Curse of a motherland!!

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Somewhere between the years 2012 to 2014, I had my stay in Chicago due to my work at Sears Holdings Corporation. I had my time over there with series of experiences and one of them was with fellow Indians who felt joy by saying bad things about their motherland among the colleagues from different nations. I still do not find a convincing reason for them to do something mean like that. May be they always felt ashamed of their motherland and were looking for an opportunity to disgrace it and going to countries like America, UK or Australia provided them the platform they needed. At the same time I did not find a single American,European or even Pakistanis doing the same against their nations. Literally none. It was done only by Indians which was insane.

It was fine till the time none of those criticizers of India were my friends, but gradually I found one such friend infected with similar kind of disease. Last to last year he shifted to Australia and started to malign this country from there itself. Recently, he stirred a debate going one step ahead by trending a campaign to rename India as ‘Nautankistaan’. He even requested me to sign the petition, which I did to protect his democratic rights. I did so because in this country I saw an entire set of intellectual left activists, lawyers ad journalists protecting the democratic rights of some university students who termed India as a nation without postal address.

Surprisingly, when some of my friends tried to reason with the one who felt that staying in India is like staying inside the sewage then I heard him saying that motherland is nothing other than a piece of land and all of us were getting unnecessarily emotional about it. Ironically, same friend of mine came down to India last year to avail cheaper dental treatment. My question will remain to such people that why do they need to come down to sewage to have medical treatments because doctors produced out of a sewage can no how be better than the one who practices in US or Australia?

Going to a different city, state or country for better opportunities are perfectly fine to have better professional exposure and earning, but why do you have to disgrace your native country? What exactly a person can achieve by doing something like that? For me they are no way better than Syed Ali Shah Geelani of Hurriyat Conference in Kashmir who praise Pakistan to get financial aid to run his shop and uses India passport to enjoy his vacations abroad. I will not term such friends of mine as traitors  rather it should be a bunch of opportunists who can sell anyone or anything to buy their future. I won’t hesitate to say that our motherland looks like cursed to have such people taking birth on her soil.

By: Nilesh Ranjan



Is happiness really a choice?


Yesterday I was watching an offbeat Bollywood cinema “Tum Milo to Sahi” starred by acclaimed actors like Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia and Sunil Shetty. Film smoothly captured many quests that we Indians struggle with on day to day basis. The one which I liked personally was “Do we really need to compromise the happiness of present day for the sake of future?” . Answer lies within the question itself but let’s discuss it widely.

It happens very often that our personal ambition which initially starts with the very basic need of survival in a cut throat competition subsequently takes us away from all those small factors of joy that kept us charged up and motivated. Like I wanted to buy a branded watch for my father since the first day at my first job because I saw him managing with one that was gifted to him by his in laws during his marriage in 1980. I also wanted to buy a digital camera for my mother who always had an urge to capture the moments of happiness. Yes, I bought all of it which had place in my list and had my own moments with tiny sense of accomplishments.

When I talk to some of my friends from school time, college time and from different offices that I worked  then I find one thing very common. They all(mostly boys) cherish and remember the moments which are already gone years ago and had been well spent. They give reference to the time when none of us were well paid as per the standard of a metropolitan city, but still managed to embrace and support each other(of course sometimes under the influence of alcohol). So, why they are not happy now or does the  lack of smile and laughter has become new symbol of happiness or all the happiness got restricted up to facebook and whatsapp? I mean they all earn very well now and has been able conquer the things which were pending in their lists.

I decided to do some research over it and I came across some of the astonishing facts which are listed below:

  1. Most of them are always afraid of losing what they have earned(more importantly money).
  2. They have stopped exploring new pending items in their lists mostly because they feel they have already accomplished the important stuffs like car, home, etc.
  3. Parents are aged and so no more luxury of living a carefree life as most of the time they are down with some or other complexities.
  4. People specially working in IT sector feels that the technologies they are working are outdated and they will succumb to the changing dynamics of the market.

But,  none of the above mentioned points has anything to do with truth because it lies in the fact that all the pending items in our lists were related to our childhood dreams like falling in love with a beautiful girl, marrying the person we were in love with, having a drink in a premium resort beside the pool, taking parents for pilgrimage ,etc. And that is the reason behind the sudden vacuum created in our lives because we are done with all of it. We are not living any new dreams or in fact our mid age crisis has stopped us completely from dreaming any further. We have started living in fear about the future which obviously will take away the joy of present day.

Let me share some of the very precious experiences of my life. Like many parents in Bihar having girl child, my parents were also worried about the expenses they had to bear during my sister’s marriage(specially dowry part which can be termed as wedding gift for making it look like less complaining) as they had very low savings for it. And truly speaking they were worried about it years before she actually got married. Time came and everything got managed so effortlessly and she is well settled in her life. That was the time I realized that my parents actually wasted some of the very precious moments of happiness behind worrying about something which was well taken care in future. So, in short life takes care of it in its own way.

I personally feel worried to see pair of sad eyes on happy faces around me. Even during my engineering days I made friends for lifetime and lived my life with full zeal and enthusiasm. The only thing that I regret is foolishly getting attracted towards something which I misunderstood as love and secondly kept my head burning by constantly thinking about the education loan for my studies which got multiplied up to an amount three times of my first annual salary. That stress led to my failure in 12 consecutive interview during campus placement. Gradually in next few years after college I repaid all the loan amount to the bank with ease and I made a promise to myself that whatever happens I will not let any such factors drive me away from life which is meant to experience and observe the beauty that lies around all of us.

By: Nilesh Ranjan


Scrapping of Section 377 by Supreme Court of India: Right to love freely and fearlessly..


6th of September,18 was a kind of day which can be considered as full of gay(primarily that meant cheerful or carefree 🙂 ) for LGBTQ community in India as their long term dream came true. They won their battle against the hatred and prejudice by majority of the race who considered the LGBTQ community as abnormal and their sexual choices as unnatural. But, like Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra has quoted yesterday while delivering the judgement that “How can one decide what is natural and unnatural in such matters?” and so its high time for the nation to come out of the hypocrisy or policy of personal comfort which gives the very undesirable right to the mass of illiterates to form a group to lynch and hate anyone and everyone whom they consider unnatural based on their own version of society and the norms for it.

I am personally delighted like many other citizens or netizens that at least there is a constitutional body in this country which kept the idea of India burning, alive and glowing. Once again the supreme court has been successfully able to crush the ideologies of the religious fundamentalists who believed that they can hijack the judiciary by force of blind folded fools and followers. I am happy that finally people of LGBTQ community can live like humans and they don’t have to be afraid for being bullied or attacked. Many of them are openly admitting now that majority of the times they even feared going to police stations to report any incidences of manhandling or assault due to social discrimination.

Also I was overwhelmed by the fact that youngsters of this country never had kind of discriminating beliefs about the community like previous generations. They might have taken the terminologies like homosexuality or lesbian as a matter of fun but on a serious notes I do not feel that they have any sort of hatred for people with different sexual orientation. I have personally asked many people about it and what they feel about the verdict by Supreme Court of India and to my surprise I did not find a single educated person who has condemned the verdict like many self declared protectors of religion. I would love to see the time when we as a nation will get over such burdens of hatred and discrimination based on caste, language or region.

Even for LGBTQ community the game is not completely over in their favor just because supreme believes for the preservation of their human rights. It will truly be joyful when people from every segment from our society willfully accepts it. But still any journey begins with a single step and they should be celebrating that legally they are free to love anyone as per their choice.

By : Nilesh Ranjan

Mob Lynching- An extension of hooliganism in India !!

Somewhere in the month of May,18 I decided to stop covering and writing about social plagues in our civic society, but looks like it has becoming a fashion now to lynch someone and I see all of them fearless. They were found saying on camera that our local MLA is with us while killing a person in the name of cow-vigilantism. It started all in 2015 when mob killed a person in Dadri(UP) suspecting him of stealing and slaughtering a cow calf. Then in 2016 some villagers lynched a 70 year old director of a residential school in Nalanda(Bihar) suspecting him of killing two kids of his school. Later on it was found that kids were drowned while trying to swim in a nearby pond by escaping the school building. Nobody was punished in any of those cases or may be media is not interested in publishing good news about police or judicial actions. social_media_fuels_mob_lynchings_in_india

In the last three months despite my best efforts to avoid news channel and news paper I failed to protect myself from hearing things like Mob lynching incidence at Alwar by cow protection group, in Karnataka Mob killed an engineer suspecting him a child lifter and similar news came from Maharashtra. Last but not least, 34 girls were repeatedly raped for months at a child relief shelter home in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Honestly speaking I do not feel even for a moment that BJP or Congress has to do anything about all that. Its the people of this country.

Yes, the same people who prefers to burn public property very often for their backward demands like reservation or separate state. The same citizens who want to burn everything that comes their way to insanity and government is also left with no better alternative apart from being mute spectator. What choice do they have or rather we have given to them? When BJP warned Karni Sena for their violent protest against a C grade Bollywood cinema Padmavat then they(Rajput Community) threatened BJP about pulling their support from the party in the elections at all the level in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. As a result government allowed them to burn the public property even pelt the stones at school going kids. Same is being done in Maharashtra these days in the name of people’s demand for reservation to Maratha community. Not only they damage public property but some of them were all set to immolate themselves. They are even not ready to understand that its the Bombay High Court which is not allowing such reservation. The threat is similar in nature that if  BJP government does not succumb to their demands they will pull the support.

In Gujarat left media has already turned an asshole like Hardik Patel into a hero or a kind of savior for Patidar community and something similar with Jignesh Mevani who according to media is a new Dalit face in Indian politics. So, where all this will lead this country to? Possibility into a chaos or into a situation like civil war more precisely. Like it was mentioned in a movie named “Madari” that we are not actually 130 crores in number often said by our honorable PM of India. We are divided and distributed into small groups in the name of caste, religion, region, language, race, etc. and so its not that difficult to manipulate us. There had been many Hindi movies like that which tried to create the much required social awareness about our political system and the nexus between businessmen, social activists, criminals, government officials,police, etc.  with politicians. But, none of them were successful to enlighten this mass. Rather they got the enlightenment about how to rape a women or how to loot a bank.

brajesh thakur

In Muzaffarpur(Bihar) an influential person named Brajesh Thakur ran an NGO to provide shelter to orphaned girls. The horrific tales of those 32 girls who has been medically confirmed for being raped for months will not let you swallow your food below the throat. He had close association with the government of Bihar. As a result he was getting the contracts for all kind of advertisements related to government of Bihar to be published in the newspapers that he owned and was licensed to publish. His influence was so high and image is so dreaded that no body even dared to install CCTV cameras in the locality where that girl child shelter home was being utilized to tearing the soul of those fate-less girls. The pedestrians did hear the cries of those wailing girls but nobody dared to question Thakur. Even after his arrest he was found grinning towards the camera on record which shows his confidence in our judiciary which can easily be influenced by the powerful people in this country. Of-course parties like BJP and JDU are afraid of loosing the support from Thakur’s community who are considered as Brahmin landlords of Bihar and Jharkhand.

So, in nut shell even if a government has the willpower to shut down the shops of such mob lynchers or rather mob creators for personal benefits, they won’t be able to do anything about it because this country is always under some or other kind of elections and no one truly wants to loose them at any cost. It can only be changed when government do no feel threatened for taking actions for the right cause to curb the activities which is slowly destroying this country. Its high time for all of us to come out of the hangover of caste system and our blind faith in the caste specific leaders without even considering their credibility. In couple of days we are going to celebrate 72 year of our independence and we got so many things to praise about our nation, but what about electing the leaders from the parties known for their corruption and hooliganism. Why did we force the political parties to tame the criminals rather than kicking their ass? Nation has to understand the need of this hour or else we will collapse someday like Syria or Iraq.

By : Nilesh Ranjan

India of my nightmares!!


Sometimes it is difficult to cover the topics that are related to women’s dignity through out the world particularly in India. Not sure whether there has to be a guideline for media or not in today’s world, but certainly there is a need to make it more credible and sensitive towards any incidences of physical and sexual abuse against girls. For me with every single child who gets raped in India, this entire nation gets raped along with her. It takes us little closer towards being barbarians or nomads. Time is not far when we all will turn into Hannibal and will start feasting on each other’s body. We should be happy that in current scenario only politicians are doing so. The day we all get that vulturous tendency out of fear, hatred or negative propaganda then their will be no escape left for anyone of us and like I mentioned in my previous article that India will slowly be disintegrated. You may be thinking that why I am freaking out so badly today? It happens when media starts portraying an incidence of rape like a juicy story of some B-grade Bollywood cinema which makes it more shameful to the viewers than victim herself. They should set their televisions on fire to boycott such media or least what they can do is to unsubscribe those channels through cable operators. I am going to do so particularly for NDTV.

In last 15 days there had been several incidences of physical abuse against women in almost every corner of this country but I will speak on Kathua and Unnao rape cases as media is celebrating it more. Liberals are trying to color an entire Hindu community as rapists because the accused in both the cases are Hindus. The unwillingness from BJP government to act quickly in those cases has also made it little easier for liberals to do so. Right wing journalist like always sees a kind of conspiracy by opposition parties to malign the BJP government or Hinduism- to be more precise. Both are running their own agendas as per their liking which is okay considering the kind of professional morality media has got these days.  But, none of them are actually trying to show the bigger picture that we as a nation are failing to protect our girls against the vultures created out of the same society. Let it be a priest , a Muslim Cleric or father of a church, a retired IPS officer or sub inspector, a ruling party MLA or son of an influential politician. Yes, hang them all!! Because we as a nation need to be little unbiased towards such incidences when a girl child in her angelic age has to go through such a traumatic and painful handling who may not be able to feel anything except the unbearable pain. Their heart may cry out for help, but how should I tell them that nation has long been sleeping along with her moral conscience.

After seeing so many conflicting reports on Kathua case, it really becomes difficult to say that who were those monsters to tear apart the soul of an eight year old kid along with her body. If I go by the charge-sheet that has been filed by the crime branch in local court which says that the girl had to pay the price for the conflict between two communities and it was done with an intention to instill fear among the Muslim families residing in those areas. Well, I got a problem with that. Why do they need to target a kid to settle their enmity with someone? And if they are really doing so then there is no difference between them and the ancient attackers from Mongol, Arab and Turk. Some of my intellectual friends even went on an extent to say that Kashmiri Pandits have also faced it during ethnic cleansing of their community by Muslims in their own homeland Kashmir and so it is okay if Muslims are meeting with similar fate in other part of this country. My answer to them would be something like if you are so concerned about Kashmiri Pandits then why so much of their population are still forced to live in miserable conditions at refugee camps of Jammu. And up till what date women(from whichever community) will keep on paying the price for men’s fantasies or enmity with someone? Did I say fantasy? Yes, I said so. In 2012, when Nribhaya was raped on the streets of Delhi then it was done for pleasure and today a girl who is mentally challenged has been raped in Delhi by neighbors.

Whom are you going to trust when your daughter is out on her way to school, college? It can be anyone like bus driver, conductor, police officer, neighbors, son of a politician or politician himself. How will you educate your child if this situation continues? It is very high time for all of us to think and act otherwise time is not far for our nation to be declared as a nation without women like some villages of Haryana where either the girl child were murdered at the time of birth itself or if they survived by any chance then either they were raped or murdered in the name of honor killing. Who is to be blamed? Yes, we the citizen of this country because in a survey by election commission of India it was found that people with demonic background has brighter chance to win an election in India because they are seen as role model among the larger population and same population will foul cry when they are robbed by the same politicians. There are numerous cases like that and Unnao rape case is one similar case like that. That BJP MLA is nothing but the product of day dreaming by one community to rule the other one.

By: Nilesh Ranjan


Mithila Startup Yatra: An endeavor to return back the glory to a forgotten land..


After living the life of a technical wanderer for almost 11 years finally I came to a kind of realization which is largely speculated but never been admitted openly by anyone that a truth can only be replaced by another better truth. There is no scope for any sort of fantasies or lies in the corporate world and specifically when it serves an ethical purpose through social initiatives. Any guesses what I am talking about?

Yes, I am going to tell you about an upcoming event which is going to be commenced on 15th of April,18 at Multi Purpose Hall, LN Mithila University Campus, Darbhanga. So, let me elaborate a bit for your better understanding. On that day, some of the intellectuals from mithila region of Bihar are going to organize an event named Mithila Startup Yatra which is being backed up by the agencies like Bihar Industries Association and Chamber of Commerce and so the intent behind the same has to be understood.

Through the events like Mithila Startup Yatra, the organizers like Rishi Mishra and Abhishek Mishra who are pioneer in their respective fields are giving their best endeavors to gather all the social entrepreneurs, students, investors, founders of successful startups, mentors and startup enthusiasts from different regions of Bihar under one roof in front of the society which they all belong to much like Kautilya, Baba Nagarjun or Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

startup poster final

It is important because any society be it Roman or Maithil has to acknowledge the efforts of their flag bearers who are creating time out of their comfortable lives to return back the glory of a forgotten land which has somehow been snatched away from it and all what is left is not worth bragging about. But, not all can afford to remain silent for long like me and my other friends(mostly struggling in IT sector). Some do have the courage and fire in their bellies to take that initiative towards the bigger dream and we all should admire and encourage them for whatsoever they are trying to achieve.

So, let’s get into some more details about the event and expected results out of it.

Like I mentioned it earlier that Mr. Rishi Mishra who is current president of LN Mishra foundation and also a known social worker from Mithila region will start the event speaking about the growth story of many successful startups of recent times from Darbhanga, Madhubani and Samastipur region. While speaking to some of the people associated with it, I got to know about a girl from Madhubani who is also an alumni of IIM, Lucknow left her highly rewarding corporate job to start a school at Darbhanga-Madhubani border. A Saas-Bahu duo formed a company named to instill the famous Madhubani painting over the home decor products and that way a famous art was made reachable to every art lover through online selling.

It will further be continued by Mr. Abhishek Mishra, who will be highlighting the traditional reasons about why a region like mithila with such a rich legacy and high productivity in the the field of pisciculture, betel leaves production failed to make a mark in the bigger market? It could be the lack of political willpower or may be we had always been a poor marketeers of our own products.

There are people like Dr. Ajay Alok from medical fraternity who will encourage the doctors of Bihar to avail the benefits of startups like other doctors from metropolitan cities who are widely using a revolutionary mobile application Practo for consultation and publicity through the real time experiences that are posted by the patients. Raj Jha is also going to be the part of event, who is considered to be the guru of modern rural market development in India. His motto would be to educate people about an enormous opportunities that mithila region has got in dairy farming and agro-based startups. He can give his valuable advice about what sort of farming should be targeted by agro-based startup enthusiasts to have minimal risk.

Similarly, the legality for running a business in Bihar will be explained by Mr. Harshvardhan(a reputed lawyer who worked for many prestigious media houses like NDTV). He will also be providing an insight to everyone about proprietorship, partnership and also an overview of Bihar startup policies. He may help to understand how to get funds through banks and company funding.

Many angel investors will also be attending the event who may help the startup enthusiast to understand that what they will be looking for before putting their money behind an idea to succeed in semi-urban cities like Darbhanga. Since the event is backed up by state government as well and so government representatives will also be there to attend the event. It is quite evident that government of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar are doing their bit to encourage entrepreneurship in Bihar and they truly intend to provide the funds for good projects. At the end of the event, some of the successful startups will be awarded for their brilliant efforts and achievements.

Like it has always been said that miles of journey begins with a single step and Mithila Startup Yatra is that single step towards the immortality. And so I request you to all to be the part of it and that way you will become the part of a history which is being rewritten once again. Help me to spread the words and keep the flame burning.

Startup Mithila 3


We the people of India!!


Alright, let’s get back to the nation which has given all of us the necessary privileges to think, talk and criticize the same system that define us. It seems like our nation is being dragged once again in the quest of greatness through upcoming parliamentary elections of Loksabha in 2019.

So, what are the symptoms? Come on…It’s much more easier than what we really think and believe. All you need to do is to just be an observant and keep the wisdom intact because you may be witnessing some of the very unprecedented political stunts like never before. For e.g.

  1. Mayawati all set to go in alliance with Samajwadi Party to take on BJP.
  2. Mamta Banerjee attending dinner party with Sharad Pawar.
  3. TDP and Jagan Reddy from AP are supporting no-confidence motion against the central government in LokSabha.
  4. Maryada Purushottam Ram is often brought into every other discussion on national news channels by BJP’s spokesperson like Dr. Sambit Patra or Sudhansu Trivedi.
  5. Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to go and propagate their work in public and stop opposition part from spreading the rumor.

Few days back, I saw a tweet from congress party’s president Mr. Rahul Gandi in which he mentioned that PM Narendra Modi himself is leaking the personal data of Indian citizens to some American companies. The counter attack was by Smt. Smriti Irani who says that even “chhota bheem” would understand things better than Rahul Gandhi.

Today, some whistle blower from a company named Cambridge Analytica has given the name of congress party of India approaching them for utilizing facebook data for their election requirements which is obviously denied by Congress and BJP seeks apology.

Ultimately, who is going to be the losers or real chhota bheems? Any guesses?

Yes, once again it is going to be “we the people of India”. Those who doubt this are even the decade old losers because they have blindfolded themselves under an alcoholic influence of Caste-ism, regionalism, racism, Hinduism etc. . They are hopeful and all their hope resides with reservation, free houses, free loans, free laptops, free jobs, subsidiaries, etc. which may further loosen the economic backbone of this country.

But, why they should be blamed alone? Why do they bear the flags of any political parties? Reason is simple and yet not accepted by many. It is poverty and the lust to stay connected to the parties in power.

Now, coming back to justify the statement that how we the people of this country will be the ultimate losers. For sure this election is going to be Modi Vs All. So, let’s assume that Modi and his allies loses against all and we as a nation may face the below mentioned anomalies:

  1. There will be quest for who is going to be the Prime Minister. We may see accidental Prime Ministers like HD Devegowda, I K Gujral and Manmohan Singh who were not only weak but also incompetent to their posts.
  2. Lalu Prasad Yadav may soon get the bail or ultimately may get freed from all the charges against him.
  3. Nation may witness corruptions like 2G, CWG, etc. once again.
  4. Babri Mosque demolition verdict continue to be in awaiting list and Ram Madir issue may never see a solution for next 10 years.
  5. People like Kapil Sibal, Salman Khursid, etc. may consider the nation as their forefathers property.
  6. Indian Air Force Choppers may soon be utilized for personal usage by Sonia Gandhi and Family without seeking any constitutional post.
  7. Robert Vadra may see an exponential growth to his businesses.

But what if Modi wins again? Then we the citizens of India may witness:

  1. Extensive killing of Muslims by goons in the name of goraksha(cow protection) and hence enhancing the rift between two communities to disturb the social harmony.
  2. Groups like Karni Sena getting the moral boost up to vandalize the cinema halls in the name of protecting the culture. They may even slaughter your kids next time.
  3. In the name of financial reforms, government may take unpredictable and impractical decisions which may not be understood by middle class or sometimes by business class.
  4. RSS interference in national decisions may see a surge.
  5. Left liberal will keep on screaming louder on television disturbing our wisdom.

So, did I cover it all? I don’t think so because the list has been long and persistent in last two three decades. Sometimes I do wonder that how a nation like ours has survived for so long with so much of deformity in our political system, but then like it is often said in our country that it is good deeds of our ancestors which is protecting us all.

Dera-The hideout in fool’s paradise!!


Does anyone in India seemed to be surprised about the Baba Ram Rahim’s episode? Not really!! In fact, the common citizen of India with even little common sense were pretty much prepared for it. I even ordered some fiery fried chicken from KFC before switching on my television, to witness another sensational breaking news about this new king of errotic Babas that India has ever witnessed, and his beautiful infrastructure of impunity. So, I did little research on his life and his background, much excitedly to find out some erroneous realities of his childhood like shown by some of media houses, who mentioned that he was a drunken truck driver of Rajasthan, a serial molester and abuser of girls, etc. But, I found nothing. All my findings ended up in three small paragraphs as mentioned below.

Singh was born on 15 August 1967 at Sri Gurusar Modia village in Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.His father Maghar Singh was a Jat Sikh landlord, and his mother Naseeb Kaur was a housewife. Maghar was a devoted follower of the DSS leader Shah Satnam Singh, and Gurmeet accompanied his father to the dera.At the age of 7, Singh was initiated into the Dera Sacha Sauda sect by Shah Satnam Singh.

As an adult, Singh did odd jobs, including driving a tractor, and assisted his father in volunteer work (seva) at the dera. When Shah Satnam Singh announced his retirement in 1990, Singh was not one among the three contenders expected to succeed him. However, in surprise public announcement, Satnam Shah appointed him as his successor, giving him the name “Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim”.Singh became the leader of Dera at the age of 23, on 23 September 1990.

Singh and his wife Harjeet Kaur have two daughters named Amarpreet and Charanpreet. They also have a son Jasmeet, who is married to Husanmeet, a daughter of the Indian National Congress leader Harminder Singh Jassi. Singh also adopted his confidante Honeypreet as his daughter. Singh’s followers have adopted “Insan” (“human”) as a surname.

My disappointment soared to a much greater extent and once again I felt cheated by my own fellow countrymen and women, who strongly believes in such goudy clothed charismatic baba’s promises to provide them real solace to god. That hidden urge of achieving everything in life through some miraculous events triggered by such self declared godmen is at it’s all time high in a country like India, at such time when it is being recognized for its technicality in the fields of Information Technology, Space research, Medicinal Science, etc.. All such people should be honored and be rewarded with at least a bio-toilet for their achievements to make a baba out of an asshole.

Sometimes, I am sad and quite amazed at the same time to see such taboos. Even leaders with strong RSS background like Prime Minister himself are not untouched by the need to take political shelter from such godmen. I am following Narendra Modi in particular, from the time he came into limelight after the very infamous Godhra incident and it’s aftermath. At any given point I never felt like that he truly believes in any such babas and their tantrums. Although, I heard him speaking good about the saintly people of India and their godly contribution to our society. He always encouraged people to practise yoga and emphasized over the need of education. Then, what really made him and his fellow party men to praise a rainbow dressed, ill-educated, irritating singer, unbearable actor kind of baba? Someday, he will have to answer that question to the nation.

I extended my research and then I came across an article written by Devdutt Patnaik of Epic channel. He says,” The rise of gurus in India, for all its talk of equality and transcendence, must be seen in the context of India’s class, caste and rural/urban hierarchies. The rise of the dera culture in Punjab is just a case in point.”

True! This country has a rich history of following the sages like Maharishi Valmiki and Ved Vyas, from the very ancient time of mahabharata and ramayana. People used to go to them to take spiritual guidance, which was considered to be a combination of psychotherapy and magic. As a nation, we have witnessed the same in the medieval history of India, in the form of saints like Baba Gorakhnath, Guru Nanak Dev, Adiguru Shankaracharya and Sai Baba of Shirdih. They all were powerful enough to overturn the laws of nature wherever and whenever required, which are well documented and preserved. We truly have the rich legacy in this nation to believe in.

But, my question remains the same with all those people, who wants to die in the hideouts of their fool’s paradise. What kind of psychotherapy they expect from a semi-psychotic baba like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Rampal or even Asharam Bapu, who can’t even overturn the law of this nation? Is it really their frustration from the caste system, poverty or their desperation to overcome their miseries through some miracle?

Sometimes, I believe it’s not even their faults. Even an educated person like me gets entrapped by the palmists, tarot card readers or astrologers in an unfavourable situation. Babas like Ram Rahim are just a level above the fortune tellers as they promises their followers a world without any struggle and sufferings, which is quite lucrative. We Indians are genetically inclined towards the fortune tellers and always curious to know about future. And that is because even our scripts says that Ved Vyas knew everything in prior about the future of Kuru dynasty and the inevitable war of Kurukshetra.

Slow judicial system and greedy politicians can also be blamed for the survival of such a serial offenders like Ram Rahim. The biggest surprise is lying the fact that it took 15 years for the CBI court to convict a rapist. How could people of this country will have even a small percentage of faith in a central investigating agency, if they give plenty of time and space to such nasty godman to continue raping other women at his hideout for so many years? But, like it was mentioned in context of Hitler that all what it takes for an evil to rise is simple that good fellow do nothing about it.

I wish someday my country will evolve out of such blind following the clouts of such evil saints, politicians and actors like Salman Khan(who is shamelessly hiding his sin of killing all kind innocent species, whether sleeping on the street in the middle of night or roaming freely in the middle of a jungle.)

By : Nilesh Ranjan

Demonetization-A blessing in disguise!!


It’s been more than 2 weeks since the government of India has announced their idea about scrapping the old currency of Rupees 500 and 1000 as the legal tender. So, what truly has changed in the last 17 days apart from stupidity of Arvind Kejriwal? And, what actually needs to be changed in order to achieve the true reformation of this nation in terms of the expenditure of money by the common citizens?

I would like to quote some of the positive statements by very learned and known economists. Let’s see what’s their opinion towards such a revolutionary steps by the central government. Dr Subramanian Swamy kept his views on demonetization on 18th of Nov,16 at a conclave in Hong Kong , ‘We have achieved 50% of the objective in large part in my view from the demonetization. Practically all demonstrations in Kashmir have stopped, even though the Kashmiri government has done nothing new to pacify the people there. Through demonetization, we have knocked out the counterfeit printing of Indian currency by Pakistan, which was done with the aim of funding terrorism in Kashmir’. On top of it, he believes that abolition of income tax will further give relief to common tax-paying citizens.

“It is a well thought out move that can wipe out the stock of money generated by the parallel economy,” said A. Prasanna, Chief Economist at ICICI Securities Primary Dealership. Similarly, Murthy Nagarajan, Head of Fixed Income at Quantum Mutual Fund, said, “This is a long-term positive for the debt market and may lead to rate cut of 50 basis points.”

So, why such hue and cry if it is such a big and effective measure against the black money? Why our ex-PM believes that it’s an organized loot and monumental mismanagement?

The reason is simple like Dr. Swamy said that the government should have prepared a contingency plan so that the ordinary people, particularly in far-flung areas, do not suffer following the demonetization. My 2 cents to that opinion, but who could have been considered as that trustworthy for not revealing such an idea before implementation. The Prime Minister of India knows the fact very well that he is riding a Lion. He is ruling a country, where corruption and dishonesty has been injected slowly and morally into the citizens over 2 to 3 decades. Entire political race has become corrupt to the core.

This nation has seen a lot of growth in terms of science and technology, but at the same time the gap between rich and poor grew exponentially with time. The erosion of values and degradation of morality  has been historically considered  to be the major causes for the downfall of many civilizations. The enormous black money in this nation is the result of the politicians and bureaucrats with low morality, who left the nation to rot in hell in the long run just for the sake of their own financial well being.

Political parties in opposition are playing their own game in current situation. Their sole agenda is to prove the inefficiency of demonetization by highlighting the negative sides of it. It doesn’t matter whether they truly understand the meaning of such move and its subsequent impact over the country like India. We are a shining nation with heavy potential to lead the world, but the lost values has made us self eccentric and obsessed. And that’s the sole reason that we are still lagging to provide the basic living capabilities to more than 30% of the population.

Media has their own likings and reservations about every decision taken by the government. NDTV is giving their best endeavor to demean the government by spreading negative propaganda and lies among public, who are standing in long never ending queues of bank ATM  and cash counters. Zee News will speak in the favor of BJP government irrespective of whatsoever decisions are being taken. Similarly, every channels are reporting as per their own comfort and convenience. So, what should we actually watch to get the news without contamination? My recommendation would be to go for DD News, Loksabha TV and Rajyasabha TV. They provide you the news in real sense and their discussions are public eccentric, which is the need for an hour.

As a citizen from an urbanized India, I am not as affected as the rural India or in fact not at all affected by such brave stunts of central government to scrap the higher denominations. Most of the household needs are fulfilled through the card transactions or meal coupons like sodexo. The only place where I need to show the cash is the weekly vegetable market, where all the traders are from nearby villages and they cannot go cashless as of now. I mean they don’t look prepared for it as of now. Forget about knowing the significance. I have seen people standing in long waiting queues without food and water for hours in a hope that they will get some legal currency to fulfill their daily needs. It’s not their fault if they do not have the bank accounts or if they don’t know the importance of card transactions.

I respect the great intentions of our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to curb the black money and the evils associated with it. From day one of his government, he has been consistently encouraging the citizens of this country to get themselves familiar to the banking system through  Jan Dhan Yojna. He also encouraged people to go for insurance by launching several schemes. He opened the schemes like Atal Pension Yojna for the people working in unorganized sectors. But, this demonetization has shown the real face of our banking system. It shows that how unprepared we are to tackle a crisis situation. I have seen all the very famous markets, which are known for their high volume sales during winter season and now can be seen sitting silently in agony without any crowd.

The traders, who mostly deals in cash with farmers are in trouble because of the cash crunch. They don’t have enough cash to give the wages to workers or to the farmers. Over the news I heard our Finance Minister saying that government is pretty serious about the rural areas. Yes Sir, you really need to hurry up and make their lives comfortable. In cities, people like us need the cash mostly to satisfy themselves psychologically otherwise if we pledge not to panic then for sure some needy people may get their chance to get the cash. As a true lover of my country, I wish that the poor people should not suffer because of this move and demonetization achieve all the success it is meant to.

By : Nilesh Ranjan of the best initiatives of our time!!

mithila painting.jpg

Ah, I did fail to notice that it has been quite long, since I wrote something for my readers. Last two months were quite hectic and I was pretty occupied with hell lot of things both in personal and official life. Luckily, I have got some leisure time today to breath properly and smell the freshness of the breeze from the outside of my window after the downpour.

While assembling some of my stuffs in cupboard, I came across a conspicuous tea tray(shown in the picture), which I bought last month from a new e-commerce site  , which is a new start up by one of my college mate Ruchi Jha. The beautiful Mithila painting that is imbibed over the base of the tray was actually making it quite unique among the entire collection of paintings and decor that I have. The other two products like a painting and lady’s kurti, which I bought from the website also turned out to be a kind of wow experience for me and my wife.


Trust me!! It was really a kind of pleasant surprise to me initially, when I got to know about such an initiative for the first time. In general, we all have a dream to pursue a career, which directly or indirectly serves the society that we belong to, but only few of us get the right circumstances to do so. Being a guy from Mithila region of Bihar, I have grown up seeing Mithila paintings and the craftsmanship associated with it across the region which comprises of the places like Madhubani, Samastipur, Darbhanga(my hometown), etc., and I always wanted to see the art from my region reaching every possible door throughout the nation. So, when I saw Ruchi and her team giving an honest efforts to make an ancient popular art reachable to everyone, it really made me believe that still there are people out there,who take a chance to do something they strongly believe in.

It gives me an eternal satisfaction because the only thing people in this country knows about Bihar is either the pathetic social-political condition of the state to criticize or else to envy the extensive number of brain drained engineers, doctors and Public Service commissioned officers. People hardly knows about the very old and rich culture of Mithila(one part of Bihar’s historical identity), which has given its effective contribution in the field of art, literature and architecture to the Indian society. British officers were big admirer of Mithila painting during the colonial times. The massive earthquake of 1934 in Bihar had tumbled down the house walls, and the British colonial officer in Madhubani District, William G. Archer, inspecting the damage discovered the paintings on the newly exposed interior walls of homes. Archer – later to become the South Asia Curator at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum – was stunned by the beauty of the paintings and similarities to the work of modern Western artists like Klee, Miro, and Picasso. He brought the wall paintings to public attention through and article in the Indian art journal, Marg, somewhere in 1949.

Madhubani art(popularly known as Mithila painting) has five distinctive styles, namely, Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, godna and gobar. In the 1960s Bharni, Kachni and Tantrik style were mainly done by Brahman and Kayashth women, who are upper caste women in India and Nepal. Their themes were mainly religious and they depicted Gods and Goddesses, flora and fauna in their paintings. People of lower castes includes aspects of their daily life and symbols , story of Raja Shailesh [ guard of village] and much more, in their paintings. But nowadays Madhubani art has become a globalised art form so there is no difference in the work of artists of the region on the basis of caste system . They are working in all five styles and the art received international and national attention.

There are some famous names associated with the Mithila painting like Jagdamba Devi, Sita Devi and Bharti Dayal, who are all the pioneers in the field and also the national awardees. I was going through one of the very popular artist Bharti Dayal’s website, and found that each one of her paintings was having the minimum cost of $2000. That shows the level of acceptance for Mithila painting at the world stage due to the kind of art and purity  associated with it. But, buying her paintings seems beyond the capacity of a middle class family due to the expensiveness of it. So, in such a time an initiative like provides a well deserved platform for the local artist from the Mithila region to earn a good livelihood. And it also provide a very good opportunity to all the art lovers to fulfill their desires to have that beautiful form of art and decor in a very affordable price. I have seen a variety of collection on the website. Be it a hand painted ethnic sarees, kurtis, stole, etc. or the home decors. Everything appears to be in budget and rightly priced. I urge my readers to take out sometime from their busy and hectic schedule to give a look to the website, and appreciate the much needed step that should have actually been taken long back by the state government to promote the Mithila painting and the history behind the same. And, if by any chance you find my idea about that initiative true, then do purchase the piece of art as per you liking and budget. I bet it will satisfy your soul as you will see the value for money and the magnificence of the Madhubani art.

From: Nilesh Ranjan