The democracy of fools!


Once again, I have comfortably picked up my space of being a fence sitter and enjoy the show of election at my home state Bihar. Whether you like it or not, whether you admire or criticize, but the fact remains the same that election in Bihar has always been able to gather the unwanted attention from every corner of this country because it depicts the core nature of customized democracy that we have, and unfortunately it is meant for fools, illiterates, and the radicalized idiots.

I am having a gala time seeing the dilemma of left leaning vulture journalists, who cycled in Bihar to promote Nitish led coalition with RJD and congress, but then Nitish shown his true color of disdain. My biggest delight is seeing Kanhaiyya Kumar(a genius who researched on Africa and wanted to contest from Bihar :-)) shown his desire to do campaigning for RJD, but party workers do not want that seeing his popularity as a traitor(that’s the gift of over smartness) .

Nevertheless, Bihar seem to have landed up into a hopeless situation this time, after Lok Jansakti Party led by Chirag Paswan(son of a veteran politician Late Shri Ram Vilas Paswan) decided to go solo this time, who claims to be loyal to Narendra Modi and arch rival to Nitish Kumar. It’s a situation where everyone hates everyone, and voters will die in confusion about whom to vote.

My schoolbook defined the democracy as something for the people, by the people and to the people. But, with growing number of incompetent and overtly ambitious politicians have kept people itself in the last of the row in the customized democracy, which is a dangerous game. Someday, there may be a chaos beyond the control of state machinery.

My biggest worry is for the two major segment of the voters that we have in Bihar. One comes from the marginalized part of the society (often termed as Dalit by leftists) and the second one is the Muslim community, which always feels threatened for some mysterious reasons (at least I have no idea about their fear). Dalits are going to be the real losers this time because their votes will split due to the havoc created by Chirag Paswan. Surprisingly, every party has prominent Dalit faces in Bihar and all, but then the caste politics will come into picture. So, this time it’s going to be the dirtiest of all the identity politics that we have seen so far.

The upper caste and OBC will mostly vote for BJP and allies because they do not see any alternatives, which can save Bihar from the mayhem they have seen during Lalu’s regime (and BJP has been successful to ride upon that fear). And, the most interesting situation is with fellow Muslim voters. Last time they were dancing with joy for Nitish when he associated with Lalu, but it turned out to be short-lived. They can’t vote for BJP because they believe its the party of Kafir and blasphemers (I feel pity for Sehenwaz Hussain and Najma Heptullah 🙂 ) . So, they are bound to vote for RJD, which gives them nothing except a fake sense of secularism.

In my opinion, Chirag Paswan could be the best CM option for Bihar. He is young(in reality unlike Rahul Gandhi), energetic and composed and politically less matured. People of Bihar should try him in the larger interest of the state.

By : Nilesh Ranjan

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