “Bauuji” to call someone. The beauty of that place cannot be explained in my words. It had almost everything possible like Rivers, Water Falls, Mountains, Eco Points, Snowfall and what else you can think off. Beautiful place, beautiful faces and the snowfall. It was simply mesmerizing. My parents did accompany me when I went there for the first time and that’s a kind of memory for them as well. That was the first time when my parents had to travel because of me and they loved that reason.

After completing my college in 2007, I got my first posting in Chennai but before that I had to undergo through the 4 months of technical training in Mumbai. I never been to Mumbai before till Aug 6,2007 and so I was very excited to travel to the western most part of the country and that too Mumbai(land of dreams). My train reached somewhere around 3:30 AM morning and I swear I never saw any other city of this country that lively at that time of the day. After getting down to the lokmanya tilak station, I was immediately surrounded by the taxi drivers who were asking me about where I would like to go.  With little hesitation I asked them about the local train station and to much of my surprise one of the taxi driver came forward to show me the way towards the tilak nagar railway station which was adjacent to the LTT. I was so overwhelmed with that gesture and spirit. It won my heart and I loved that warm welcome by that city. It actually made those 3 months of my training as a biopic and all my friends who were part of that training will never forget it. I bet no other city could have given so much of joy and learning to all of us.

Till that time the incredibility of the country was prominent to me and I truly found myself privileged for being an Indian. But, the journey to explore the country did not stop till Mumbai. After completing the training I along with my friends started our journey for Chennai as that was our first job posting. We were very much afraid of the city due to lots of bad remarks that was very often in the air about the place. And mostly it was due to the language barrier created by the Tamilians due to their reluctance towards assimilating to this nation by not speaking Hindi. I do agree that it caused little trouble to us outside the office, but slowly we started to accept them and that changed our life. We enjoyed the city like anything for next 3 years specially the weekend drive to the Basant Nagar beach and Marina beach. We use to fly kites at the sea shore and it was so delighting that I wanted to spend entire night on the beach itself but unfortunately that was not allowed.

After completing 3 years in Chennai, I got an opportunity to work in Pune which was again a new city for me. The best part was that I did not know anyone in the city. But, on very first day itself, I fell in love with the city due to its lovely climate and lovely people. The city has beautifully kept its maharastrian culture well intact along with the young crowds from all over the country. It has a reasonably safe night life in comparison to Delhi or Gurgaon and youth feel safer to travel in nights. The city has got the places like Dagduseth Temple, Parvati Hills, Chaturshringi Mandir along with the ancient Shaniwar wada which depicts the true color of the culture very prominently.

My journey doesn’t stops here and it will continue till my last breath. This nation has shown so many colors and beauty to me till this date and I have lot many to explore. Like they say “Miles to go before I sleep”. I truly believe in the incredibility of this nation irrespective of the issues that our nation is going through.

Nilesh Ranjan

The electoral sorrow of Bihar!!


The upcoming legislative elections in Bihar is slowly grabbing everyone’s attention across the country. The reason is very simple and obvious that Bihar along with the other poor states of India is being considered as the new hope for the nation. I don’t need to explain the political significance of the state because its well known to everyone. Be it the Satyagraha movement by Gandhi or be it the Youth movement against Indira Gandhi by Jayprakash Narayan, Bihar has always given its effective contribution in initiating any movement which had the larger interest for the nation. Till the Era of Karpuri Thakur(ex-cm of Bihar), Bihar was having its own charm with the strong rich legacy along with the great ancestral values. There were an excellence in the field of education specially engineering and medical. Some of the prestigious medical and engineering colleges were in Bihar like DMCH, PMCH , RIMS , etc. where the most efficient and capable doctors were produced who reached up to the pick of the fame and prosperity in their lives.

Then suddenly came the era of Lalu Prasad Yadav after his effective role in the youth movement in early 90s and that continued till the end of 2005. The people of Bihar were having a lot of hopes with him due to his image for belonging to a poor family, simple and energetic among the mass. May be Lalu was the need of an hour for Bihar at that time and he took several steps to improve the education further by recruiting 25000 basic school teachers. But slowly his relatives and community dragged him into the caste based politics. That was the time when the historical dark age of Bihar was written very efficiently by Lalu and his associates. The state witnessed the sheer rise in the caste based crimes mostly by certain communities in Bihar and the ripples were seen throughout the society. The state was already seeing the Naxal movements and the caste based hatred among the poor assisted that movement with more and more recruits. Then a new group of barbarians took the birth named as Ranvir Sena who wrote the history of massacre by slaughtering more than 100 people including women and children who were mostly Dalits.

The state was suffering badly due to the poor management of the vast natural resources of coal, bauxite and other minerals that Bihar was abundant of. It made the people further poorer and the unemployment touched at that level when people started migrating to the cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. for the survival. The crime was at the pick and media did nothing less to highlight the same and created a common image for all the people from Bihar for being uncivilized, uncultured or may be the people who don’t know how to speak in English. And the rich legacy with great ancestral values got buried somewhere under the heaviness of the ill educated politicians in the state. Students started to cheat openly during the school examinations and so the meritorious were also type casted as the cheaters wherever they went in the country until that moment came when Bihari students started proving their worthiness. They cracked the IIT exams, been topper in the civil service exams and wrote other histories, but none of them were capable of washing away the tag created by the hooligans in the state.

In 2005, with the help of election commission of India the people of Bihar shown the gate to Lalu and brought Nitish Kumar into the power with full majority. And once again the state started showing the signal for revival as the road infrastructure and other development projects were kick started. Crime came to all time low and almost 56000 criminals were convicted in the tenure of JDU government in the collaboration of the progressive BJP. Nitish came into the power by tagging the Lalu’s era as Jungleraj in Bihar. People trusted him and being very honest Nitish Kumar never breached that trust until he thought of very high for himself. He started dreaming for being the prime minister of the country which became the prime reason for his political debacle in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. His party hardly manage to get 4 seats out 40 in Bihar and people taught a tough lesson to him for his betrayal towards the state.

The worst methodology that people like Nitish Kumar picked up was “Secularism”. The concept is good in the larger interest of the nation but the way that word is being used by politicians in India is totally to fool the crowd. I personally feel that the communal harmony is an absolute requirement of the nation for maintaining the beauty of our democracy, but some politicians has used the secularism to create a nationwide outrage against them and sooner or later their era is going to be over because the nation truly understands that there is no need to give air to such concepts. Because its already there in every Indians. We are grown up by having the respect for all the religion. In my personal life also I have seen people who keep on displaying their sovereignty and secular values everywhere unnecessarily to keep on blowing the fake aura of self importance which they want to live with. And the politicians named above are merely symbolic leaders for such fools in India.

In the upcoming elections in Bihar, once again Nitish Kumar is going to contest the election with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress to defeat the BJP and its alliances. To maintain his position in the state he is even ready to push the state back to dark age once again. The Jungleraj has started appearing as Ramrajya to him once again and the consequences may lead to the end of his political career. Now, its totally up to the people of Bihar who want to take the joy of caste based stupidity once again or truly want to see the progress in the state. I am not saying the BJP or its alliance are the best parties of the state or nation, but surely they have the proven track record of making progress in whichever state they had been into the power. People talk about the Vyapan and Lalit Modi issue these days, but I personally request to the people of UP and Bihar to go and check the internal condition of those states. They will surely get the right answer before they go to vote.

Nilesh Ranjan

The most entertaining Chief Minister of India!!

I am pretty sure about one thing that this time the readers might be able to guess the central character of this blog just by seeing the title itself. Yes, its no one else apart from our own legendary honorable chief minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday, after a very long time he entertained us once again by one of the show similar to Comedy nights with Kejriwal where he was being interviewed by the consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesayi on Aajtak. I immediately informed my wife about the same and suddenly she got up with lot of enthusiasm to prepare two cups of coffee and pop corn before the show. She was upset throughout the day because I did not took her to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But, that interview by Kejriwal took all that sorrow because he entertained both of us much more than any block buster!!

Somewhere around 9:30 PM, the show started and much to my expectation once again he was appearing with full of self pride and arrogance. Within very few minutes of interview he used the term “Thulla” to refer the cops under Delhi Police and I laughed, laughed and laughed rolling on the floor, because he actually made Delhi police appear like the jokers in uniform who sacrifice their days and nights behind securing the streets for both common and uncommon citizens of Delhi . Last time he entertained us by using the very low intensity abuses like “Kaminapanthi” for some of his own party members who turned him down by being rebels. But, this time Sirjee actually took an extra effort to walk an extra mile to refer the policemen as “Thullas” which may not be taken very positively by the cops. Quite a matter to think that if the head of a state will use such a derogatory remarks for the cops then how can we even expect the common citizens to respect them.

Actually by using such words, Arvind has truly shown the real face of those aam aadmi in this nation who immediately starts to piss over the democratic setup and values of this nation after coming into the power. Even before being the CM of Delhi, Kejriwal was very popular in India but he never had the guys to use the words like “Thulla” for the cops from any of the Indian states. But, things are different after he took an oath as the CM of Delhi. Sometimes I am surprised to know that he is actually from IIT, which is known to produce the extra ordinary breed of students who actually understands the importance of democracy in India. I did laugh out loudly on his foolish acts during the interview, but deep within my heart I do have a question for the people of Delhi. Is that for what they have voted for Arvind Kejriwal? Do they really want their kids to call a policeman as “Thulla” in their city?

Then the show went ahead and he was speaking about carrying a referendum for full statehood to Delhi. Rajdeep immediately reminded  that such an act of him could be an unconstitutional one for the nation then he immediately changed his stand by saying ” Aji ham opinion poll kara lenge delhi me kyunki woh toa ham kar sakte hain naa”. He is missing one of the very basic fact about Delhi that the people over there always preferred for being the residents of the national capital of India rather than being referred from a particular state named “Delhi”. Anyways that might be his awareness under the influence of self-illusion that he is having for himself. That’s the choice he has made for himself to call everyone with certain pathetic remarks who criticizes him or does not fall under his highness.

He also spoke about the LG Najeeb Jung who disqualified all the appointments made by him in Delhi. He also mentioned once again that the Lieutenant General of Delhi is actually a puppet of central government. He was actually referring to some article 46 and 47 of Indian constitution which talks about the authority of Lieutenant General over the state like Delhi. He tried to convince the interviewer that locking the office of principle secretory of Delhi Anindito Majumdar was the right act by his government. He also tried to justify the expenditure of Rupees 526 crore over the advertisement about his government and that made me laugh again. Because he was requesting the interviewer for revealing the cost of advertisement by other state governments as well.

After watching the complete interview once again I felt that his message was very clear. He along with his party workers are the lone survivors with honesty and dignity, rest everyone in this nation are corrupt including the Prime Minister of this nation. I was quite impressed and I realized that he should actually be appointed as the chair person of the FTII. Because his contribution can be more effective and useful for the society in that way.

Nilesh Ranjan(belongs to those set of aam aadmi who respect the cops for the kind of pain they take to secure the nation)

Feeling for being a first time author!!

In next couple of weeks my first book will be published and will subsequently pop up in the market for the readers. Quills Ink publication has taken the contract to publish my book which is based on one of a very prominent issue in our society. Surely I am not going to discuss the story on this platform 🙂 because I want to keep the surprising element well intact for the readers. It took almost 30 days for me to complete the story with almost 60000 words in it. Normally for an ordinary person like me who works in IT industry, its genuinely difficult to even write around 600 words on a particular topic. So, everyone in my circle who got to know about me writing a book were simply amazed to know the fact. They kept asking me about the inspiration to write a book and that too a love story.

Right from my childhood I used to write short stories and poetries but never been able to commercialize them due to the lack of confidence or may be due to the lack of proper guidance. I do confess that I always wanted to see my name on a cover page of a book from a very long time and the motivation grew up further when I started writing blogs which got serious responses from the readers. Many a times I got threats as well from some political parties in India forcing me not to write against them. For the first time I realized the impact that an article can make in our society over any social cause. It gave me an immense pleasure to see the readership which kept on growing with every single blog of mine.

The story which is about to get published was started like an article by me and took the shape of a novel with the continuity of adding spice and flavor to that. Then I thought to give a try to get my work published and luckily some of the self publishing house came forward to make my dream come true. Some of my friends did the review of the story and found it suitable for the market. And then I did everything very professionally to make it appear a master piece. One of my friend’s wife has designed the cover page for my book and it gave a very different lvel of satisfaction to me. All this was like a fairy tale to me till last month but now while talking to the publishers, cover page artists, etc. has taken me to a very different and an unexplored area of life. The small artist in me took a bigger leap and is almost dominating the technical ability of writing oracle codes and maintain applications in IT world.

It is always said that life is a series of experiences and we need to ensure that we pick up the best lesson out of every experience. The book publishing thing has taught me one thing very clearly that there is no short cut in life. We have to walk the required miles to achieve something. Everyday I use to write approximately 2500 words in free time in office and end of the day was able to tell my wife ” Look!! I have completed that many words”. Her surprise was the best reward for me in those days. She asked me the same question everyday “After all what exactly are you writing? What interest it give to you?”. And I smiled everyday at her innocent question. And now when I am done with the writing and the entire manuscript has been submitted to the publisher, I feel a great sense of peace to myself. Because no one else can fulfill your dream except you.

Life is too small to keep on waiting for the right moment or right platform, so the pace required by us to chase our dreams actually needs a serious attention as we never know when our time is going to be over and we become the history. I have seen people dying out of a sudden and so for me life is precious at every moment. I don’t want to die with a regret for not been able to do something that I was capable of doing. So, I spent most of the time in writing poetries, blogs , books and sometimes use the pencils to sketch. During my initial days of career I made lot of jumps from one company to another and that too very frequently to enhance my earning capabilities. And I did very well. But, end of the day I realized that money can only buy comfort in your life which is very often considered as happiness. In reality the happiness is beneath us and all we need to do is to bring that out to attain the self enlightenment and glory.

Nilesh Ranjan

Bachelors are not allowed!!

Yesterday while having the meeting in my society , I heard few gentlemen raising the slogan for barring the bachelors to enter the society as the tenants. It reminded me of an old Indian movie which depicted how Britishers  use to treat Indians during the colonial times. They use to put the board over the gates of any club house owned by them  displaying the message “Dogs and Indians are not allowed“. Something similar was happening there in the meeting in my society. Some of the losers who might be in there late 30s were trying to form a group with one self declared leader(I don’t want to put down his name here) to tag the entire bachelors of this nation as the hooligans. The leader of that dumb fold loser’s union were trying to pass on the strict regulations on the society members much for their own individual fear might be residing in their heart from a long time.

I was among those few who protested the stupidity of the clustered fools who think that they are above the moral and wisdom of other flat owners or even the bachelors whom they were trying to debar to enter the premises. Some of them said ” Nilesh!! That might be your individual opinion”. I feel pity on them who underestimates an individual opinion and specially when that individual is a blog writer. Finally they were not been able to pass their stupid ideas, at least not on me. But, after coming back from that meeting I did an introspection to understand the reason behind such a fear psychosis against the bachelors in almost all the major cities of Maharashtra. I gathered some of the statistics to understand the poor closed mindset of the people in our civic society, who try to impose their own fear on others by hiding in the crowd of cowards like them.

On my research I did find some of the social and legal angle to this particular issue. I read one article on the same issue which said “Sadly, Indian society still remains most of the times a closed one with clannish mindset and claustrophobic views. It is not uncommon to see, particularly in Non-metropolitan cities and towns, owners refusing to let their houses/apartments on rent to persons of certain communities or castes, and to certain sections of populations like bachelors or single women. Though this certainly reeks of some backward thinking or narrow mindset, but there may be a legal remedy against such stupidity”. On further exploration I found that any society which is duly registered in the court can set their rules on the common consent of all the society members, but a group of few senseless maniacs who lags the basic wisdom of humanity cannot alone set any regulations. Also, any committee within the society do not have the constitutional rights to overrule the decision of a flat owner to rent his/her flat to whomever they want.

That was the one side of the story. On the other side I wanted to understand what actually  bachelors have done to create such a wave against them. Yes, it is important to understand. Till last year I was myself a bachelor and was myself seeing the boards on society gates which stated “Bachelors and foreigners are not allowed”. It did not affect me much because I got an opportunity to convince one of the flat owners of a big housing society in Pune. He understood that I was safe for being a tenant, and he never received any complains about me as such till the time I stayed in that society. I did try to set the right example for the bachelors. I was never seen with 10 guys drinking on my terrace or calling the girls to celebrate my nights. And soon I started getting the invitations from my neighbors for celebrating Diwali, Holi or Eid . That’s how the working bachelors live without causing harm to anyone.

But what I heard in that society meeting yesterday was quite amusing. The self declare leader was trying to convince people with a peculiar thought. He mentioned that his wife and kids are afraid to walk in the society due to some bachelors who are living on rent in my society. Funny!! The individuals who can’t provide a sense of security to his own family in his own society, they are trying to form the committee to secure the entire society. Most of them apparently forgets the basic fact that they were bachelors in some part of their lives and might have stayed somewhere on the rent. What could have been their condition if they could have been tagged as the hooligans or gigolos? Such people might have taken birth as an old man in their families, but my hopes are with those residents in my society who are young, brave and dynamic and can fight against such stupidity.

Certainly there are young guys and girls who might have taken the advantage of the freedom given to them to maintain their privacy, but does that give authority to a society or a group of owners to tag the entire 3 million bachelors as the nuisance creator in this nation. I personally never bother about the issue till the time I attended the yesterday’s meeting. I personally felt that all those individuals in my society who were singing the cheap songs against the bachelors were chosen to lead the society on a honorary basis, and they do not have any professional expertise on such matters,  and these people invariably get carried away by an illusion of power and develop a misplaced sense of self importance. They try to enforce many arbitrary practices in the hope that they would not be effectively challenged. But, as a responsible resident of the same society I will keep challenging them for saving my society from being one undeclared “Khap-Panchayat” of Haryana. I may stand alone in this battle but I will surely not let them win with the evils in their mind against our own guys and girls.

Nilesh Ranjan