Nation, Baba Ramdev & the drug mafias!

I am sure that many of the readers of this post might be surprised to see a dead rebel suddenly back in action who preferred to stay quiet even during the worst setbacks faced by the nation in the last few months. Yes, I did see people dying without getting proper medical treatment when they needed it the most. It becomes difficult to blame one particular entity; instead, it’s a collective failure of an entire system that includes both government and the citizens(who prefer to remain the chronic violators of the law).

The icing on the cake was the rampant election campaign by top BJP functionaries during the state elections of West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, and pulling the crowd towards the second wave of coronavirus. UP government went two steps ahead with the local body election and caused the death of more than three hundred & fifty government teachers who were forced & threatened to be on election duties against their will. One of the names in the list includes an eight-month pregnant lady who died along with her unborn baby due to post covid19 complications. Indeed, they could have shown some resentment in a time like this.

And the outcomes for all the stunts performed by the so-called nationalist party are listed below:

  1. Brutal rape, murder, and intimidation of the BJP workers & their family members are among the worst post-election violence the country has ever witnessed. More than fifty thousand Hindu families are forced to migrate their homes and live in Assam as refugees.
  2. The demon of democracy like Ms. Mamata Banerjee comfortably won the election and settled the score with innocent citizens who shown the courage to vote against her.
  3. She has even shown the audacity not to participate in a meeting with the Prime Minister of this country, which is unprecedented. And all that government of India has responded so far is bringing more insult to themselves by targeting a retired IAS officer(previous CS of WB government).
  4. Many of the traitors who migrated to BJP are begging Ms. Banerjee to consider them for reconciliation and accept them back in TMC.
  5. Last of all is a permanent scar on PM Modi’s image. The condition of BJP workers in Bengal & the way they are left alone to face the attacks has filled many hearts with hatred for Modi and his close associates. No other political parties in India have led their karyakartas to this kind of massacre.

One positive thing that remained unchanged during the lockdown was the daily morning yoga session by Baba Ramdev on India TV. His child-like laughter and high enthusiasm gave courage, hope, and belief to a good percentage of Indian citizens that a regular Yoga practice can help them fight the severe implications of coronavirus. One can continue to cherish good health in a difficult time like this. Apart from him on various YouTube channels, there are several other options, but he remained the most credible one.

But, there is one more factor associated with him apart from his popularity of being a successful yoga preacher that he is a man of controversy for some right and some wrong reasons. Irrespective of whatsoever opinion we are having about him, the fact remains that he wants good for the nation and fellow citizens. In one of the old videos in which he shared the stage with the famous late Dr. Rajiv Dixit, who died under the mysterious circumstance after exposing various misdeeds of the Congress government as they provided outstanding benefits to the fifty pharmaceutical companies from the united states like Pfizer, Glaxo, etc. In that video, Dr. Dixit is requesting the medical practitioners of India to prescribe the medicines produced by the Indian companies as an alternative to those produced by the fifty foreign companies.

You like Ramdev or not, but his honest endeavors to research an ancient medical science of Ayurveda to provide an alternative treatment cannot be discarded entirely. I may not agree with some of his statements given against the allopathy and surgical procedure of therapy. My father is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the allopathy treatment, and my family will forever remain indebted to those great doctors. They treated him with utmost precision both at Chennai & Patna(for two different ailments). But, the way IMA tried to intimidate Baba Ramdev by filing various defamation lawsuits is something to be discussed seriously, especially when the freedom of speech is the talk of the town in this nation.

Those shameless doctors(the ones who are holding the flag of IMA) want to have an impunity infrastructure to run their show of shamelessness in this country while having the dirty nexus with politicians, builders, and pharmaceutical giants. I followed the show called “Satyamev Jayate” hosted by Amir Khan during the year 2012. In one of the episodes, one of the topmost doctors openly talked about the malpractices of the so-called gods in a white apron, and an IAS officer spoke about the drug mafia and the threats posed by them. The audacity they are having for filing a defamation suit of Rupees 1000 crore against Baba Ramdev is commendable, mainly when he spoke a truth that is known to everyone. So, what are they afraid of? They are scared of being doomed and getting irrelevant if Ayurveda turns out to be as big as it is supposed to be. They are fearful of Ayurvedic doctors getting permission to perform the surgery.

Recently, there was news about a doctor named Gaurav Bhattacharjee from Assam being beaten like a dog by some Muslim relatives of a Muslim patient who died on arrival due to covid19 complications. As a result, there are some protests going on to have some protection at work because doctors are now afraid of going to duty and raising their kids as next-generation doctors of their families(I am quoting a Facebook post shared by the fraternity). My question to them is straightforward. Who brought them all to this situation? Whom do they find accountable for losing the credibility and the respect which they celebrated worldwide for centuries? It’s high time for the IMA to retrospect their malpractices and look within itself before pointing the finger at any Baba or victim cry for getting beaten by rowdies. One of the doctors complained about politicians not being made accountable for their misdeeds and getting thrashed by the crowd like they are all facing it. I want to tell them that it is all happening in the same country. Recently, a BJP MLA was stripped down by the protesting farmers in Punjab in broad daylight on the street. Like they say that Karma spares no one. No-one!

By : Nilesh Ranjan