Nation, Baba Ramdev & the drug mafias!

I am sure that many of the readers of this post might be surprised to see a dead rebel suddenly back in action who preferred to stay quiet even during the worst setbacks faced by the nation in the last few months. Yes, I did see people dying without getting proper medical treatment when they needed it the most. It becomes difficult to blame one particular entity; instead, it’s a collective failure of an entire system that includes both government and the citizens(who prefer to remain the chronic violators of the law).

The icing on the cake was the rampant election campaign by top BJP functionaries during the state elections of West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, and pulling the crowd towards the second wave of coronavirus. UP government went two steps ahead with the local body election and caused the death of more than three hundred & fifty government teachers who were forced & threatened to be on election duties against their will. One of the names in the list includes an eight-month pregnant lady who died along with her unborn baby due to post covid19 complications. Indeed, they could have shown some resentment in a time like this.

And the outcomes for all the stunts performed by the so-called nationalist party are listed below:

  1. Brutal rape, murder, and intimidation of the BJP workers & their family members are among the worst post-election violence the country has ever witnessed. More than fifty thousand Hindu families are forced to migrate their homes and live in Assam as refugees.
  2. The demon of democracy like Ms. Mamata Banerjee comfortably won the election and settled the score with innocent citizens who shown the courage to vote against her.
  3. She has even shown the audacity not to participate in a meeting with the Prime Minister of this country, which is unprecedented. And all that government of India has responded so far is bringing more insult to themselves by targeting a retired IAS officer(previous CS of WB government).
  4. Many of the traitors who migrated to BJP are begging Ms. Banerjee to consider them for reconciliation and accept them back in TMC.
  5. Last of all is a permanent scar on PM Modi’s image. The condition of BJP workers in Bengal & the way they are left alone to face the attacks has filled many hearts with hatred for Modi and his close associates. No other political parties in India have led their karyakartas to this kind of massacre.

One positive thing that remained unchanged during the lockdown was the daily morning yoga session by Baba Ramdev on India TV. His child-like laughter and high enthusiasm gave courage, hope, and belief to a good percentage of Indian citizens that a regular Yoga practice can help them fight the severe implications of coronavirus. One can continue to cherish good health in a difficult time like this. Apart from him on various YouTube channels, there are several other options, but he remained the most credible one.

But, there is one more factor associated with him apart from his popularity of being a successful yoga preacher that he is a man of controversy for some right and some wrong reasons. Irrespective of whatsoever opinion we are having about him, the fact remains that he wants good for the nation and fellow citizens. In one of the old videos in which he shared the stage with the famous late Dr. Rajiv Dixit, who died under the mysterious circumstance after exposing various misdeeds of the Congress government as they provided outstanding benefits to the fifty pharmaceutical companies from the united states like Pfizer, Glaxo, etc. In that video, Dr. Dixit is requesting the medical practitioners of India to prescribe the medicines produced by the Indian companies as an alternative to those produced by the fifty foreign companies.

You like Ramdev or not, but his honest endeavors to research an ancient medical science of Ayurveda to provide an alternative treatment cannot be discarded entirely. I may not agree with some of his statements given against the allopathy and surgical procedure of therapy. My father is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the allopathy treatment, and my family will forever remain indebted to those great doctors. They treated him with utmost precision both at Chennai & Patna(for two different ailments). But, the way IMA tried to intimidate Baba Ramdev by filing various defamation lawsuits is something to be discussed seriously, especially when the freedom of speech is the talk of the town in this nation.

Those shameless doctors(the ones who are holding the flag of IMA) want to have an impunity infrastructure to run their show of shamelessness in this country while having the dirty nexus with politicians, builders, and pharmaceutical giants. I followed the show called “Satyamev Jayate” hosted by Amir Khan during the year 2012. In one of the episodes, one of the topmost doctors openly talked about the malpractices of the so-called gods in a white apron, and an IAS officer spoke about the drug mafia and the threats posed by them. The audacity they are having for filing a defamation suit of Rupees 1000 crore against Baba Ramdev is commendable, mainly when he spoke a truth that is known to everyone. So, what are they afraid of? They are scared of being doomed and getting irrelevant if Ayurveda turns out to be as big as it is supposed to be. They are fearful of Ayurvedic doctors getting permission to perform the surgery.

Recently, there was news about a doctor named Gaurav Bhattacharjee from Assam being beaten like a dog by some Muslim relatives of a Muslim patient who died on arrival due to covid19 complications. As a result, there are some protests going on to have some protection at work because doctors are now afraid of going to duty and raising their kids as next-generation doctors of their families(I am quoting a Facebook post shared by the fraternity). My question to them is straightforward. Who brought them all to this situation? Whom do they find accountable for losing the credibility and the respect which they celebrated worldwide for centuries? It’s high time for the IMA to retrospect their malpractices and look within itself before pointing the finger at any Baba or victim cry for getting beaten by rowdies. One of the doctors complained about politicians not being made accountable for their misdeeds and getting thrashed by the crowd like they are all facing it. I want to tell them that it is all happening in the same country. Recently, a BJP MLA was stripped down by the protesting farmers in Punjab in broad daylight on the street. Like they say that Karma spares no one. No-one!

By : Nilesh Ranjan

Imported democracy of West Bengal!!

Yesterday, I woke up with a kind of news that deserves a special place in the history of republic India. A famous actor Ferdous Ahmed from Bangladesh was seen campaigning for TMC’s Raiganj Lok Sabha candidate Kanhaiya Lal Agarwal in North Dinajpur district along with Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee. I don’t know whether it is a violation of model code of conduct by election commission or not like BJP leaders are shouting during their campaign, but certainly the lady has got the guts to challenge every democratic system that prevails in India.


Few months back, she got CBI team in scuffle with local police administration and that was also an unprecedented event in itself. It has never happened before. Even Narendra Modi had to face inquiry by central agencies during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujrat, but there is no such record of those officers being harassed by state police. The situation deteriorated to an extent where Supreme Court of India had to do the mediation between CBI and Mamta Banerjee. So, basically she germinated a new sort of power play in politics which should not be ignored because on a similar trend Chandrababu Naidu stopped CBI to enter his state Andhra Pradesh seeking inspiration from her. How infectious and difficult it could be?

Not more than five days ago, supreme court had to say that something terribly wrong is going on in West Bengal after some custom officials were reportedly harassed by TMC’s goons on the instructions of Mamta Banerjee because they were checking the luggage of wife of a TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee(who is also nephew of Mamta Banerjee). The supreme court has also mentioned “We cannot ignore what is going on in West Bengal. If required we can ourselves take suo motu cognizance of the events and get to the bottom of the issue”. It appears like Mamta Banerjee has setup a kind of infrastructure of impunity for herself in Bengal, but how long such a thing can last in democracy.


If we go by the media report then it is quite evident that apart from Prime Minister Modi there are very few leaders from BJP or Congress(any party which is not in alliance with Didi) who can be certain about the permissions to land their choppers in West Bengal for any public meeting. Many leaders has been denied entry through air route in Bengal. Yogi Adityanath and Rahul Gandhi are few names in that list. On top of it she has the modesty to say,”Nation is in extreme danger due to fascist powers like BJP and I will not allow them to destroy the constitution of India”. I truly salute her for the kind of confidence she displays after all the demonic acts of her in public. She has taken a vow to protect the democracy of India :-). Isn’t that funny? It is like predators in jungle are promising security to preys.

If I quote both the television and print media all together then it won’t be wrong to say that normal residents of West Bengal are even scared of casting their votes as there are serious threats to their lives if anyone of them are found voting against TMC. Such a terror cannot even be seen in Pakistan these days. All the election workers have threatened to boycott the election duties if central forces are not deployed during the elections in Bengal. Somehow, election commission has shown the much required spine to transfer all the loyalist police officers of Mamta Banerjee, to which she is again foul crying and making the baseless allegations like EC has taken such actions in order to appease Narendra Modi.

I personally feel that Mamta Banerjee should be applauded for achieving things which even left parties were not able to achieve during their prolonged governance in the state for around 30 years. They were never been able to instill that kind of fear among the common mango people. But, end of the day they are reaping what they sowed during their rule. It was communist party of India, which made the elections as bloody game in West Bengal and as a result all the political workers in the state are turning into zombies. Currently, most of the goons of TMC are having strong background of serving as party cadre of CPI before. They cannot stay without the support of ruling government and government cannot run without those goons.

I wish someday Mamta Banerjee meets the fate she deserves for ruining the spirit of democracy by calling Bangladeshi actors to lure the illegal migrants in Bengal. I wish someday she is haunted by the ghosts of all those innocent people, who were slaughtered by her goons in an effort to terrorize any remaining soul who dare to speak against her. It is my personal request to every voters of West Bengal to vote against her or anyone associated to her to set the toughest example in the history of Indian democracy, so that no such blood thirsty politician should even think of taking birth on our holy lands again. Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

By: Nileshh Ranjan


Why Kanhaiya Kumar is required in Indian Politics?

I know I am going to touch a burning issue this time, but would like to request all my readers not to jump to any such conclusions which make me look like supporter of left ideology. I personally feel that we need to debate all the necessary ideologies and the associated challenges and threats it imposes to a healthy democracy. We should also not overlook the opportunities that comes with any political believe.


Right from the beginning of the official declaration of 2019 general elections in India, a major segment of media can be seen harboring aroung Begusarai district of Bihar. And the reason is well known to everyone that Kanhaiya Kumar has been fielded as CPI (Communist Party of India) candidate from that loksabha constituency. Kanhaiya has been a prominent face of student politics and got the glamour due to seer interference of BJP government inside JNU premises in 2016.

By doing so they stirred a political force that went beyond the control of BJP government. This nation has got a rich  history of such imprudence by students, which was quite evident during the JP movement against Indira Gandhi in 70s. Even the iron lady like Indira Gandhi had to bow down in front of such forces. Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar , Lalu Yadav ,etc. are living examples of that movement. I am not talking about the ideological disarray here, but we cannot rule out the fact that Kanhaiyya is doing exactly what those politicians of yesterday were doing during the era of emergency against Congress rule. He is trying to make his voice of dissent heard with greater energy and now has become one of the prominent faces of opposition against BJP.

Personally, I am against any left or communist ideologies because I have seen the kind of governance they have provided in states like West Bengal and Kerala. That ideology particularly talks about the social equality and harmony, but the kind of political murders or violence often seen on the streets of Kerala or West Bengal mocks the ideology to the core. So, association of Kanhaiya to such an ideology is a joke in itself. Undoubtedly, he is an excellent orator and all his questions related to the political discourse are valid, but what identity he was able to create for himself. A major segment in this country strongly believes that he is traitor after he was found celebrating death anniversary of a terrorist named Afzal Guru, who was guilty of planning the attack on the parliament.

That is where Kanhaiya is absolutely wrong!! He is free to continue to his faith that freedom of speech gives him the authority to design a poster which says “The country without a post office”(Originally written in context of Kashmir) or supporting slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge, Insha allah insha allah”, but nation doesn’t function like that. If he strongly believes that Afzal Guru was not a terrorist and the attack on parliament was just a way to raise the voice of dissent then he should also be ready not be consider people like Nathu Ram Godse as murderer because he also shot at Mahatma Gandhi because of ideological differences. So, basically Kanhaiya is nothing but a byproduct of hypocrisy and communism, who himself is not sure about his future in Indian politics specially by walking the roads of CPI.

And that is very unfortunate for this nation because we need people like Kanhaiya to maintain the political balance in this country, who can raise the unheard voice of people from poor, marginalized  and suppressed segment of the society. But, not on the cost of nation and the sovereignty of it. I would like to conclude by wishing Kanhaiya all the best for upcoming elections.

By: Nileshh Ranjan


Leniency of being a Hindu during upcoming elections!!

Looks like election is overhead as the vulture journalists like Ravish Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesayi are back to devilish business of manipulating the voters with their venomous articles and narratives particularly against Narendra Modi or in short against everyone who doesn’t align with their personal benefit. Congress is back with the list of unimplementable promises and pro-Pakistan agendas.


Am I talking like a freaking Hindu fanatics, just because I am against the idiotic electoral promises of congress? Well, I guess that;s exactly what I intend to do here, because we have suffered a lot for being a lenient Hindu all this time. We as a nation have had enough of congress in true sense. I will not go back to Nehru or Indira’s era like BJP leaders because it actually doesn’t make difference to me. My political awareness started from the general elections of 1996, when Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was struggling to provided a stable alternative of a non-congress government to this nation and Congress did every possible bid to devastate it.

Couple of days back I was watching interviews of many political and non-political personalities. And to my surprise for the very first time I saw Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur being called on the stage by anchor. I genuinely do not prefer to watch anything related to people wearing saffron robes. But, somehow I was not able to resist myself from watching her interview which lasted for say around 30 minutes. I was aware of her background that she was a leader of ABVP and then became a Sannyasi. I also knew that she was named as one of the prime accused in Malegaon bomb blast by Congress government and stayed around a decade behind the bars before being acquitted by NIA court recently.

But, what I did not know was something that shocked me to the core. During her conversation with anchor, she mentioned about the dark phase of her life when she was brutally tortured by interrogating officers during 23 days of her interrogation under Police custody. She did mention about a familiar name Late Shri Hemant Karkare, who achieved martyrdom during terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008, was most ruthless among all the torturers. After watching her interview I felt that even if half of all what she was saying is true then I really wonder about her being alive and active.

So, what actually congress was trying to achieve by targeting people like Pragya Singh Thakur. They came up with a concept of Bhagwa Atankwad(Hindu Terrorism) and did their level best to prove that such a thing exists in India to prove their secular credentials to minority communities without even knowing that someday it will backfire all of them up to an extent where top leaders of Congress party will found to be begging at different temples of India,so that public should start considering them as Hindus. The worst thing is that no-one still knows about the real culprits of Malegaon blast. Someone has truly mentioned that Karma is indeed a bitch!!

I personally believe that Congress party is surviving only because a major population of India is still struggling to cope up with the basic necessities of life and so even a small announcements like loan waiver or freebies force them to vote parties like Congress. Hunger can make you vote anyone or can make you adopt any religion or ideology like it was mentioned in one of a boring Hindi cinema “Ye bhookh ki maari janta hai, 2 roti ka vaada kar doa fir ye kisi bhi rang ka jhanda utha legi”. But, there is one mysterious thing that I have observed in all the media coverage from last 10 days that public is not showing the kind of enthusiasm they were showing in 2014.

One important reason could be the anti-incumbency factor in 2014 against Congress party or may be public don’t want to open up in front of media due to the kind of conduct media has shown in last five years. Yes, I am talking about the kind of division media has done in itself like associating themselves to BJP or non-BJP camps, which is not at all a good symbol for democracy.

Now, to summarize it constructively I would like to request my fellow citizens to follow Hinduism like it has been mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta in its raw format, which largely talks about the Karma(your duties) and Dharma(being righteous). So, during elections please vote as a good citizen because that is your duty towards the nation and choose your representatives wisely(without caring about his caste, race and religion) because that is what takes the nation on the path of righteousness.

By: Nilesh Ranjan




A nation towards disintegration!!

Dalit Bandh

After seeing the nationwide protest against the supreme court verdict on SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act,1989, I do feel that we as a nation are slowly being propelled towards the complete disintegration. Now, the opportunist politicians and their blind followers are raising their middle finger towards the wisdom of Supreme Court of India and unethical media is giving fuel to the pyre. Through that news agency itself, I got to know that 9 people were killed and many were injured due to violent protest in many places of Bihar, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

It was also found that a mother was trying to find a way for her son in ambulance in between the protest and failed. Her son died in her lap. The incidence was reported in Hajipur district of Bihar. In a similar incidence from Bijnor, an old man succumbed to serious abdominal pain because he was not given the way to hospital which was just 600 meters away by protesting mob. One of my friend Sharad Kumar Singh has rightly mentioned in his FB post that our nation has more values for votes than human life. We have lost our credibility for being a civilized country. So, what was all the fuss about?

In the year 1955, an amendment in the Constitution was brought in, and a new Act came into being to give teeth to Article 17 of 1949. It was called Untouchability [Offences] Act. The Act makes practice of untouchability punishable. Preventing Dalits accessing to public places-restaurants, hotels, religious places, denial of services such as haircut, cloth washing, for instance, were defined as crimes. Still such crimes were reported in many parts of the country. And that was the reason to amend the constitution in 1989 to accommodate SC/ST Act or Dalit Act to prevent such atrocities. But, do we really practice untouchability or do we really afflict the afflicted from SC/ST community. We as a nation do need to ask these questions to ourselves. Specially the media which is pioneer in projecting such news to assist their political forefathers in Indian politics.

I am literally surprised to see a paragraph by Alok Prasanna Kumar from Firstpost. It says, “The court’s doublespeak on the matter of atrocities is breathtaking. On the one hand, no effort is made to find out the impact of the law in improving the lives of Dalits or Adivasis, whether it has actually reduced the number of atrocities, whether more atrocities are being brought to light and prosecuted and whether oppressed classes feel safe and secure as a result of the law. On the other, it is assumed that it is the law itself that is not promoting constitutional values of fraternity and integration of the society, and therefore needs to be given an interpretation as such. It’s quite obvious where the court’s sympathies lie.” Looks like media is abusing their rights more than anyone else in this country. By giving a poisonous statement related to the sympathies of Supreme Court, their intentions are obvious. They want a kind of anarchy or civil war in India like Syria or Iraq.

Political parties like BSP, SP and Congress are leaving no stone turned to label BJP as an anti-SC/ST party and PM Modi as the leader of upper castes in India. Seems like they are not anticipating the sever damage they are going to bring to nation in order to regain their political powers in their respective areas. In such effort, they are trying to make this country no how lesser than Pakistan. They also make fun of their Supreme Court and most of the verdicts are passed under the influence of their army generals. If our politicians continue to disintegrate our nation in similar fashion for their personal gain then I am afraid that day is not far from us when our Army will take the charge of the political system in India much like Pakistan.

Few days back, we were seeing clashes between two communities after the celebration of festival Ram Navmi in West Bengal and Bihar. So, many people had to take shelters in refugee camps in Raniganj and Asansol. An old man saw his 16 year old son being dragged away by mob and later his dead body was recovered. Media did get some TRPs by broadcasting news about the generosity of that old man, who do not want to name anyone as suspect in order to prevent the sheer insanity of people to kill each other in the name of religion, caste and creed. And now the protest against the verdict of SC/ST act by supreme court is like an icing on the cake to media and politicians.

Another paragraph from news18 will compel you to answer them. It says, “Why after all, why would a Dalit would implicate someone falsely? At worse, a Dalit being constantly harassed might just use this Act just to settle scores because all other IPC sections don’t bring any relief.” My answer to them would be as blunt as possible. In a country with moral erosion anyone can falsely implicate anyone. And when they say that Dalits are being constantly harassed and their women are being raped then let me remind you that the brave girl Nirbhaya was not a dalit, but her rapists were all dalits. So, my point is to stop seeing things through the lens of caste-ism and be more on humanitarian side. May be you all win through the review petition in Supreme Court against the verdict, but the quest of division and discrimination in the society can never be won just by establishing a law, which is meant to be abused like section 498-A of IPC, Section 420 and 304.

To conclude this, all I can request to media and my fellow citizens to establish the conquest to prevent the nation from lawlessness and atrocities against any individual(be it a dalit or non-dalit) rather than dying and killing people for a  30 year old SC/ST act. You may have the right to protest in a democratic country, but for sure you do not have the right to block the path of an ambulance which killed a child or caused a painful death to an old man.

By : Nilesh Ranjan

Nitish Kumar and his disdain!!


Like we all know that the honorable Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar had a break up with his 20 months old alliance partner Lalu’s RJD and Congress Party. There were lot of speculations about it right from the beginning when it came into existence during the state assembly election in 2015 and flourished under the master strategist Prashant Kishor. He was successful in establishing the seat distribution with the three partners of grand alliance and history witnessed an unprecedented victory for them against the fittest player of the game BJP and that too when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself took the lead of the election campaigns in Bihar.

So, what went wrong out of sudden? It would be difficult for the intellectuals of Bihar to digest the reason being given by Nitish Kumar on every platform. According to him, he cannot compromise with unruly behavior of anyone in government. According to him, it is his commitment towards the people of Bihar to deliver a crime free and corruption free state and of course his moral conscience that prevented him to continue to lead the government in Bihar along with the ministers with tainted images and grave charges of corruption. So, comforting? Isn’t it?

On 29th of July, I was watching the speech by Nitish Kumar in legislative assembly. Like always he was talking about morality, honesty and other lucrative democratic words commonly used by the leaders in this country to fool the already fooled public. He was replying on the accusation of betrayal to the people of Bihar made by the leader of opposition Mr. Tejasvi Yadav(Son of Lalu Yadav). In the early hours of 28th of July,17 the leaders of the political party RJD were seen over the streets of Patna sloganeering against Nitish Kumar for betraying the state and they declared it as Vishwasghat Diwas(Betrayal Day). 


Something was being repeated and I was not sure what actually it was until I saw a page after scanning google. I got to know that Vishwasghat Diwas had also been declared earlier by BJP in the year 2013 and similar slogans were made on the streets of Patna under the leadership of Sushil Modi(now the deputy CM of Bihar), when the same Nitish Kumar had resigned from the NDA government after working 17 years with them. In past, he had worked in Vajpayee’s government as a Rail Minister and served 8 years as a CM of Bihar in alliance with BJP. Surprisingly, same person has been accused for betrayal by two different alliance partners under two different circumstances. What was it all about? Was it really for the people of Bihar or was it simply one man’s greed and ego?

Last time when he was declared a traitor by BJP for breaking the alliance, he justified his acts with his secular image citing the reason that he will not support Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate for NDA as he was having a communal image due to Gujrat riots in 2002. He did so to please Muslim voters and to convey the message about his strong believe in the concept of secularism and socialism. He went ahead to have the alliance with a tainted leader like Lalu Yadav, who is an accused of a serious corruption case and has been debarred by the Supreme Court from fighting any sort of election in India. So, what was it all about? Was it really about secularism or about forming an impossible alliance for his political survival?

On the eve of 28th of July,17, he once again spoke about his great conscience, which fluctuates based on the circumstances. This time he mentioned that in the name of secularism, he cannot compromise with corruption and crime which were slowly creeping back in Bihar after the government of grand alliance came into existence. So, what was it all about? Was it really about his dying conscience or was it simply his inability to keep a check on Lalu’s goons and rising sons?

I really don’t have accurate answers to all that, but based on my little political understanding I can smell that end of the day it is all about Nitish Babu’s political comfort without any measurement of his alliance partners. In fact, they are mere like changing girl friends in the peak of youthfulness. Sooner or later he will pay dearly for it. I am pretty sure that BJP veterans do not consider him reliable partner in any way after after seeing his camouflage in last 4 years. I will wait and watch to see his downfall along with Lalu and family somewhere during the parliamentary elections of 2019. His disdain towards his political rivals and alliances will make him a lone survivor of his party. We have already seen that in the case of Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP. Now, it is Nitish’s turn to meet the similar fate.

By: Nilesh Ranjan

The electoral sorrow of Bihar!!


The upcoming legislative elections in Bihar is slowly grabbing everyone’s attention across the country. The reason is very simple and obvious that Bihar along with the other poor states of India is being considered as the new hope for the nation. I don’t need to explain the political significance of the state because its well known to everyone. Be it the Satyagraha movement by Gandhi or be it the Youth movement against Indira Gandhi by Jayprakash Narayan, Bihar has always given its effective contribution in initiating any movement which had the larger interest for the nation. Till the Era of Karpuri Thakur(ex-cm of Bihar), Bihar was having its own charm with the strong rich legacy along with the great ancestral values. There were an excellence in the field of education specially engineering and medical. Some of the prestigious medical and engineering colleges were in Bihar like DMCH, PMCH , RIMS , etc. where the most efficient and capable doctors were produced who reached up to the pick of the fame and prosperity in their lives.

Then suddenly came the era of Lalu Prasad Yadav after his effective role in the youth movement in early 90s and that continued till the end of 2005. The people of Bihar were having a lot of hopes with him due to his image for belonging to a poor family, simple and energetic among the mass. May be Lalu was the need of an hour for Bihar at that time and he took several steps to improve the education further by recruiting 25000 basic school teachers. But slowly his relatives and community dragged him into the caste based politics. That was the time when the historical dark age of Bihar was written very efficiently by Lalu and his associates. The state witnessed the sheer rise in the caste based crimes mostly by certain communities in Bihar and the ripples were seen throughout the society. The state was already seeing the Naxal movements and the caste based hatred among the poor assisted that movement with more and more recruits. Then a new group of barbarians took the birth named as Ranvir Sena who wrote the history of massacre by slaughtering more than 100 people including women and children who were mostly Dalits.

The state was suffering badly due to the poor management of the vast natural resources of coal, bauxite and other minerals that Bihar was abundant of. It made the people further poorer and the unemployment touched at that level when people started migrating to the cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. for the survival. The crime was at the pick and media did nothing less to highlight the same and created a common image for all the people from Bihar for being uncivilized, uncultured or may be the people who don’t know how to speak in English. And the rich legacy with great ancestral values got buried somewhere under the heaviness of the ill educated politicians in the state. Students started to cheat openly during the school examinations and so the meritorious were also type casted as the cheaters wherever they went in the country until that moment came when Bihari students started proving their worthiness. They cracked the IIT exams, been topper in the civil service exams and wrote other histories, but none of them were capable of washing away the tag created by the hooligans in the state.

In 2005, with the help of election commission of India the people of Bihar shown the gate to Lalu and brought Nitish Kumar into the power with full majority. And once again the state started showing the signal for revival as the road infrastructure and other development projects were kick started. Crime came to all time low and almost 56000 criminals were convicted in the tenure of JDU government in the collaboration of the progressive BJP. Nitish came into the power by tagging the Lalu’s era as Jungleraj in Bihar. People trusted him and being very honest Nitish Kumar never breached that trust until he thought of very high for himself. He started dreaming for being the prime minister of the country which became the prime reason for his political debacle in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. His party hardly manage to get 4 seats out 40 in Bihar and people taught a tough lesson to him for his betrayal towards the state.

The worst methodology that people like Nitish Kumar picked up was “Secularism”. The concept is good in the larger interest of the nation but the way that word is being used by politicians in India is totally to fool the crowd. I personally feel that the communal harmony is an absolute requirement of the nation for maintaining the beauty of our democracy, but some politicians has used the secularism to create a nationwide outrage against them and sooner or later their era is going to be over because the nation truly understands that there is no need to give air to such concepts. Because its already there in every Indians. We are grown up by having the respect for all the religion. In my personal life also I have seen people who keep on displaying their sovereignty and secular values everywhere unnecessarily to keep on blowing the fake aura of self importance which they want to live with. And the politicians named above are merely symbolic leaders for such fools in India.

In the upcoming elections in Bihar, once again Nitish Kumar is going to contest the election with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress to defeat the BJP and its alliances. To maintain his position in the state he is even ready to push the state back to dark age once again. The Jungleraj has started appearing as Ramrajya to him once again and the consequences may lead to the end of his political career. Now, its totally up to the people of Bihar who want to take the joy of caste based stupidity once again or truly want to see the progress in the state. I am not saying the BJP or its alliance are the best parties of the state or nation, but surely they have the proven track record of making progress in whichever state they had been into the power. People talk about the Vyapan and Lalit Modi issue these days, but I personally request to the people of UP and Bihar to go and check the internal condition of those states. They will surely get the right answer before they go to vote.

Nilesh Ranjan

The most entertaining Chief Minister of India!!

I am pretty sure about one thing that this time the readers might be able to guess the central character of this blog just by seeing the title itself. Yes, its no one else apart from our own legendary honorable chief minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday, after a very long time he entertained us once again by one of the show similar to Comedy nights with Kejriwal where he was being interviewed by the consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesayi on Aajtak. I immediately informed my wife about the same and suddenly she got up with lot of enthusiasm to prepare two cups of coffee and pop corn before the show. She was upset throughout the day because I did not took her to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But, that interview by Kejriwal took all that sorrow because he entertained both of us much more than any block buster!!

Somewhere around 9:30 PM, the show started and much to my expectation once again he was appearing with full of self pride and arrogance. Within very few minutes of interview he used the term “Thulla” to refer the cops under Delhi Police and I laughed, laughed and laughed rolling on the floor, because he actually made Delhi police appear like the jokers in uniform who sacrifice their days and nights behind securing the streets for both common and uncommon citizens of Delhi . Last time he entertained us by using the very low intensity abuses like “Kaminapanthi” for some of his own party members who turned him down by being rebels. But, this time Sirjee actually took an extra effort to walk an extra mile to refer the policemen as “Thullas” which may not be taken very positively by the cops. Quite a matter to think that if the head of a state will use such a derogatory remarks for the cops then how can we even expect the common citizens to respect them.

Actually by using such words, Arvind has truly shown the real face of those aam aadmi in this nation who immediately starts to piss over the democratic setup and values of this nation after coming into the power. Even before being the CM of Delhi, Kejriwal was very popular in India but he never had the guys to use the words like “Thulla” for the cops from any of the Indian states. But, things are different after he took an oath as the CM of Delhi. Sometimes I am surprised to know that he is actually from IIT, which is known to produce the extra ordinary breed of students who actually understands the importance of democracy in India. I did laugh out loudly on his foolish acts during the interview, but deep within my heart I do have a question for the people of Delhi. Is that for what they have voted for Arvind Kejriwal? Do they really want their kids to call a policeman as “Thulla” in their city?

Then the show went ahead and he was speaking about carrying a referendum for full statehood to Delhi. Rajdeep immediately reminded  that such an act of him could be an unconstitutional one for the nation then he immediately changed his stand by saying ” Aji ham opinion poll kara lenge delhi me kyunki woh toa ham kar sakte hain naa”. He is missing one of the very basic fact about Delhi that the people over there always preferred for being the residents of the national capital of India rather than being referred from a particular state named “Delhi”. Anyways that might be his awareness under the influence of self-illusion that he is having for himself. That’s the choice he has made for himself to call everyone with certain pathetic remarks who criticizes him or does not fall under his highness.

He also spoke about the LG Najeeb Jung who disqualified all the appointments made by him in Delhi. He also mentioned once again that the Lieutenant General of Delhi is actually a puppet of central government. He was actually referring to some article 46 and 47 of Indian constitution which talks about the authority of Lieutenant General over the state like Delhi. He tried to convince the interviewer that locking the office of principle secretory of Delhi Anindito Majumdar was the right act by his government. He also tried to justify the expenditure of Rupees 526 crore over the advertisement about his government and that made me laugh again. Because he was requesting the interviewer for revealing the cost of advertisement by other state governments as well.

After watching the complete interview once again I felt that his message was very clear. He along with his party workers are the lone survivors with honesty and dignity, rest everyone in this nation are corrupt including the Prime Minister of this nation. I was quite impressed and I realized that he should actually be appointed as the chair person of the FTII. Because his contribution can be more effective and useful for the society in that way.

Nilesh Ranjan(belongs to those set of aam aadmi who respect the cops for the kind of pain they take to secure the nation)