India of my nightmares!!


Sometimes it is difficult to cover the topics that are related to women’s dignity through out the world particularly in India. Not sure whether there has to be a guideline for media or not in today’s world, but certainly there is a need to make it more credible and sensitive towards any incidences of physical and sexual abuse against girls. For me with every single child who gets raped in India, this entire nation gets raped along with her. It takes us little closer towards being barbarians or nomads. Time is not far when we all will turn into Hannibal and will start feasting on each other’s body. We should be happy that in current scenario only politicians are doing so. The day we all get that vulturous tendency out of fear, hatred or negative propaganda then their will be no escape left for anyone of us and like I mentioned in my previous article that India will slowly be disintegrated. You may be thinking that why I am freaking out so badly today? It happens when media starts portraying an incidence of rape like a juicy story of some B-grade Bollywood cinema which makes it more shameful to the viewers than victim herself. They should set their televisions on fire to boycott such media or least what they can do is to unsubscribe those channels through cable operators. I am going to do so particularly for NDTV.

In last 15 days there had been several incidences of physical abuse against women in almost every corner of this country but I will speak on Kathua and Unnao rape cases as media is celebrating it more. Liberals are trying to color an entire Hindu community as rapists because the accused in both the cases are Hindus. The unwillingness from BJP government to act quickly in those cases has also made it little easier for liberals to do so. Right wing journalist like always sees a kind of conspiracy by opposition parties to malign the BJP government or Hinduism- to be more precise. Both are running their own agendas as per their liking which is okay considering the kind of professional morality media has got these days.  But, none of them are actually trying to show the bigger picture that we as a nation are failing to protect our girls against the vultures created out of the same society. Let it be a priest , a Muslim Cleric or father of a church, a retired IPS officer or sub inspector, a ruling party MLA or son of an influential politician. Yes, hang them all!! Because we as a nation need to be little unbiased towards such incidences when a girl child in her angelic age has to go through such a traumatic and painful handling who may not be able to feel anything except the unbearable pain. Their heart may cry out for help, but how should I tell them that nation has long been sleeping along with her moral conscience.

After seeing so many conflicting reports on Kathua case, it really becomes difficult to say that who were those monsters to tear apart the soul of an eight year old kid along with her body. If I go by the charge-sheet that has been filed by the crime branch in local court which says that the girl had to pay the price for the conflict between two communities and it was done with an intention to instill fear among the Muslim families residing in those areas. Well, I got a problem with that. Why do they need to target a kid to settle their enmity with someone? And if they are really doing so then there is no difference between them and the ancient attackers from Mongol, Arab and Turk. Some of my intellectual friends even went on an extent to say that Kashmiri Pandits have also faced it during ethnic cleansing of their community by Muslims in their own homeland Kashmir and so it is okay if Muslims are meeting with similar fate in other part of this country. My answer to them would be something like if you are so concerned about Kashmiri Pandits then why so much of their population are still forced to live in miserable conditions at refugee camps of Jammu. And up till what date women(from whichever community) will keep on paying the price for men’s fantasies or enmity with someone? Did I say fantasy? Yes, I said so. In 2012, when Nribhaya was raped on the streets of Delhi then it was done for pleasure and today a girl who is mentally challenged has been raped in Delhi by neighbors.

Whom are you going to trust when your daughter is out on her way to school, college? It can be anyone like bus driver, conductor, police officer, neighbors, son of a politician or politician himself. How will you educate your child if this situation continues? It is very high time for all of us to think and act otherwise time is not far for our nation to be declared as a nation without women like some villages of Haryana where either the girl child were murdered at the time of birth itself or if they survived by any chance then either they were raped or murdered in the name of honor killing. Who is to be blamed? Yes, we the citizen of this country because in a survey by election commission of India it was found that people with demonic background has brighter chance to win an election in India because they are seen as role model among the larger population and same population will foul cry when they are robbed by the same politicians. There are numerous cases like that and Unnao rape case is one similar case like that. That BJP MLA is nothing but the product of day dreaming by one community to rule the other one.

By: Nilesh Ranjan


Mithila Startup Yatra: An endeavor to return back the glory to a forgotten land..


After living the life of a technical wanderer for almost 11 years finally I came to a kind of realization which is largely speculated but never been admitted openly by anyone that a truth can only be replaced by another better truth. There is no scope for any sort of fantasies or lies in the corporate world and specifically when it serves an ethical purpose through social initiatives. Any guesses what I am talking about?

Yes, I am going to tell you about an upcoming event which is going to be commenced on 15th of April,18 at Multi Purpose Hall, LN Mithila University Campus, Darbhanga. So, let me elaborate a bit for your better understanding. On that day, some of the intellectuals from mithila region of Bihar are going to organize an event named Mithila Startup Yatra which is being backed up by the agencies like Bihar Industries Association and Chamber of Commerce and so the intent behind the same has to be understood.

Through the events like Mithila Startup Yatra, the organizers like Rishi Mishra and Abhishek Mishra who are pioneer in their respective fields are giving their best endeavors to gather all the social entrepreneurs, students, investors, founders of successful startups, mentors and startup enthusiasts from different regions of Bihar under one roof in front of the society which they all belong to much like Kautilya, Baba Nagarjun or Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

startup poster final

It is important because any society be it Roman or Maithil has to acknowledge the efforts of their flag bearers who are creating time out of their comfortable lives to return back the glory of a forgotten land which has somehow been snatched away from it and all what is left is not worth bragging about. But, not all can afford to remain silent for long like me and my other friends(mostly struggling in IT sector). Some do have the courage and fire in their bellies to take that initiative towards the bigger dream and we all should admire and encourage them for whatsoever they are trying to achieve.

So, let’s get into some more details about the event and expected results out of it.

Like I mentioned it earlier that Mr. Rishi Mishra who is current president of LN Mishra foundation and also a known social worker from Mithila region will start the event speaking about the growth story of many successful startups of recent times from Darbhanga, Madhubani and Samastipur region. While speaking to some of the people associated with it, I got to know about a girl from Madhubani who is also an alumni of IIM, Lucknow left her highly rewarding corporate job to start a school at Darbhanga-Madhubani border. A Saas-Bahu duo formed a company named to instill the famous Madhubani painting over the home decor products and that way a famous art was made reachable to every art lover through online selling.

It will further be continued by Mr. Abhishek Mishra, who will be highlighting the traditional reasons about why a region like mithila with such a rich legacy and high productivity in the the field of pisciculture, betel leaves production failed to make a mark in the bigger market? It could be the lack of political willpower or may be we had always been a poor marketeers of our own products.

There are people like Dr. Ajay Alok from medical fraternity who will encourage the doctors of Bihar to avail the benefits of startups like other doctors from metropolitan cities who are widely using a revolutionary mobile application Practo for consultation and publicity through the real time experiences that are posted by the patients. Raj Jha is also going to be the part of event, who is considered to be the guru of modern rural market development in India. His motto would be to educate people about an enormous opportunities that mithila region has got in dairy farming and agro-based startups. He can give his valuable advice about what sort of farming should be targeted by agro-based startup enthusiasts to have minimal risk.

Similarly, the legality for running a business in Bihar will be explained by Mr. Harshvardhan(a reputed lawyer who worked for many prestigious media houses like NDTV). He will also be providing an insight to everyone about proprietorship, partnership and also an overview of Bihar startup policies. He may help to understand how to get funds through banks and company funding.

Many angel investors will also be attending the event who may help the startup enthusiast to understand that what they will be looking for before putting their money behind an idea to succeed in semi-urban cities like Darbhanga. Since the event is backed up by state government as well and so government representatives will also be there to attend the event. It is quite evident that government of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar are doing their bit to encourage entrepreneurship in Bihar and they truly intend to provide the funds for good projects. At the end of the event, some of the successful startups will be awarded for their brilliant efforts and achievements.

Like it has always been said that miles of journey begins with a single step and Mithila Startup Yatra is that single step towards the immortality. And so I request you to all to be the part of it and that way you will become the part of a history which is being rewritten once again. Help me to spread the words and keep the flame burning.

Startup Mithila 3


A nation towards disintegration!!

Dalit Bandh

After seeing the nationwide protest against the supreme court verdict on SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act,1989, I do feel that we as a nation are slowly being propelled towards the complete disintegration. Now, the opportunist politicians and their blind followers are raising their middle finger towards the wisdom of Supreme Court of India and unethical media is giving fuel to the pyre. Through that news agency itself, I got to know that 9 people were killed and many were injured due to violent protest in many places of Bihar, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

It was also found that a mother was trying to find a way for her son in ambulance in between the protest and failed. Her son died in her lap. The incidence was reported in Hajipur district of Bihar. In a similar incidence from Bijnor, an old man succumbed to serious abdominal pain because he was not given the way to hospital which was just 600 meters away by protesting mob. One of my friend Sharad Kumar Singh has rightly mentioned in his FB post that our nation has more values for votes than human life. We have lost our credibility for being a civilized country. So, what was all the fuss about?

In the year 1955, an amendment in the Constitution was brought in, and a new Act came into being to give teeth to Article 17 of 1949. It was called Untouchability [Offences] Act. The Act makes practice of untouchability punishable. Preventing Dalits accessing to public places-restaurants, hotels, religious places, denial of services such as haircut, cloth washing, for instance, were defined as crimes. Still such crimes were reported in many parts of the country. And that was the reason to amend the constitution in 1989 to accommodate SC/ST Act or Dalit Act to prevent such atrocities. But, do we really practice untouchability or do we really afflict the afflicted from SC/ST community. We as a nation do need to ask these questions to ourselves. Specially the media which is pioneer in projecting such news to assist their political forefathers in Indian politics.

I am literally surprised to see a paragraph by Alok Prasanna Kumar from Firstpost. It says, “The court’s doublespeak on the matter of atrocities is breathtaking. On the one hand, no effort is made to find out the impact of the law in improving the lives of Dalits or Adivasis, whether it has actually reduced the number of atrocities, whether more atrocities are being brought to light and prosecuted and whether oppressed classes feel safe and secure as a result of the law. On the other, it is assumed that it is the law itself that is not promoting constitutional values of fraternity and integration of the society, and therefore needs to be given an interpretation as such. It’s quite obvious where the court’s sympathies lie.” Looks like media is abusing their rights more than anyone else in this country. By giving a poisonous statement related to the sympathies of Supreme Court, their intentions are obvious. They want a kind of anarchy or civil war in India like Syria or Iraq.

Political parties like BSP, SP and Congress are leaving no stone turned to label BJP as an anti-SC/ST party and PM Modi as the leader of upper castes in India. Seems like they are not anticipating the sever damage they are going to bring to nation in order to regain their political powers in their respective areas. In such effort, they are trying to make this country no how lesser than Pakistan. They also make fun of their Supreme Court and most of the verdicts are passed under the influence of their army generals. If our politicians continue to disintegrate our nation in similar fashion for their personal gain then I am afraid that day is not far from us when our Army will take the charge of the political system in India much like Pakistan.

Few days back, we were seeing clashes between two communities after the celebration of festival Ram Navmi in West Bengal and Bihar. So, many people had to take shelters in refugee camps in Raniganj and Asansol. An old man saw his 16 year old son being dragged away by mob and later his dead body was recovered. Media did get some TRPs by broadcasting news about the generosity of that old man, who do not want to name anyone as suspect in order to prevent the sheer insanity of people to kill each other in the name of religion, caste and creed. And now the protest against the verdict of SC/ST act by supreme court is like an icing on the cake to media and politicians.

Another paragraph from news18 will compel you to answer them. It says, “Why after all, why would a Dalit would implicate someone falsely? At worse, a Dalit being constantly harassed might just use this Act just to settle scores because all other IPC sections don’t bring any relief.” My answer to them would be as blunt as possible. In a country with moral erosion anyone can falsely implicate anyone. And when they say that Dalits are being constantly harassed and their women are being raped then let me remind you that the brave girl Nirbhaya was not a dalit, but her rapists were all dalits. So, my point is to stop seeing things through the lens of caste-ism and be more on humanitarian side. May be you all win through the review petition in Supreme Court against the verdict, but the quest of division and discrimination in the society can never be won just by establishing a law, which is meant to be abused like section 498-A of IPC, Section 420 and 304.

To conclude this, all I can request to media and my fellow citizens to establish the conquest to prevent the nation from lawlessness and atrocities against any individual(be it a dalit or non-dalit) rather than dying and killing people for a  30 year old SC/ST act. You may have the right to protest in a democratic country, but for sure you do not have the right to block the path of an ambulance which killed a child or caused a painful death to an old man.

By : Nilesh Ranjan