Demonetization-A blessing in disguise!!


It’s been more than 2 weeks since the government of India has announced their idea about scrapping the old currency of Rupees 500 and 1000 as the legal tender. So, what truly has changed in the last 17 days apart from stupidity of Arvind Kejriwal? And, what actually needs to be changed in order to achieve the true reformation of this nation in terms of the expenditure of money by the common citizens?

I would like to quote some of the positive statements by very learned and known economists. Let’s see what’s their opinion towards such a revolutionary steps by the central government. Dr Subramanian Swamy kept his views on demonetization on 18th of Nov,16 at a conclave in Hong Kong , ‘We have achieved 50% of the objective in large part in my view from the demonetization. Practically all demonstrations in Kashmir have stopped, even though the Kashmiri government has done nothing new to pacify the people there. Through demonetization, we have knocked out the counterfeit printing of Indian currency by Pakistan, which was done with the aim of funding terrorism in Kashmir’. On top of it, he believes that abolition of income tax will further give relief to common tax-paying citizens.

“It is a well thought out move that can wipe out the stock of money generated by the parallel economy,” said A. Prasanna, Chief Economist at ICICI Securities Primary Dealership. Similarly, Murthy Nagarajan, Head of Fixed Income at Quantum Mutual Fund, said, “This is a long-term positive for the debt market and may lead to rate cut of 50 basis points.”

So, why such hue and cry if it is such a big and effective measure against the black money? Why our ex-PM believes that it’s an organized loot and monumental mismanagement?

The reason is simple like Dr. Swamy said that the government should have prepared a contingency plan so that the ordinary people, particularly in far-flung areas, do not suffer following the demonetization. My 2 cents to that opinion, but who could have been considered as that trustworthy for not revealing such an idea before implementation. The Prime Minister of India knows the fact very well that he is riding a Lion. He is ruling a country, where corruption and dishonesty has been injected slowly and morally into the citizens over 2 to 3 decades. Entire political race has become corrupt to the core.

This nation has seen a lot of growth in terms of science and technology, but at the same time the gap between rich and poor grew exponentially with time. The erosion of values and degradation of morality  has been historically considered  to be the major causes for the downfall of many civilizations. The enormous black money in this nation is the result of the politicians and bureaucrats with low morality, who left the nation to rot in hell in the long run just for the sake of their own financial well being.

Political parties in opposition are playing their own game in current situation. Their sole agenda is to prove the inefficiency of demonetization by highlighting the negative sides of it. It doesn’t matter whether they truly understand the meaning of such move and its subsequent impact over the country like India. We are a shining nation with heavy potential to lead the world, but the lost values has made us self eccentric and obsessed. And that’s the sole reason that we are still lagging to provide the basic living capabilities to more than 30% of the population.

Media has their own likings and reservations about every decision taken by the government. NDTV is giving their best endeavor to demean the government by spreading negative propaganda and lies among public, who are standing in long never ending queues of bank ATM  and cash counters. Zee News will speak in the favor of BJP government irrespective of whatsoever decisions are being taken. Similarly, every channels are reporting as per their own comfort and convenience. So, what should we actually watch to get the news without contamination? My recommendation would be to go for DD News, Loksabha TV and Rajyasabha TV. They provide you the news in real sense and their discussions are public eccentric, which is the need for an hour.

As a citizen from an urbanized India, I am not as affected as the rural India or in fact not at all affected by such brave stunts of central government to scrap the higher denominations. Most of the household needs are fulfilled through the card transactions or meal coupons like sodexo. The only place where I need to show the cash is the weekly vegetable market, where all the traders are from nearby villages and they cannot go cashless as of now. I mean they don’t look prepared for it as of now. Forget about knowing the significance. I have seen people standing in long waiting queues without food and water for hours in a hope that they will get some legal currency to fulfill their daily needs. It’s not their fault if they do not have the bank accounts or if they don’t know the importance of card transactions.

I respect the great intentions of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to curb the black money and the evils associated with it. From day one of his government, he has been consistently encouraging the citizens of this country to get themselves familiar to the banking system through  Jan Dhan Yojna. He also encouraged people to go for insurance by launching several schemes. He opened the schemes like Atal Pension Yojna for the people working in unorganized sectors. But, this demonetization has shown the real face of our banking system. It shows that how unprepared we are to tackle a crisis situation. I have seen all the very famous markets, which are known for their high volume sales during winter season and now can be seen sitting silently in agony without any crowd.

The traders, who mostly deals in cash with farmers are in trouble because of the cash crunch. They don’t have enough cash to give the wages to workers or to the farmers. Over the news I heard our Finance Minister saying that government is pretty serious about the rural areas. Yes Sir, you really need to hurry up and make their lives comfortable. In cities, people like us need the cash mostly to satisfy themselves psychologically otherwise if we pledge not to panic then for sure some needy people may get their chance to get the cash. As a true lover of my country, I wish that the poor people should not suffer because of this move and demonetization achieve all the success it is meant to.

By : Nilesh Ranjan of the best initiatives of our time!!

mithila painting.jpg

Ah, I did fail to notice that it has been quite long, since I wrote something for my readers. Last two months were quite hectic and I was pretty occupied with hell lot of things both in personal and official life. Luckily, I have got some leisure time today to breath properly and smell the freshness of the breeze from the outside of my window after the downpour.

While assembling some of my stuffs in cupboard, I came across a conspicuous tea tray(shown in the picture), which I bought last month from a new e-commerce site  , which is a new start up by one of my college mate Ruchi Jha. The beautiful Mithila painting that is imbibed over the base of the tray was actually making it quite unique among the entire collection of paintings and decor that I have. The other two products like a painting and lady’s kurti, which I bought from the website also turned out to be a kind of wow experience for me and my wife.


Trust me!! It was really a kind of pleasant surprise to me initially, when I got to know about such an initiative for the first time. In general, we all have a dream to pursue a career, which directly or indirectly serves the society that we belong to, but only few of us get the right circumstances to do so. Being a guy from Mithila region of Bihar, I have grown up seeing Mithila paintings and the craftsmanship associated with it across the region which comprises of the places like Madhubani, Samastipur, Darbhanga(my hometown), etc., and I always wanted to see the art from my region reaching every possible door throughout the nation. So, when I saw Ruchi and her team giving an honest efforts to make an ancient popular art reachable to everyone, it really made me believe that still there are people out there,who take a chance to do something they strongly believe in.

It gives me an eternal satisfaction because the only thing people in this country knows about Bihar is either the pathetic social-political condition of the state to criticize or else to envy the extensive number of brain drained engineers, doctors and Public Service commissioned officers. People hardly knows about the very old and rich culture of Mithila(one part of Bihar’s historical identity), which has given its effective contribution in the field of art, literature and architecture to the Indian society. British officers were big admirer of Mithila painting during the colonial times. The massive earthquake of 1934 in Bihar had tumbled down the house walls, and the British colonial officer in Madhubani District, William G. Archer, inspecting the damage discovered the paintings on the newly exposed interior walls of homes. Archer – later to become the South Asia Curator at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum – was stunned by the beauty of the paintings and similarities to the work of modern Western artists like Klee, Miro, and Picasso. He brought the wall paintings to public attention through and article in the Indian art journal, Marg, somewhere in 1949.

Madhubani art(popularly known as Mithila painting) has five distinctive styles, namely, Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, godna and gobar. In the 1960s Bharni, Kachni and Tantrik style were mainly done by Brahman and Kayashth women, who are upper caste women in India and Nepal. Their themes were mainly religious and they depicted Gods and Goddesses, flora and fauna in their paintings. People of lower castes includes aspects of their daily life and symbols , story of Raja Shailesh [ guard of village] and much more, in their paintings. But nowadays Madhubani art has become a globalised art form so there is no difference in the work of artists of the region on the basis of caste system . They are working in all five styles and the art received international and national attention.

There are some famous names associated with the Mithila painting like Jagdamba Devi, Sita Devi and Bharti Dayal, who are all the pioneers in the field and also the national awardees. I was going through one of the very popular artist Bharti Dayal’s website, and found that each one of her paintings was having the minimum cost of $2000. That shows the level of acceptance for Mithila painting at the world stage due to the kind of art and purity  associated with it. But, buying her paintings seems beyond the capacity of a middle class family due to the expensiveness of it. So, in such a time an initiative like provides a well deserved platform for the local artist from the Mithila region to earn a good livelihood. And it also provide a very good opportunity to all the art lovers to fulfill their desires to have that beautiful form of art and decor in a very affordable price. I have seen a variety of collection on the website. Be it a hand painted ethnic sarees, kurtis, stole, etc. or the home decors. Everything appears to be in budget and rightly priced. I urge my readers to take out sometime from their busy and hectic schedule to give a look to the website, and appreciate the much needed step that should have actually been taken long back by the state government to promote the Mithila painting and the history behind the same. And, if by any chance you find my idea about that initiative true, then do purchase the piece of art as per you liking and budget. I bet it will satisfy your soul as you will see the value for money and the magnificence of the Madhubani art.

From: Nilesh Ranjan


Kashmir Vs Rest of India


I may not be quite informed and super qualified to write over the subject, but somewhere in my heart I feel irritated like many other fellow Indians over the Kashmir issue. News Channels and Newspapers are also responsible to some extent for making the news related to Kashmir very spicy. So, I will have my questions open in this forum to get some relevant answers.

Right from our childhood, we keep on hearing that Kashmir is an apple of discord for the government of India. It is quite comforting and easy to sit under an air-conditioned room and present your opinion over any burning issues like Naxal movement or AFSPA. But, the reality of Kashmir cannot be taken that casually anymore by any one of us, specially when it has become more than three decades and we keep on hearing the same news about the burning of it.

Sometimes it is often described as one of the heavens on this planet and the very next moment it turns out to be a valley of ugly massacre of Kashmiris-be it a Muslim or a Kashmiri Pandit. The question arises on our governing bodies and military capabilities that why we are not able to settle the Kashmir in last three decades. Are we really so incapable to handling it? Why Kashimiris started to hate rest of the country? Why they are more inclined towards a screwed up nation like Pakistan, which is struggling for her own survival? Why the youths of Kashmir are holding the flag of ISIS?

No one is ready to give an answer. Neither government nor the armed forces, who posses special power in the valley. These days, we are being considered for our potentials in the world market-be it in the field of IT industry or space research. We are proving our capabilities everywhere throughout the world, then why do we appear like a failed system in the matter of Kashmir? I have met several Kashmiri Pandits in different parts of the country living in different situations. Some of them got the right set of education and jobs with the help of reservation policy for Kashmiri migrants by government of India, but most of them are forced to live miserably in the refugee camps. Somewhere, in 2012 a family came to me for financial assistance in Pune and their story was very heart wrecking. But, they are lucky to have the assimilation and acceptance by rest of the country. I was able to assist them with little of my capabilities, but the biggest relief to them is the sympathy extended by common Indians towards them. At least, we acknowledge their grief and sorrow.

But, the Kashmiri Muslims, who are left over in the valley after throwing away the Kashmiri Pandits under whatsoever agenda they had. What about them? What did they achieve by seeking the help of terrorism to terrorise the non-Muslims and forcing them to run away leaving their native land? They should be asking the questions to themselves that what sort of future they were able to nurture for their kids. The bloodshed in the valley has taken away many lives of youngsters and like they mentioned in one of the Bollywood songs “Jhelam-laal laal hua laal”, the rivers in Kashmir are found to be more coloured in comparison to any other rivers in other parts of the country. Those who continued to live in Kashmir have actually lost much more lives than the Kashmiri Pandits. And on top of it all they have got is the sympathy of terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and the country of nomads-Pakistan, which has a proven in capabilities of protecting even the school going kids on its own soil.

So, in sort Kashmiri Muslims are the biggest losers of all the time. Some of them often found to be raising slogans in the university campuses of JNU or Jadavpur like ‘bandook se lenge aazadi’, and when time comes to confront the armed forces then they cry of innocence and intolerance. Everybody involved in this should be doing retrospection for what truly they want to achieve. Be it the separatist leaders, state government and the central government. End of the day, it is Kashmir which is evenly burning round the year loosing the youth and their future in the valley.  It is also high time for the government of India to take effective measures to win the heart of Kashmiris and help them restore their believes in our system.


By: Nilesh Ranjan

Insensitive Index of India


These days, both print and electronic media are mostly found flooded either by the news related to the drought hit regions of India or by an irritating advertisement of Arvind Kejriwal. So, what usually we do with those sort of news. We turn the page or change the tv channel preferably to read or see something, which shows little positivity about the nation. Trust me, we Indians have that tendency to turn our faces away from seeing the misery and we have an inherited feature to remain insensitive about whatever wrong is happening around us till the time it is personally not affecting us. It’s not only because of our deep rooted insensitivity, but also mostly because we lack to empathise with the sufferings of people in the same society in which we live.

Few days back I read a news related to a kid died of heat stroke while trying to fetch water out of a dying up well far away from his village. I felt bad and so I quickly turned the page to the sports news and started reading about Gujrat Lion’s glorious victory over RCB. Then, I went to the office and before I could switch open my desktop, I got a call from an unknown number. The girl on another side was claiming to be the part of some NGO and was pleading me to assist her financially to save a child suffering from cancer. I said sorry to her as I keep getting such phone calls. After putting the call, I asked the question to myself. Am I seriously getting insensitive and lagging behind in terms of humanitarian? The answer is no. None of us were born like that.

In fact, we Indians always loved helping each other till the very recent times. I will share one of my personal experiences, which can never be forgotten. In the year 2007, I went to Mumbai for the very first time as I had my joining for my first job. It was an early morning, say around 5:30 AM and it was still dark at that time. And on top of that, it was raining as well because it was the month of August :-). I had to reach a place named koparkherne  in Vashi. My cell phone got switched off due to drained out battery. The auto driver tried to assist me a lot in order to find out the house of the guy, whom I was supposed to stay with for couple of days before getting the accommodation by the company. I requested the auto driver to drop me to a bus stop assuring him that I will find out a way. After he left, I spent few minutes at the bus stop and then an aged person in his early 50s came over there. It was very easy for me to guess that he was an office going person waiting for his bus. I went ahead and told him my story and requested him to provide me his cell phone, so that I can contact the person I am supposed to meet. Without any second thought, he handed over his mobile phone to me and I was rescued. Try doing the same thing now after 9 years and I bet no one will give you their mobile to use however troubled you are. So, what actually has changed in all these years? The answer is very simple. Some people started taking advantage of the situation and did set a very wrong example for others. Thanks to TV serials like crime patrol 🙂 . Now, we Indians are hesitant to helping each other. We are afraid that we may not land up into a kind of bad situation by offering any sort of help.

We tend to blame the government that they are not taking care of people and showing insensitivity towards the people. But, isn’t that an injustice to ourselves to blame them? If we as a citizen prefers to remain silent seeing each other suffer, then why those politicians should even give a shit about our condition. That too when we have ourselves elected them to represent us. So, a dead society will always see that sort of politicians and dead representations for themselves. But, there is something beyond all that. Sometimes it is hard to believe that a nation like ours, which has gone through many social reforms in past is having such a crisis of humanity. Just a day before, I saw a picture of a swollen dead body of a women floating in a well somewhere in Maharashtra. She had gone to fetch some water for her daily needs and slipped deep inside the well. People around that well were waiting for some help from government body to take her body out, so that they can get their share of water. That picture was so heart breaking that I was not able to speak for sometime. A nation which is preferably called as ‘Bharat Mata’ is witnessing a mother’s dead body swollen and floating as a symbol of struggle against the crisis of water.


By: Nilesh Ranjan




Beating up journalists will make it worst for the government!!


Today, the front page of a leading newspaper displayed a picture of Firstpost journalist Tarique Anwar getting thrashed by the lawyers in Patiala House court premises in New Delhi. I really don’t know about other readers, but it deeply penetrated my heart with a sense of fear. The very first question that came up in my mind was like if the journalists are not safe in this country that too within the court premises, then what will happen to the common man whose only hope is judiciary in this country? The lawyers, who keeps the prime responsibilities of protecting the law in this nation should not be getting indulged in such acts. Because it will lead to a cascading effect and we as a citizens of this nation will loose our faiths in judiciary.

Just two days back to yesterday’s incidence, same set of lawyers were attacking the journalists and CPI activists. BJP MLA O P Sharma was also seen using his muscles to suppress the support for JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar. None of the policemen came forward to rescue them. I am literally surprised to see all this and couldn’t find a convincing reason from anyone, who can actually justify such acts from the educated lawyers and BJP MLA. In democracy, not answering a questions becomes an answer, which can be very bad in taste for the central government.

Few days back, I wrote an article against all those JNU students, who were raising anti-national slogans and were demanding for the freedom of Kashmir. They deserved to be punished, but who will punish them? The bunch of frustrated lawyers or the failed BJP MLAs from Delhi constituencies. If a person is not safe within the court premises in this country, which is considered to be the final ladder of justice for every citizen, then where are we supposed to go? Is our judiciary system getting hijacked by the members of ruling party in central government. I am writing all this under an immense pain to see my country navigating towards the hooliganism.

I am a strong supporter of BJP and specially Narendra Modi for the kind of love and compassion he always shows for the nation. His good deeds are highly appreciated, but time has come for him to take the charge over the uncontrolled hooligans in his party, who are ruining the legacy left by the great leaders of the party simply for getting the footage in media and proving their loyalty towards the party. And I truly understand that all the opposition parties specially leftists are trying to create a stir in the nation against BJP and RSS. But, it has to be dealt carefully specially when the party is in power, and those who stays in power are historically prone to the criticism from every directions. So, what is there to be disturbed about? Take the criticism and keep doing good work. The nation is keeping the track of your good works, but I appeal to you to please keep the idiots like O P Sharma in check, otherwise they will lead to a serious debacle of BJP in upcoming elections.

By : Nilesh Ranjan



Why should we start hating the parasites at JNU?


With the latest uprisings by some hollow minded parasites at JNU recently, it is clearly evident that we as a nation have provided enough space to such idiots to germinate their anti national ideologies on our soil. Yesterday, some of the news channels(very few of them actually) were telecasting the slogans made by them at an event by Press Club of India to celebrate the death anniversary of Afzal Guru. And their slogans were ‘Kashmir ki aazadi tak jung jaari rahegi, bharat ki barbaadi tak jung jaari rahegi’. Precisely, they wanted to say that their war will continue till the freedom of Kashmir and till the devastation of India.

Today, I saw honourable home minister Mr. Rajnath Singh speaking with some of the news channels ,that a very stringent action will be taken against all those, who were raising such slogans. But, the question will still be remaining the same. Is there any such legal actions in our country that can prevent these parasites from entering and clustering together by getting the nutrients from the tax payer’s money in the form of subsidiary and scholarships? Few days back Dr. Subramaniam Swamy had spoken something similar about JNU. According to him, JNU has become the hub for anti-nationals, and none of them actually deserves a single penny from the government to groom their minds, which are full of filth. Till yesterday, before actually listening to those slogan, many of us might have been in disagreement with Dr. Swamy, and considered JNU as one of the premier institute of India. But, that video clip actually shows the mirror to all of us as a nation that what kind of students and ideologies are being produced through one of the most prestigious university of this country.

Sometimes, seeing news like that break our hearts to see the youths getting involved in such activities and being politically utilized, which serves no purposes of their own lives or families or nation. My personal experience with the students of JNU has also been very interesting. All of them were associated with some or other political party(I mean student wings like AISA , ABVP , etc.), and all of them were having pretty good social and political sense about the nation. I always found myself very fascinated to talk to them. It was a kind of delight to my ears to hear good about our country. Most of the time,  they used to talk about different ideologies and believes, but none of them were paving the way towards the destruction of this country.

But, all that happened almost 7 years back. Now, the story seems to be little different. Now, I am finding myself in agreement with Dr. Swamy, and adhering to the new set of believes from other fellow Indians, that all the central universities should be stripped of all the financial aid and facilities that are provided by the tax payer’s money. Those beggars are having their tummy full with government subsidiaries, and that is why they are able to run their anti national agenda. They should actually be made to go back to their villages and rot there because they truly deserves it.

By : Nilesh Ranjan


An ideological shortage in India!!


The recent crisis at Hyderabad Central University after the suicide by a Ph.D student Rohith Vermula has occurred due to the long term political intoxication among students. Yesterday, I saw a video of the great Kejriwal addressing the protesting students outside the campus. He was giving a very particular and specific slogan to lure the wailing students and creating his vote banks in Andhra Pradesh among Dalits. He did not bother to understand the issue before writing on his twitter account that it’s a murder not suicide. Surprisingly, he got followers who have a strong belief in his dirty shitty politics. He is known to be an IITian. Does that something which is taught in IITs? Certainly not. So, why he being stupid?

The question is why Dalits or Muslims are making themselves a vote bank for those political vultures like Arvind Kejriwal, Owassi or Rahul Gandhi? Why death of a student in a university has become the matter of taking political mileage for such leaders? Why media wants to highlight only the incidences against specific communities in India? What they truly wants to achieve?

So many questions are left to answer but those political vultures will never speak on that. The reason is clear and evident. There is a kind of an ideological shortage in this country. The deceased student was the part of a group named something like Ambedkar Samiti and is considered to have committed suicide due to social discrimination by University administration. But, the reality is far more bitter than what it appears from the angle of biased media or opportunist political parties. The reality is that he was a leftist along with his other suspended friends. He was the one who protested against the Supreme Court decision to hand Yakub Memon, a prime accused in Mumbai serial blasts in 1993.

When his protest was opposed and criticized by ABVP leader Susheel Kumar, then he was among those who physically assaulted Susheel and made him apologize for his FB post. I have recently gone through one of his leaked video, which is viral on social media these day showing him giving hate statements against Hindus and Hinduism. I am not saying that his suicide was justified or playing politics with students with any political party is right. But, this issue has to be given a grave thought by some responsible leaders of this country. By any mean, students shouldn’t be exploited to adhere to a violent politics like what has happened in HCU. Different ideologies needs to have discussion on an open forum under a democratic process otherwise it will be like a graveyard all around.

When everyone talks about the social inequality and discrimination then I always have one question in my mind? If India was so discriminative towards the backward clan, then how come Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was made the head to draft the Indian constitution. We do need to think over that. I mean he was an icon for the battle against social inequality in Hindu Society. And the nation gave him the privilege to draft the constitution to make it best suitable for the nation. And he did it undoubtedly with best of his capabilities. So, why there is so fuss about it? What media wants to prove that this nation is hijacked by the upper caste people? Is that true? No, it is not. The reality is that the leaders from  the economically crippled societies were elected by the people to fight for the rights of their clan, but what most of them did? They mostly got engulfed in securing the future of their own family members or the near and dear ones forgetting the real purpose to socially uplift the economically backward communities. If you search in google, you will get numerous such examples in Indian politics. At least, I don’t need to take their names.

The soul of Baba Saheb Ambedkar might be crying to see the condition of this nation today. Specially, when his name is associated with the groups who are suffering with the hollowness of substantiality. I am still not hopeless, when I see people like Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, H. D Devegauda , Jeetan Ram Manjhi, etc. holding a great socio-political position in this country. That shows that some dreams of Baba Saheb did come true otherwise those leaders could have never reached to the position they are holding today. The youth certainly needs to rethink over their ideologies which is simply making them a political cadets for the opportunist leaders even after their death.


Nilesh Ranjan


Home is where the heart is!!



It is very often said that ‘Home is where our heart is’. During my recent trip to Bihar, I had such realization for the first time in last 12 years since I moved out of my state for higher studies and subsequently for good job perspective. That feeling use to come in bits and pieces earlier but this time it’s prominence was much more noticeable.

Most of the people from Bihar who were in schools during my time(including my seniors and juniors) can be simply divided into two categories. One belongs to those who accepted that there is no future of their state and already decided to stay away from it. The other one belongs to those who always ask question that why Bihar is still misfit to establish their career, so that they can live happily in their native place along with their parents who are getting older with time.

The answer is no where closer to anyone’s comfort, but living in a home without having your heart in it is simply painful acceptance to the situation. During my stay in US for two years, I met several people who were dying to get the green card or citizenship of that country. Most of them had already been staying in that nation for more than 10 years. When I use to ask them that why don’t they want to go back to India then the answer use to be quite mugged up by each and everyone of them. And it was something like ‘ Ham India ko dil me lekar ghoomte hain(we roam by keeping India in our hearts)’. Quite filmi but sucking!!

In last 12 years I been to so many places at different times and in different ages. Every place had it’s own charm and beauty and I had similar kind of comfort everywhere, but none of those places were able to give me a kind of connectivity that my native place gives to me. Many times people called me a kind of home sick, but that was not the reality. The truth is that all those who are roaming here and there in the search of  better job opportunities and organized lifestyle did not find it right into their respective native places. It’s their helplessness otherwise everyone is home sick.

We Indians are born with a common mind set to stay closely with our families in good or bad times and almost all the big social examples of this country point towards the same belief. The centralized development of few cities in this country has actually forced the people from less privileged states to migrate to the other states where they are less welcomed. So, they are left with no other choice apart from giving filmi dialogues like mentioned above. There should have been an equality in developing the nation and that could have saved the people from getting separated from their places and people.

Recently, I been to Bihar and felt very closely that if the intelligent breed from any state is forced to migrate and work in other states due to lack of opportunities then for sure both the states are going to be ruined in long term. The first one will be left in the hands of foolish to govern and the other one will be over populated due to the migrated force. And that is the reason for a class 9th fail for being the deputy CM of Bihar.

By: Nilesh Ranjan


Caste rules the development in Bihar!!


On 8th of Nov,15, the poll results in Bihar shown the land slide victory for the  old sinners of all the time Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav along with the congress party. They won in the name of secularism, in the name of rising intolerance, in the name of beef and in the name of caste and community. Lalu’s led RJD won 80 seats and proved to be the single largest party. Surprised?? No, actually that’s the reality and also the time for everyone in this country to awaken. What made people of that state to vote towards a person who is convicted by the supreme court of India under some serious corruption charges? Answer is shameful but true!!

The truth is that people of that state live in however miserable condition but they always want the leader from their own community irrespective of their backgrounds and crime records. The reason is very simple and deeply rooted in Biharis specially among the muslims, EBCs, MBCs and whatever name they have given to themselves. The level of social injustice that was done in past by the Brahmin landlords in that state has left such a big scar over the faces of people from the suppressed and economically oppressed class that they are always horrified to take a risk of trying any other party with leaders having better credibility than their own leaders. Specially BJP whose leaders like Yogi Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi has left no stone unturned to damage the secular and nationalist image of the party.

May be the needs of Bihar is fulfilled by electing the so called Robinhoods into their constituencies, but unknowingly they are damaging their own future by giving power to such leaders for whom their personal benefits and political existence is much more important than the society of the state they are going to rule. If BJP really want to do something better for Bihar and the nation then surely they will need to come up with such Robinhoods recruited in their party to give a better alternative to the country.

In this election, one of the big name was Prashant Kishor who played an effective role in branding Nitish Kumar for this election. Earlier he use to work for BJP and did similar sort of work for Narendra Modi during the 2014 Loksabha elections. But, why he was successful to fail BJP this time? Why his understanding of Bihar proved to be better than BJP leaders? The answer is obvious that after the Loksabha election Modi government should have done something substantial to win the crowd rather than giving a plenty of opportunities to the opposition and media houses to start a revolution against them. Their so called Chanakya Amit Shah demonstrated a flop show both in Delhi and Bihar election. And if they don’t come up with some efficient strategists and advisors immediately then for sure the party is going to be doomed much earlier to the next Loksabha elections of 2019.

Did I say media? Yes, some of the media houses with anti-government agenda has also turned out to be successful in planting the image of BJP as a communal party in Bihar. Ravish Kumar from NDTV was the prime face for such stupidity. Whatever he says and however he says, the truth will not change that he seriously needs an attention from BJP guys because in Bihar election during all his show at 9 PM, he indirectly tried to malign BJP with some unwanted arguments. As an individual everyone has the rights to have their own political choice in this nation, but people like Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutta and Rajdeep Sardesai are simply utilizing their media influence to satisfy their own ego to damage the nation. I am waiting for that time when these people are stripped and slapped openly on the streets by public for the sin they are doing to misguide people of this country.

End of the day it was the choice made by the people of Bihar to elect the rotten politicians like Lalu and sooner or later they will pay the cost for that. But, unfortunately we too are paying the cost and are being type casted as idiots because of those parasites in Bihar.

Jai Bharat Jai Bihar

By: Nilesh Ranjan

The Incredible India!!

incredible india

After writing so many criticizing articles towards the politicians, social angst and mismanagement of the governments, now its the time to speak something positive about the country. So, lets start with the much being talked about “The Incredible India” which is very efficiently and actively being promoted by our film star Amir Khan through the campaign “Athithi Devo Bhava” . I must admit that his involvement to that cause has added an extra value to the campaign due to his volunteering into the social activities which are larger in the interest of this nation. He also hosted the tv serial named “Satyamev Jayate” which led to a great awareness about certain issues in India like ill practices by the medical practitioners, poor condition of the cops in India, the self declared judiciaries like Khap Panchayat, etc.. So, his credibility towards the nation is making the campaign of “Athithi Devo Bhava” a kind of revolution in the tourism industry.

Not everyone in this country are  privileged to explore it and so their knowledge about India is restricted to their village, town, city or at may be only up to the state they belong to. Whatever they know about the other places in India is based on the books, newspaper or might be through the television. And so we are mostly tend to form a perception about the other part of the country based on the media report or television programs. Right from my childhood I had been lucky to see the different colors of this nation. Being a son of a Railway Employee I had the privilege to travel in trains without fair using the pass issued by the government. In early 90s I got an opportunity to see the places like Madras, Madurayi, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Mysore, Trivandrum , Jagannath Puri , Kolkata, Nainitaal, Almora, Ranikhet and Varanasi. And I loved everything about all those places which are mentioned above. Be it the temples of Tamil Nadu, Sea beaches of Trivandrum, Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari, Sunrise in Rameshwram , Boat ride in Nainitaal and Varanasi and the food in Kolkata.

My father ensured that we do understand the diversity of our nation from a very young age and so he took us to many places to visit. He never taught us the language barriers, religious barrier, etc. because they never use to exist in those times. I belong to a small town of Bihar named Darbhanga which is known for its beautiful fort, temples and one of the very prestigious medical college of India. It has got one of the oldest Sanskrit University along with the Sanskrit library which stores a vast legacy of old scriptures. It has got the rich legacy and cultural heritage of Mithilanchal. We speak a very sweet language named “Maithili” which got recognized as one of the national language of India somewhere in 2005. When I got an opportunity to visit a place named “Vaishali” in Bihar then I got to understand the deep linkage of Budhdhism in Bihar. I did try to understand the way all the preaching of Gautam Budhdha was preserved over there. The shrine explained everything very calmly to me and I felt quite satisfied.

After completing my school I went to another unexplored part of the country for attending my college. I got admission in Jaypee Universirty which is located in Waknaghat(Solan district) in Himachal Pradesh. It is known as Dev Bhumi Himachal which means the land of Gods and that was true to a very extent. People of that region were very humble and polite while speaking. They always carried a very sweet smile on their faces which was good enough to make your day very beautiful . I stayed in Himachal for almost 4 years to complete my engineering. I visited a lot of places like Shimla, Solan, Kasauli, Kufri, Narkanda, etc. and those were one of the most memorable part of my life. I will always cherish the memory of those sweet speaking Himachalis who often used the term “Bauuji” to call someone. The beauty of that place cannot be explained in my words. It had almost everything possible like Rivers, Water Falls, Mountains, Eco Points, Snowfall and what else you can think off. Beautiful place, beautiful faces and the snowfall. It was simply mesmerizing. My parents did accompany me when I went there for the first time and that’s a kind of memory for them as well. That was the first time when my parents had to travel because of me and they loved that reason.

After completing my college in 2007, I got my first posting in Chennai but before that I had to undergo through the 4 months of technical training in Mumbai. I never been to Mumbai before till Aug 6,2007 and so I was very excited to travel to the western most part of the country and that too Mumbai(land of dreams). My train reached somewhere around 3:30 AM morning and I swear I never saw any other city of this country that lively at that time of the day. After getting down to the lokmanya tilak station, I was immediately surrounded by the taxi drivers who were asking me about where I would like to go.  With little hesitation I asked them about the local train station and to much of my surprise one of the taxi driver came forward to show me the way towards the tilak nagar railway station which was adjacent to the LTT. I was so overwhelmed with that gesture and spirit. It won my heart and I loved that warm welcome by that city. It actually made those 3 months of my training as a biopic and all my friends who were part of that training will never forget it. I bet no other city could have given so much of joy and learning to all of us.

Till that time the incredibility of the country was prominent to me and I truly found myself privileged for being an Indian. But, the journey to explore the country did not stop till Mumbai. After completing the training I along with my friends started our journey for Chennai as that was our first job posting. We were very much afraid of the city due to lots of bad remarks that was very often in the air about the place. And mostly it was due to the language barrier created by the Tamilians due to their reluctance towards assimilating to this nation by not speaking Hindi. I do agree that it caused little trouble to us outside the office, but slowly we started to accept them and that changed our life. We enjoyed the city like anything for next 3 years specially the weekend drive to the Basant Nagar beach and Marina beach. We use to fly kites at the sea shore and it was so delighting that I wanted to spend entire night on the beach itself but unfortunately that was not allowed.

After completing 3 years in Chennai, I got an opportunity to work in Pune which was again a new city for me. The best part was that I did not know anyone in the city. But, on very first day itself, I fell in love with the city due to its lovely climate and lovely people. The city has beautifully kept its maharastrian culture well intact along with the young crowds from all over the country. It has a reasonably safe night life in comparison to Delhi or Gurgaon and youth feel safer to travel in nights. The city has got the places like Dagduseth Temple, Parvati Hills, Chaturshringi Mandir along with the ancient Shaniwar wada which depicts the true color of the culture very prominently.

My journey doesn’t stops here and it will continue till my last breath. This nation has shown so many colors and beauty to me till this date and I have lot many to explore. Like they say “Miles to go before I sleep”. I truly believe in the incredibility of this nation irrespective of the issues that our nation is going through.

Nilesh Ranjan