Dera-The hideout in fool’s paradise!!


Does anyone in India seemed to be surprised about the Baba Ram Rahim’s episode? Not really!! In fact, the common citizen of India with even little common sense were pretty much prepared for it. I even ordered some fiery fried chicken from KFC before switching on my television, to witness another sensational breaking news about this new king of errotic Babas that India has ever witnessed, and his beautiful infrastructure of impunity. So, I did little research on his life and his background, much excitedly to find out some erroneous realities of his childhood like shown by some of media houses, who mentioned that he was a drunken truck driver of Rajasthan, a serial molester and abuser of girls, etc. But, I found nothing. All my findings ended up in three small paragraphs as mentioned below.

Singh was born on 15 August 1967 at Sri Gurusar Modia village in Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.His father Maghar Singh was a Jat Sikh landlord, and his mother Naseeb Kaur was a housewife. Maghar was a devoted follower of the DSS leader Shah Satnam Singh, and Gurmeet accompanied his father to the dera.At the age of 7, Singh was initiated into the Dera Sacha Sauda sect by Shah Satnam Singh.

As an adult, Singh did odd jobs, including driving a tractor, and assisted his father in volunteer work (seva) at the dera. When Shah Satnam Singh announced his retirement in 1990, Singh was not one among the three contenders expected to succeed him. However, in surprise public announcement, Satnam Shah appointed him as his successor, giving him the name “Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim”.Singh became the leader of Dera at the age of 23, on 23 September 1990.

Singh and his wife Harjeet Kaur have two daughters named Amarpreet and Charanpreet. They also have a son Jasmeet, who is married to Husanmeet, a daughter of the Indian National Congress leader Harminder Singh Jassi. Singh also adopted his confidante Honeypreet as his daughter. Singh’s followers have adopted “Insan” (“human”) as a surname.

My disappointment soared to a much greater extent and once again I felt cheated by my own fellow countrymen and women, who strongly believes in such goudy clothed charismatic baba’s promises to provide them real solace to god. That hidden urge of achieving everything in life through some miraculous events triggered by such self declared godmen is at it’s all time high in a country like India, at such time when it is being recognized for its technicality in the fields of Information Technology, Space research, Medicinal Science, etc.. All such people should be honored and be rewarded with at least a bio-toilet for their achievements to make a baba out of an asshole.

Sometimes, I am sad and quite amazed at the same time to see such taboos. Even leaders with strong RSS background like Prime Minister himself are not untouched by the need to take political shelter from such godmen. I am following Narendra Modi in particular, from the time he came into limelight after the very infamous Godhra incident and it’s aftermath. At any given point I never felt like that he truly believes in any such babas and their tantrums. Although, I heard him speaking good about the saintly people of India and their godly contribution to our society. He always encouraged people to practise yoga and emphasized over the need of education. Then, what really made him and his fellow party men to praise a rainbow dressed, ill-educated, irritating singer, unbearable actor kind of baba? Someday, he will have to answer that question to the nation.

I extended my research and then I came across an article written by Devdutt Patnaik of Epic channel. He says,” The rise of gurus in India, for all its talk of equality and transcendence, must be seen in the context of India’s class, caste and rural/urban hierarchies. The rise of the dera culture in Punjab is just a case in point.”

True! This country has a rich history of following the sages like Maharishi Valmiki and Ved Vyas, from the very ancient time of mahabharata and ramayana. People used to go to them to take spiritual guidance, which was considered to be a combination of psychotherapy and magic. As a nation, we have witnessed the same in the medieval history of India, in the form of saints like Baba Gorakhnath, Guru Nanak Dev, Adiguru Shankaracharya and Sai Baba of Shirdih. They all were powerful enough to overturn the laws of nature wherever and whenever required, which are well documented and preserved. We truly have the rich legacy in this nation to believe in.

But, my question remains the same with all those people, who wants to die in the hideouts of their fool’s paradise. What kind of psychotherapy they expect from a semi-psychotic baba like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Rampal or even Asharam Bapu, who can’t even overturn the law of this nation? Is it really their frustration from the caste system, poverty or their desperation to overcome their miseries through some miracle?

Sometimes, I believe it’s not even their faults. Even an educated person like me gets entrapped by the palmists, tarot card readers or astrologers in an unfavourable situation. Babas like Ram Rahim are just a level above the fortune tellers as they promises their followers a world without any struggle and sufferings, which is quite lucrative. We Indians are genetically inclined towards the fortune tellers and always curious to know about future. And that is because even our scripts says that Ved Vyas knew everything in prior about the future of Kuru dynasty and the inevitable war of Kurukshetra.

Slow judicial system and greedy politicians can also be blamed for the survival of such a serial offenders like Ram Rahim. The biggest surprise is lying the fact that it took 15 years for the CBI court to convict a rapist. How could people of this country will have even a small percentage of faith in a central investigating agency, if they give plenty of time and space to such nasty godman to continue raping other women at his hideout for so many years? But, like it was mentioned in context of Hitler that all what it takes for an evil to rise is simple that good fellow do nothing about it.

I wish someday my country will evolve out of such blind following the clouts of such evil saints, politicians and actors like Salman Khan(who is shamelessly hiding his sin of killing all kind innocent species, whether sleeping on the street in the middle of night or roaming freely in the middle of a jungle.)

By : Nilesh Ranjan

3 thoughts on “Dera-The hideout in fool’s paradise!!

  1. Bro this is 2nd chapter of end of this blind faith and illogical worship. India Is changing, Asaram gone to tihar, there was one more from Lucknow ( remember Jawahar park case) and many more to come. YOu are right that historically India has seen babadom ( times to ramayana – today) but differ with you with some names you mentioned in your post. Other day during a discussion someone mentioned ” next is going to be baba ramdev” which I did not agree. What is your take on him. Is he for real or he also is hairy vegina fiesting monster beside being yoga guru.


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