Caste rules the development in Bihar!!


On 8th of Nov,15, the poll results in Bihar shown the land slide victory for the  old sinners of all the time Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav along with the congress party. They won in the name of secularism, in the name of rising intolerance, in the name of beef and in the name of caste and community. Lalu’s led RJD won 80 seats and proved to be the single largest party. Surprised?? No, actually that’s the reality and also the time for everyone in this country to awaken. What made people of that state to vote towards a person who is convicted by the supreme court of India under some serious corruption charges? Answer is shameful but true!!

The truth is that people of that state live in however miserable condition but they always want the leader from their own community irrespective of their backgrounds and crime records. The reason is very simple and deeply rooted in Biharis specially among the muslims, EBCs, MBCs and whatever name they have given to themselves. The level of social injustice that was done in past by the Brahmin landlords in that state has left such a big scar over the faces of people from the suppressed and economically oppressed class that they are always horrified to take a risk of trying any other party with leaders having better credibility than their own leaders. Specially BJP whose leaders like Yogi Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj and Sadhvi Prachi has left no stone unturned to damage the secular and nationalist image of the party.

May be the needs of Bihar is fulfilled by electing the so called Robinhoods into their constituencies, but unknowingly they are damaging their own future by giving power to such leaders for whom their personal benefits and political existence is much more important than the society of the state they are going to rule. If BJP really want to do something better for Bihar and the nation then surely they will need to come up with such Robinhoods recruited in their party to give a better alternative to the country.

In this election, one of the big name was Prashant Kishor who played an effective role in branding Nitish Kumar for this election. Earlier he use to work for BJP and did similar sort of work for Narendra Modi during the 2014 Loksabha elections. But, why he was successful to fail BJP this time? Why his understanding of Bihar proved to be better than BJP leaders? The answer is obvious that after the Loksabha election Modi government should have done something substantial to win the crowd rather than giving a plenty of opportunities to the opposition and media houses to start a revolution against them. Their so called Chanakya Amit Shah demonstrated a flop show both in Delhi and Bihar election. And if they don’t come up with some efficient strategists and advisors immediately then for sure the party is going to be doomed much earlier to the next Loksabha elections of 2019.

Did I say media? Yes, some of the media houses with anti-government agenda has also turned out to be successful in planting the image of BJP as a communal party in Bihar. Ravish Kumar from NDTV was the prime face for such stupidity. Whatever he says and however he says, the truth will not change that he seriously needs an attention from BJP guys because in Bihar election during all his show at 9 PM, he indirectly tried to malign BJP with some unwanted arguments. As an individual everyone has the rights to have their own political choice in this nation, but people like Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutta and Rajdeep Sardesai are simply utilizing their media influence to satisfy their own ego to damage the nation. I am waiting for that time when these people are stripped and slapped openly on the streets by public for the sin they are doing to misguide people of this country.

End of the day it was the choice made by the people of Bihar to elect the rotten politicians like Lalu and sooner or later they will pay the cost for that. But, unfortunately we too are paying the cost and are being type casted as idiots because of those parasites in Bihar.

Jai Bharat Jai Bihar

By: Nilesh Ranjan

5 thoughts on “Caste rules the development in Bihar!!

  1. In my opinion, more than caste, it was, loss of Mr. Modi’s credibility and the out-spoken chatterboxes from his team. On one hand, the one and half years of governance has not brought so much visibility as expected in the eyes of the countrymen. Exactly opposite, we see more of failure, namely – OROP, J&K, Bangaldesh, the (commodity) prices, black money, foreign outings. The worst being the recent “noises” about intolerance, projected by whosoever. He could not find ways to circumvent and his gang opted for making more “noises”.Every battlefield is not same. Do not miss the homework.

    The “caste” is and will always be one of the factors in specially socio-economic weaker state like Bihar – because it is the first and basic thing you know when in here. But, as humans being, every one wants situations to improve. The improvement promised by Mr. Modi (read team) is, perhaps, not what Bihar is looking for. The people chose to keep it simple and convenient. The government offered complicated choices.

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    • I really don’t know what complicated choices you are referring to, but I do agree to the fact that they were more into advertisement rather than product development!! In last 10 years of their rule with JDU they failed to promote a single leader of mass at the state level!!


      • Complicated choices – they talk about rethinking on lifeline of state – Caste, cite Pakistan on every single non-existing opportunity, monitor what goes in one’s food plate.. They allowed every issue, however small,to be fully blown into kind of catastrophe. It shows indecisiveness and indifference.


  2. Nice write up dear Blogger .in my opinion,the mistake made by the BJP and its support groups was that they did not appoint a charismatic Bihari leader who knew the lay of the land and could be a foil for So Called Mahagathbandhan. Such strong regional satraps are necessary for a win in a fractious democracy but unfortunately the BJP does not have many such stalwarts or if they do they should have propped them up. Still as an optimistic person I think this result will force BJP leadership to mute their motor mouth nonsense leaders and let our respectable PM to work on the development agenda so that each and every citizen can feel the change even if they are in denial or so called intolerant mode.


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