An ideological shortage in India!!


The recent crisis at Hyderabad Central University after the suicide by a Ph.D student Rohith Vermula has occurred due to the long term political intoxication among students. Yesterday, I saw a video of the great Kejriwal addressing the protesting students outside the campus. He was giving a very particular and specific slogan to lure the wailing students and creating his vote banks in Andhra Pradesh among Dalits. He did not bother to understand the issue before writing on his twitter account that it’s a murder not suicide. Surprisingly, he got followers who have a strong belief in his dirty shitty politics. He is known to be an IITian. Does that something which is taught in IITs? Certainly not. So, why he being stupid?

The question is why Dalits or Muslims are making themselves a vote bank for those political vultures like Arvind Kejriwal, Owassi or Rahul Gandhi? Why death of a student in a university has become the matter of taking political mileage for such leaders? Why media wants to highlight only the incidences against specific communities in India? What they truly wants to achieve?

So many questions are left to answer but those political vultures will never speak on that. The reason is clear and evident. There is a kind of an ideological shortage in this country. The deceased student was the part of a group named something like Ambedkar Samiti and is considered to have committed suicide due to social discrimination by University administration. But, the reality is far more bitter than what it appears from the angle of biased media or opportunist political parties. The reality is that he was a leftist along with his other suspended friends. He was the one who protested against the Supreme Court decision to hand Yakub Memon, a prime accused in Mumbai serial blasts in 1993.

When his protest was opposed and criticized by ABVP leader Susheel Kumar, then he was among those who physically assaulted Susheel and made him apologize for his FB post. I have recently gone through one of his leaked video, which is viral on social media these day showing him giving hate statements against Hindus and Hinduism. I am not saying that his suicide was justified or playing politics with students with any political party is right. But, this issue has to be given a grave thought by some responsible leaders of this country. By any mean, students shouldn’t be exploited to adhere to a violent politics like what has happened in HCU. Different ideologies needs to have discussion on an open forum under a democratic process otherwise it will be like a graveyard all around.

When everyone talks about the social inequality and discrimination then I always have one question in my mind? If India was so discriminative towards the backward clan, then how come Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was made the head to draft the Indian constitution. We do need to think over that. I mean he was an icon for the battle against social inequality in Hindu Society. And the nation gave him the privilege to draft the constitution to make it best suitable for the nation. And he did it undoubtedly with best of his capabilities. So, why there is so fuss about it? What media wants to prove that this nation is hijacked by the upper caste people? Is that true? No, it is not. The reality is that the leaders from  the economically crippled societies were elected by the people to fight for the rights of their clan, but what most of them did? They mostly got engulfed in securing the future of their own family members or the near and dear ones forgetting the real purpose to socially uplift the economically backward communities. If you search in google, you will get numerous such examples in Indian politics. At least, I don’t need to take their names.

The soul of Baba Saheb Ambedkar might be crying to see the condition of this nation today. Specially, when his name is associated with the groups who are suffering with the hollowness of substantiality. I am still not hopeless, when I see people like Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, H. D Devegauda , Jeetan Ram Manjhi, etc. holding a great socio-political position in this country. That shows that some dreams of Baba Saheb did come true otherwise those leaders could have never reached to the position they are holding today. The youth certainly needs to rethink over their ideologies which is simply making them a political cadets for the opportunist leaders even after their death.


Nilesh Ranjan


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