Nitish Kumar and his disdain!!


Like we all know that the honorable Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar had a break up with his 20 months old alliance partner Lalu’s RJD and Congress Party. There were lot of speculations about it right from the beginning when it came into existence during the state assembly election in 2015 and flourished under the master strategist Prashant Kishor. He was successful in establishing the seat distribution with the three partners of grand alliance and history witnessed an unprecedented victory for them against the fittest player of the game BJP and that too when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself took the lead of the election campaigns in Bihar.

So, what went wrong out of sudden? It would be difficult for the intellectuals of Bihar to digest the reason being given by Nitish Kumar on every platform. According to him, he cannot compromise with unruly behavior of anyone in government. According to him, it is his commitment towards the people of Bihar to deliver a crime free and corruption free state and of course his moral conscience that prevented him to continue to lead the government in Bihar along with the ministers with tainted images and grave charges of corruption. So, comforting? Isn’t it?

On 29th of July, I was watching the speech by Nitish Kumar in legislative assembly. Like always he was talking about morality, honesty and other lucrative democratic words commonly used by the leaders in this country to fool the already fooled public. He was replying on the accusation of betrayal to the people of Bihar made by the leader of opposition Mr. Tejasvi Yadav(Son of Lalu Yadav). In the early hours of 28th of July,17 the leaders of the political party RJD were seen over the streets of Patna sloganeering against Nitish Kumar for betraying the state and they declared it as Vishwasghat Diwas(Betrayal Day). 


Something was being repeated and I was not sure what actually it was until I saw a page after scanning google. I got to know that Vishwasghat Diwas had also been declared earlier by BJP in the year 2013 and similar slogans were made on the streets of Patna under the leadership of Sushil Modi(now the deputy CM of Bihar), when the same Nitish Kumar had resigned from the NDA government after working 17 years with them. In past, he had worked in Vajpayee’s government as a Rail Minister and served 8 years as a CM of Bihar in alliance with BJP. Surprisingly, same person has been accused for betrayal by two different alliance partners under two different circumstances. What was it all about? Was it really for the people of Bihar or was it simply one man’s greed and ego?

Last time when he was declared a traitor by BJP for breaking the alliance, he justified his acts with his secular image citing the reason that he will not support Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate for NDA as he was having a communal image due to Gujrat riots in 2002. He did so to please Muslim voters and to convey the message about his strong believe in the concept of secularism and socialism. He went ahead to have the alliance with a tainted leader like Lalu Yadav, who is an accused of a serious corruption case and has been debarred by the Supreme Court from fighting any sort of election in India. So, what was it all about? Was it really about secularism or about forming an impossible alliance for his political survival?

On the eve of 28th of July,17, he once again spoke about his great conscience, which fluctuates based on the circumstances. This time he mentioned that in the name of secularism, he cannot compromise with corruption and crime which were slowly creeping back in Bihar after the government of grand alliance came into existence. So, what was it all about? Was it really about his dying conscience or was it simply his inability to keep a check on Lalu’s goons and rising sons?

I really don’t have accurate answers to all that, but based on my little political understanding I can smell that end of the day it is all about Nitish Babu’s political comfort without any measurement of his alliance partners. In fact, they are mere like changing girl friends in the peak of youthfulness. Sooner or later he will pay dearly for it. I am pretty sure that BJP veterans do not consider him reliable partner in any way after after seeing his camouflage in last 4 years. I will wait and watch to see his downfall along with Lalu and family somewhere during the parliamentary elections of 2019. His disdain towards his political rivals and alliances will make him a lone survivor of his party. We have already seen that in the case of Mulayam Singh Yadav in UP. Now, it is Nitish’s turn to meet the similar fate.

By: Nilesh Ranjan

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