An idea for being a writer


Every one of us might have heard a very famous saying that it is never too late to start the right things in life. From a very young age, I was passionate about reading and writing poetry and good literature. So, during my student life, I spent quite a good time reading novels, which mostly used to be Hindi literature by Premchand, Mannu Bhandari, Rabindranath Tagore, Dharamveer Bharati, Amrita Pritam, etc. All of them were the pioneer in their literary work, and their stories left a deep mark on me and tempted me to serve the society with my writing ability. Many of us who are fond of reading good literature works are mostly capable of writing on a good theme, but that urge to do so usually fades away with a time somewhere to earn a decent livelihood.

I remember a Hindi poetry “Akaal aur uske baad” written by a legendary poet named Baba Nagarjun, who also belonged to my home town Darbhanga(a beautiful city of Bihar). The way he described the drought and the aftermath of it was unprecedented. I read that poetry several times on several occasions for continuously getting the kick to write something similar, which can reflect the real sorrow in the world of poverty after a natural calamity. Unfortunately, the fight from the middle-class tag took me a little away from my passion, and I landed up being an IT professional, which has its charm with fake glory. It slowly makes you habituated to seek the recognition even for a small accomplishment.

In the year of 2015, I got back to my old habit to pen down my experiences and observations, but this time through WordPress blogging. I started to cover the social and political issues of India and continued to embrace the honest feedback from the readers. Then subsequently, I decided to write a book based on one of my experiences. And with god’s grace, my first book, “Half the Destination!” got published during August in 2015. My next plot is a fiction based on a true rumor during my school days. The book is going to be titled “Ghost of a coward’.

Now a little introduction about me. My name is Nilesh Ranjan, and even though I come from a small town of Bihar, my experiences are pretty desirable for a guy in his 30s. And that is what I love about my generation that we are the flag bearer of the changing social dynamics of this country and a true admirer of life. We do not succumb to the traditional believes, which can be anything but not rationale. And I also have a desire to be an observer and a little better than an average student of life. Friends call me a man of controversies due to my sheer involvement in areas where it is very less comforting for a middle-class guy to step in. I am a rebel by choice and very often challenge social taboos and stigmas. Love to break the sickles and doors that forbids one to think and question what he or she believes is questionable.

With Love

Nilesh Ranjan

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