The Moscow Diary!!


Recently I had an opportunity to spend couple of weeks in Moscow, Russia which added few more photographs in my diary of world tour. Although the trip was official but the fragrance of old streets of an old city just took my breath away specially while being on a yacht for a river ride which was nohow lesser than a live painting by M.F Hussain. Language was a barrier and a real challenge to deal with, but human spirit overcomes such challenges quite comfortably. So, none of my team members stopped visiting the places in whatever limited free time we were having. I had a previous experience of seeing that city, but the timing was bad. This time I was seeing it with an open heart and a free mind without any fear for being unknown to an unknown beautiful crowd at metro stations of Moscow. The best part was the fall season which made our trip a real splendor altogether because of the differently shaded leaves over the trees.

We were having the accommodation in a four star hotel but the real pleasure was on the street as everything about that city was simply mesmerizing. I am not only talking about the beautiful faces 🙂 which was a kind of delight for some people who carry a typical deep rooted Indian habit of staring every other girl on the street. But, that’s okay because we Indians are born as the biggest admirers of external beauties irrespective of our ages. Its actually our birthright to stare at other’s women otherwise how the world will get to know that how cultured we Indians are. Well, I am literally not talking about ND Tiwari or Digvijay Singh who are the icons for being the beauty devotees. One day I had a self realization for being possessed by the ghost of a loyal husband. That bastard literally locked me almost every evening either in my room or in the executive lounge of Marriott by showing little mercy to have couple of drinks with some potato chips.  I was literally in tears and asked the devil to have some pity on me by unleashing me just for few hours. He gave an innocent smile and said,’ Sir, Shall I get you a German beer? Its really good for the honest losers like you’.

On a Saturday, we all went to the red square to see the famous Kremlin along with president house. It was a sunny day and then with one eye closed I looked at the girls. My goodness!! They were really beautiful. I felt like back in college days and the background song was going on ‘Kisko pyaar karun aur kaise pyaar karun’.. . I looked here and there and took out my small poor camera to capture some lovely faces but once again the fate less me. Suddenly, from where that bloody ghost popped up and took away my camera. And end of the day I landed up with having hell lot of photographs with same old stupid faces of mine and my colleagues. I simply gave up and was left with no other choice except taking out my RayBan and being a narcissist who simply clicks his own photographs.


Then we got a chance to go for a two and half hours of river ride and luckily we got some chairs to sit at the deck to cherish an unforgettable evening in Moscow. That is a must over there and one should never miss it at any cost. On the deck I saw a beautiful couple and their love actually added a different kind of aroma in the air. Actually, it was a lesbian pair but for sure love was there and that is more important(‘Manzil raahon ki mohtaj nahi hoti’)  🙂 . Our sunday was spent doing one of the worst activity of human civilization i.e. shopping and guess where did we go? A mall. Yes, a fucking mall -Aviva Park and that was all. Overall, a person need at least 10 days of free time to explore the Moscow. And trust me, its really worth spending time over there but make sure you love eating potatoes, mushroom and omelette because food is a big issue for that category of Indians who are more obsessed to their typical routine of having bhaat daal with aam ka achaar 🙂 …

By : NileshRanjan

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