Another rise of an old devil…

At an early hour of Vijayadashami, today at 5 am, a severed body(with chopped hand, leg, and genital) of a 36-year-old man was found hanging from a police barricading at Singhu border near Delhi where the so-called farmers(wolves in the face of lambs) are protesting peacefully(at least left-leaning Islamic media believe so) against the three farm bill bhat was passed from both the houses of Parliament last year. The deceased man has been identified as Lakhbir Singh from the Tam Taran district of Haryana. Primarily, Nihanga Sikhs are considered behind the heinous crime much similar to one often scene in Afghanistan. I cannot post the picture or the video in circulation as it is bothersome for a normally sane person to see the insanity of those monsters.

It’s the same group of blue-clothed Sikhs, alleged to have chopped off the wrist of a sub-inspector in Punjab using their sword and went to hide at a near about gurudwara. Such has been their audacity. We as a nation are already struggling with Islamic fundamentalism for quite a few decades, and now another form of extremism is back at the door, which seemed to have its lessons back in 1984. Some of them assassinated late prime minister Indira Gandhi. Their killing spree continued for years and got more than 2000 innocent people killed from their community throughout the nation.

There are several reasons for us to believe that the farmer’s protest is funded by the groups associated with the Khalistan movement. The nation, which is supposed to be an agriculture-based state, mainly sees farmers from the Sikh community in protest carrying various sorts of crime at their protesting sites. They have kept the significant highways blocked since last year, all of which connect to Delhi. There have been reports of murder, gang rape, and now assassination in the name of blasphemy. Till this time, that particular term was heard in terms of the Islamic caliphate, but now it is evident among Sikh extremists quite often. The mutilated body of Lakhbir Singh is one such speaking proof of another rise of the same old devil. He was butchered in the name of beadbi(dishonor) to their holy book Guru Granth Sahib.

All my life, I was living in a myth that Sikh religion is about respect, care, and sacrifice, but the horrifying picture of a brutally killed man is telling a different story now. My faith in the minority community was already compromised when I started to understand the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their native land back in 1991 after the massacre and gang rape of many from the community. No one came to rescue and rehabilitate them. And none of the perpetrators were from Pakistan, and they all were the neighboring people from the Muslim community in Kashmir, which is in the majority there. Their extremism is widely known, and now Sikh brothers have started joining the same folklore.

Whenever I hear the horrific story of operation blue star and its aftermath, I feel very sorry for the community that suffered like that. But, the growing hatred towards Hindus and sense of identity crisis will take them once again back in the stone age like 1984. I see them digging their graves and making a joke of themselves by acting insanely. All they have is one narrative that we were the ones who saved Hindus from Muslim barbarism. I found them delusional as they had forgotten that most of their gurus were assassinated by Muslim rulers, including the four sons of the 10th Guru Govind Singh. They have forgotten that they too were butchered in thousands along with Hindus at the time of partition. We had joint suffering against a typical tyrant, and still, they feel they are superior and savior of the world.

My heartfelt condolences to the deceased family, and I wish someday the extremism of Sikhs gets back into the deep graves and returns to normalcy. At times I feel Indira Gandhi kind of leadership was required to deal with such kind of insanity be it the handling of Khalistan movement or the separation of Bangladesh. Modi government need to retrospect their approach in such matters.

By: Nilesh Ranjan