Why should we start hating the parasites at JNU?


With the latest uprisings by some hollow minded parasites at JNU recently, it is clearly evident that we as a nation have provided enough space to such idiots to germinate their anti national ideologies on our soil. Yesterday, some of the news channels(very few of them actually) were telecasting the slogans made by them at an event by Press Club of India to celebrate the death anniversary of Afzal Guru. And their slogans were ‘Kashmir ki aazadi tak jung jaari rahegi, bharat ki barbaadi tak jung jaari rahegi’. Precisely, they wanted to say that their war will continue till the freedom of Kashmir and till the devastation of India.

Today, I saw honourable home minister Mr. Rajnath Singh speaking with some of the news channels ,that a very stringent action will be taken against all those, who were raising such slogans. But, the question will still be remaining the same. Is there any such legal actions in our country that can prevent these parasites from entering and clustering together by getting the nutrients from the tax payer’s money in the form of subsidiary and scholarships? Few days back Dr. Subramaniam Swamy had spoken something similar about JNU. According to him, JNU has become the hub for anti-nationals, and none of them actually deserves a single penny from the government to groom their minds, which are full of filth. Till yesterday, before actually listening to those slogan, many of us might have been in disagreement with Dr. Swamy, and considered JNU as one of the premier institute of India. But, that video clip actually shows the mirror to all of us as a nation that what kind of students and ideologies are being produced through one of the most prestigious university of this country.

Sometimes, seeing news like that break our hearts to see the youths getting involved in such activities and being politically utilized, which serves no purposes of their own lives or families or nation. My personal experience with the students of JNU has also been very interesting. All of them were associated with some or other political party(I mean student wings like AISA , ABVP , etc.), and all of them were having pretty good social and political sense about the nation. I always found myself very fascinated to talk to them. It was a kind of delight to my ears to hear good about our country. Most of the time,  they used to talk about different ideologies and believes, but none of them were paving the way towards the destruction of this country.

But, all that happened almost 7 years back. Now, the story seems to be little different. Now, I am finding myself in agreement with Dr. Swamy, and adhering to the new set of believes from other fellow Indians, that all the central universities should be stripped of all the financial aid and facilities that are provided by the tax payer’s money. Those beggars are having their tummy full with government subsidiaries, and that is why they are able to run their anti national agenda. They should actually be made to go back to their villages and rot there because they truly deserves it.

By : Nilesh Ranjan


One thought on “Why should we start hating the parasites at JNU?

  1. An alarming and, worse than that, disturbing trend seems to plague the nation. The so called “students” (read traitors) of premier central funded institutes seems to be working against nation.

    Few days back it happened in Hyderabad, again happened at Delhi – both central universities – hugely funded by government. Each one glorifying the anti-nationals. One does suicide and shifts blame on system. Never cried foul when because of system (reservation) he was able to secure admission (or other facilities). Other, praying for very person who masterminded the attack on the Indian parliament.

    Students are thought to be torch bearers of any country. But, if we have students like this, seldom we need enemies from outside. These people are working like parasites – sucking tax payer’s money and relaxing, that too with pride.

    Any govt. should and must deal with consequences which set a precedence. If any country is soft on this, the days are counted for her.

    My guess, these same set of people must be very instrumental in helping outside enemies.

    Alas!! We are basing our country’s future on shallow foundations. The Hell.


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