Half the Destination – Straight from the Author

Half the Destination-cover page

Hi Friends, Last week somewhere around 5th of Aug,15 my first book “Half the Destination” got published and was made available on Amazon India, Flipkart and Amazon US by the publisher. Honestly speaking I still don’t know how to respond to when people comes forward to congratulate me and want to know more about the book. So, I decided to pen it down through this article to tell everyone about my book.

The story is clearly an outcome of a very long time dream which I have lived with for so many years right from my college days. But, like any other ordinary person I too had no idea about where to start and how to start writing a book . So, last year somewhere around Nov,14, I started writing blogs on my website http://www.randomwithlife.com  which turned out to be the first step towards achieving a goal of writing a book and to get that published. Second step was like when the readers started giving their reactions over some of the burning topics that I chose to write upon without even caring about the political outcome of the same.

My book Half the Destination is based on the struggle in love for a middle class guy named Amish from Bihar. So, why did I choose Bihar? There are two reasons behind that :

  1.  I have myself lived with that kind of struggle for quite sometime.
  2.  I did observe that most of the guys from Bihar are morally stuck with so many things at a time in comparison  to the easy going guys from the other parts of the country.

The story talks about the natural urge in most of the guys from the middle class families in India for being ethically and morally correct in almost everything in their lives specially when they are close to the age of 30 which is a very crucial age in everyone’s life. And it also depicts how they choose to stay unhappy in an effort to keep everyone happy in their lives. The story also talks about the moral boundaries that a girl has to adhere to in those states specially when the matter is related to their love life.

I always wanted to write something related to a very common failure of love stories in Bihar. So, this book is very close to my heart because I did give my honest effort through the story to highlight all those shortcomings that our guys and girls has to face due to their own indecisiveness. I will truly feel successful for being an author of this book only when it will help the youngsters to have a kind of required firmness in their believes and individuality.

As an author it was very difficult for me to complete the book because many times while writing the book I got lost in the story to that extent where I felt angry, got emotional breakdowns and at several instance it made me smile as well. So, basically I have lived the life of the character named Amish in the story throughout the time when I was writing. Then the cover page design came up as a big challenge to me which got sorted out by one of the finest artist I came across in my life. Her name is Suwarna Sable and she is one of the most talented person I have seen with paint and brush. So, one fine day I was able to complete the book and then only I was able to sleep properly. I must say that I have enjoyed writing this book a lot and I hope my readers will enjoy that thoroughly .

By : Nilesh Ranjan