We the people of India!!


Alright, let’s get back to the nation which has given all of us the necessary privileges to think, talk and criticize the same system that define us. It seems like our nation is being dragged once again in the quest of greatness through upcoming parliamentary elections of Loksabha in 2019.

So, what are the symptoms? Come on…It’s much more easier than what we really think and believe. All you need to do is to just be an observant and keep the wisdom intact because you may be witnessing some of the very unprecedented political stunts like never before. For e.g.

  1. Mayawati all set to go in alliance with Samajwadi Party to take on BJP.
  2. Mamta Banerjee attending dinner party with Sharad Pawar.
  3. TDP and Jagan Reddy from AP are supporting no-confidence motion against the central government in LokSabha.
  4. Maryada Purushottam Ram is often brought into every other discussion on national news channels by BJP’s spokesperson like Dr. Sambit Patra or Sudhansu Trivedi.
  5. Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to go and propagate their work in public and stop opposition part from spreading the rumor.

Few days back, I saw a tweet from congress party’s president Mr. Rahul Gandi in which he mentioned that PM Narendra Modi himself is leaking the personal data of Indian citizens to some American companies. The counter attack was by Smt. Smriti Irani who says that even “chhota bheem” would understand things better than Rahul Gandhi.

Today, some whistle blower from a company named Cambridge Analytica has given the name of congress party of India approaching them for utilizing facebook data for their election requirements which is obviously denied by Congress and BJP seeks apology.

Ultimately, who is going to be the losers or real chhota bheems? Any guesses?

Yes, once again it is going to be “we the people of India”. Those who doubt this are even the decade old losers because they have blindfolded themselves under an alcoholic influence of Caste-ism, regionalism, racism, Hinduism etc. . They are hopeful and all their hope resides with reservation, free houses, free loans, free laptops, free jobs, subsidiaries, etc. which may further loosen the economic backbone of this country.

But, why they should be blamed alone? Why do they bear the flags of any political parties? Reason is simple and yet not accepted by many. It is poverty and the lust to stay connected to the parties in power.

Now, coming back to justify the statement that how we the people of this country will be the ultimate losers. For sure this election is going to be Modi Vs All. So, let’s assume that Modi and his allies loses against all and we as a nation may face the below mentioned anomalies:

  1. There will be quest for who is going to be the Prime Minister. We may see accidental Prime Ministers like HD Devegowda, I K Gujral and Manmohan Singh who were not only weak but also incompetent to their posts.
  2. Lalu Prasad Yadav may soon get the bail or ultimately may get freed from all the charges against him.
  3. Nation may witness corruptions like 2G, CWG, etc. once again.
  4. Babri Mosque demolition verdict continue to be in awaiting list and Ram Madir issue may never see a solution for next 10 years.
  5. People like Kapil Sibal, Salman Khursid, etc. may consider the nation as their forefathers property.
  6. Indian Air Force Choppers may soon be utilized for personal usage by Sonia Gandhi and Family without seeking any constitutional post.
  7. Robert Vadra may see an exponential growth to his businesses.

But what if Modi wins again? Then we the citizens of India may witness:

  1. Extensive killing of Muslims by goons in the name of goraksha(cow protection) and hence enhancing the rift between two communities to disturb the social harmony.
  2. Groups like Karni Sena getting the moral boost up to vandalize the cinema halls in the name of protecting the culture. They may even slaughter your kids next time.
  3. In the name of financial reforms, government may take unpredictable and impractical decisions which may not be understood by middle class or sometimes by business class.
  4. RSS interference in national decisions may see a surge.
  5. Left liberal will keep on screaming louder on television disturbing our wisdom.

So, did I cover it all? I don’t think so because the list has been long and persistent in last two three decades. Sometimes I do wonder that how a nation like ours has survived for so long with so much of deformity in our political system, but then like it is often said in our country that it is good deeds of our ancestors which is protecting us all.

2 thoughts on “We the people of India!!

  1. Be it Modi or Sonia or any other random person, India can never improve; not because all politicians are corrupt, but because the roots are corrupt. I firmly believe, we the people of India are fake and the interpretation of culture we have is rotten. India as a country can change in a day – if the residents change their mentality. I guess that would never happen. We have been talking a lot, just to prove something to society or family or someone we know, but we never act. I am sure, every single Indian must have at some point of time exploited the system. How can we even complain ? This is who we are.


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