The deceptive protests in India…

I may appear or sound a little amateur to many while covering an important topic related to the ongoing protest by farmers’ union against the newly introduced Farm Bill by the Union of India’s central government. Still, the truth remains the same self-revealing that it is much more than a protest against a bill due to some of the reported behavior of farmers’ adamance during their dialogue with union ministers and other government representatives.

Farmers are claiming that the central government led by BJP is fascist,anti-farmer, and has passed the Bill without addressing the real fatalities that the farmers have to deal with on a day to day basis. So, I thought of briefly understanding the three bills introduced by the GOI as highlighted below, and I am still struggling to figure out the flaws mentioned by the agitating farmers associated with it:

The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020:

This Bill allows the farmers to sell their produce outside the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) regulated markets. The APMCs are government-controlled marketing yards or Mandis. So, the farmers have more choice about who they want to sell.

The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020:

This Bill makes provisions for the setting up of a framework for contract farming. The farmer and an ordained buyer can strike a deal before the production happens. 

Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020: 

The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Ordinance, 2020, allows intra-state and inter-state trade of farmers’ produce beyond the physical premises of APMC markets. State governments are not allowed to levy any market fee, cess, or levy outside APMC areas.

The Bill also covers the farmers’ provision to take the legal battle related to the new law to a dedicated SDM court, which farmers are also agitating for along with their demands like written confirmation on MSP(Minimum Selling Price) for the produce. The other day I was hearing the agriculture minister, speaking to journalists after having 7 hours of dialogue with farmers, that government is ready to consider the request related to MSP and the permission to fight the case in other courts apart from SDM.

The government’s economic expert Gurcharan Das writes in the newspaper The Times of India that the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) is an obsolete institution from the age of scarcity, meant to protect the farmer but has now become his oppressor, a monopoly cartel fixing low prices for the farmers’ produce, forcing distress sales. He also emphasized the three direct advantages to the farmers:

  1. Defeat the monopoly cartel at the APMC mandi and sell the produce anywhere to anyone
  2. Bypass the Essential Commodities Act and be free to store inventory, which was constrained so far by stocking limits of ESCA.
  3. Open to make contracts and transfer risk to business people in deals made over a crop even before yield is made or met.

In a way, it is difficult to believe that a national party in government will jeopardize its position by shooting a self-goal in today’s political ecosystem, which is hugely competitive by nature. Except for congress and some other dynast oriented parties as they have some other priorities. So, now the question remains the same. 

Why are the farmers protesting in the first place by threatening the government to block Delhi’s border from all sides to stop the supply of essential commodities? 

Why do most protesting farmers are from Punjab and that too from a particular community? I see many serpents related to the Khalistan movement and urban naxals like Chandrashekhar Ravan(Bhim Army Chief) raising their hoods again by spitting venom against the majority community to create not so soon to be repaired rift between Sikh and Hindu communities.

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It has got the similarity with anti CAB(Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019) protests in Delhi, where one community blocked an important link road to trouble other citizens especially by fielding grannies and kids all over, which invoked the Hindu Muslim riot subsequently and as a consequence, innocent Hindus had to lose their lives without anyone losing their citizenship(the prime narratives of those fear mongering). In the Delhi police investigation, the one which they mentioned in the charge sheet, it is stated that all the protest was the staged drama to instigate the communal riots in national capital especially when US President was visiting India. Several have been arrested, including the one who got pregnant during the protest(which is okay as I am a firm believer in continuity of personal liberty and fantasies irrespective of the surroundings).

My biggest surprise is to see the congress party sympathizing with the people who are openly saying that we had punched the bullets in Indira Gandhi’s chest in the past and will do the same with Modi. Such is their wickedness and political vulturism. None of the political parties seemed to debate the farmer’s bill 2020 and draw a logical conclusion. Farmers from Punjab, in particular, especially after getting political backing from some of the opposition parties, seemed to be more interested in showing their adamance as strength to the country rather than sorting things out with the government without locking the horns. They live in a pampered fairy tale after being referred to as annadata(the giver of food). You can hear the pro-Khalistan sloganeering going on along with insulting narratives created to demean the Hindu community. Some of the persons like Yograj Singh and Deep Sindhu are insinuating the narration that the Sikh community protected the Hindu women from being abducted and raped by Muslim rulers. It has been said proudly between the agitating farmers, and none of those jokers even dared to condemn the statement.

Recently, some of the left-leaning idiots and religious fanatics were applauding Diljith Djosanj for confronting actress Kangana Ranaut on Twitter for insulting a mother from Punjab. But, I want to ask those morons that why did that gutter mouth singer fail to condemn the statement given against the mothers and sisters of the majority community of this nation. Finally, I would suggest those separatists and jokers among the farmers to go and read the history. Their 10th guru Gobind Singh was from Patna, Bihar, and most of his followers were mostly Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Khatris. They devoted themselves to the cause of Guru and adopted Sikhism as their religion. I bet none of those gutter mouth so-called Punjabis had ever read the religious verses of Gurbani and Chandi Charitra(written by Guru Gobind Singh himself), and they are trying to hijack the farmer’s agitation for cheap publicity. I am also surprised to see their shamelessness of self-declared bravery achieved through the community trolling a woman.

And the worst attempt to create the rift is by calling the Hindu devotees as langar wale bhaiyyas, who seek the food from langar Sewa as prasad because traditionally Hindus do not see Sikh as a separate religion and their religious places as a different one. So, it needs to be condemned from within the community loud and clear else; they too will lose the credibilities like the community who call themselves the follower of peaceful religion and assassinate people in the name of that same religion. I request my Sikh brothers and sisters to wake up and look within your rotten consciences by idealizing a slain terrorist as your Saint and forgetting the gurus’ sacrifices against the tyrannies.

By: Nilesh Ranjan