The saga of a shameless Police!

With all the negativity and the hateful rivalry between various media houses in India, what surprises me the most is the coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the investigation associated with it. Not to be forgotten by the warrior cops, who is second best known after the Scotland yard police, popularly known as meme police these days.

Yes, the one who helped the judiciary to pass the famous verdict and made the pavement dwellers believe, “Karma is a bitch, and one of the five persons who got crushed under the luxury Land Cruiser of Salman Khan died due to their karma of sleeping over the pavement.” Isn’t that an impressive record?Also, they are the one, who shamelessly working days and night to prove their loyalty towards their newly appointed backstabbing political master in the state, by compromising the justice in Sushant’s case.

And, when a section of media houses are behind them for the suspicious irregularities and ambiguity in carrying the preliminary investigation of the mysterious death of SSR, then out of nowhere, the commissioner of Police has declared it to be a suicide under the state of melancholy. It looks like they are parroting a self-proclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Susan Walker, who revealed some clinical report on Sushant’s mental health in an interview with Barkha Dutta, openly in public, breaching the law to protect the patient’s health-related information.

Twitter is trending with several hashtags like #babypenguin, #SSRwasmurdered, etc. But, it would be interesting to see who is going to have the last laugh after the involvement of legends like Dr. Subramaniam Swamy in the case along with the famous advocate Ishakaran Bhandari, who is also seeking a reply from RCI on registration of Dr. Walker.

The journalists who are questioning the adamance of Maharashtra government for not allowing the cop from another state to carry out the investigation is worrisome. Even the supreme court of India has given a noticeable remark on the act of detaining a senior IPS officer Vinay Om Tiwari by the local municipality body, in the name of Covid-19 situation, but was later released seeing the wrath of the apex court. 

I will quote Mr. Tiwari on the overall staged drama by the warrior police, “They did not quarantine me, but also the case.” I mean, why a senior cop from another state was forcibly under the house arrest? What are the facts, which are scaring them off? 

Advocate Bhandari says, “Bollywood is a kind of black hole due to the nexus of Police, politicians, and the underworld. Historically, there has been not a single case related to Bollywood, which has reached to any judicial conclusions so far. Be it Divya Bharti, Gulshan Kumar, Jiah Khan, or Sridevi. But, this time, the armageddon seemed to be invoked by the killing of Sushant Singh Rajput. He must be a noble soul, that entire country is outraged else nobody would have cared.

There are some disturbing facts in the case of Disha Salin-an ex-manager of Sushant Singh Rajput, who died a few days before SSR. 

  1. According to self-proclaimed high IQ indexed cops, Disha Salian jumped off the balcony of her flat in a highrise building. The reason stated in public was the financial crisis. 
  2. When Bihar Police reached Mumbai for investigation and wanted to look into her case file, then it was found to be deleted from the records of Mumbai police(second best after Scotland yard).
  3. Disha Salian’s body was found naked, and there has been no such record of a suicide case, where a person disrobes themself before jumping off a cliff, balcony, or hanging themself to a fan. 
  4. The CCTV of the Sushant’s apartment was working fine till that day, but the videos were damaged or secretly kept somewhere by the Police to blackmail the murderers at a later stage. 
  5. The resistance of the Maharashtra government to go for the inquiry by the central agency creates a widespread suspicion in public, and the trolling of Aditya Thackrey in social media is evidence of the same. 

Nevertheless, the government of Bihar has filed the request for CBI inquiry in the matter, and they seem to be in commitment to the cause, which their counterpart in Maharashtra is considering as an election stunt. Irrespective of whatever government of Maharashtra has to say, the probe by CBI is nearly inevitable, and many will flee the country like the music directory Nadeem after being named as one of the prime suspects of Gulshan Kumar murder case.

Like many Indians, I too pray for a fair inquiry in the matter, and may the departed soul gets the justice. 

By: Nilesh Ranjan

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