Kashmir Vs Rest of India


I may not be quite informed and super qualified to write over the subject, but somewhere in my heart I feel irritated like many other fellow Indians over the Kashmir issue. News Channels and Newspapers are also responsible to some extent for making the news related to Kashmir very spicy. So, I will have my questions open in this forum to get some relevant answers.

Right from our childhood, we keep on hearing that Kashmir is an apple of discord for the government of India. It is quite comforting and easy to sit under an air-conditioned room and present your opinion over any burning issues like Naxal movement or AFSPA. But, the reality of Kashmir cannot be taken that casually anymore by any one of us, specially when it has become more than three decades and we keep on hearing the same news about the burning of it.

Sometimes it is often described as one of the heavens on this planet and the very next moment it turns out to be a valley of ugly massacre of Kashmiris-be it a Muslim or a Kashmiri Pandit. The question arises on our governing bodies and military capabilities that why we are not able to settle the Kashmir in last three decades. Are we really so incapable to handling it? Why Kashimiris started to hate rest of the country? Why they are more inclined towards a screwed up nation like Pakistan, which is struggling for her own survival? Why the youths of Kashmir are holding the flag of ISIS?

No one is ready to give an answer. Neither government nor the armed forces, who posses special power in the valley. These days, we are being considered for our potentials in the world market-be it in the field of IT industry or space research. We are proving our capabilities everywhere throughout the world, then why do we appear like a failed system in the matter of Kashmir? I have met several Kashmiri Pandits in different parts of the country living in different situations. Some of them got the right set of education and jobs with the help of reservation policy for Kashmiri migrants by government of India, but most of them are forced to live miserably in the refugee camps. Somewhere, in 2012 a family came to me for financial assistance in Pune and their story was very heart wrecking. But, they are lucky to have the assimilation and acceptance by rest of the country. I was able to assist them with little of my capabilities, but the biggest relief to them is the sympathy extended by common Indians towards them. At least, we acknowledge their grief and sorrow.

But, the Kashmiri Muslims, who are left over in the valley after throwing away the Kashmiri Pandits under whatsoever agenda they had. What about them? What did they achieve by seeking the help of terrorism to terrorise the non-Muslims and forcing them to run away leaving their native land? They should be asking the questions to themselves that what sort of future they were able to nurture for their kids. The bloodshed in the valley has taken away many lives of youngsters and like they mentioned in one of the Bollywood songs “Jhelam-laal laal hua laal”, the rivers in Kashmir are found to be more coloured in comparison to any other rivers in other parts of the country. Those who continued to live in Kashmir have actually lost much more lives than the Kashmiri Pandits. And on top of it all they have got is the sympathy of terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and the country of nomads-Pakistan, which has a proven in capabilities of protecting even the school going kids on its own soil.

So, in sort Kashmiri Muslims are the biggest losers of all the time. Some of them often found to be raising slogans in the university campuses of JNU or Jadavpur like ‘bandook se lenge aazadi’, and when time comes to confront the armed forces then they cry of innocence and intolerance. Everybody involved in this should be doing retrospection for what truly they want to achieve. Be it the separatist leaders, state government and the central government. End of the day, it is Kashmir which is evenly burning round the year loosing the youth and their future in the valley.  It is also high time for the government of India to take effective measures to win the heart of Kashmiris and help them restore their believes in our system.


By: Nilesh Ranjan