The Incredible India!!

incredible india

After writing so many criticizing articles towards the politicians, social angst and mismanagement of the governments, now its the time to speak something positive about the country. So, lets start with the much being talked about “The Incredible India” which is very efficiently and actively being promoted by our film star Amir Khan through the campaign “Athithi Devo Bhava” . I must admit that his involvement to that cause has added an extra value to the campaign due to his volunteering into the social activities which are larger in the interest of this nation. He also hosted the tv serial named “Satyamev Jayate” which led to a great awareness about certain issues in India like ill practices by the medical practitioners, poor condition of the cops in India, the self declared judiciaries like Khap Panchayat, etc.. So, his credibility towards the nation is making the campaign of “Athithi Devo Bhava” a kind of revolution in the tourism industry.

Not everyone in this country are  privileged to explore it and so their knowledge about India is restricted to their village, town, city or at may be only up to the state they belong to. Whatever they know about the other places in India is based on the books, newspaper or might be through the television. And so we are mostly tend to form a perception about the other part of the country based on the media report or television programs. Right from my childhood I had been lucky to see the different colors of this nation. Being a son of a Railway Employee I had the privilege to travel in trains without fair using the pass issued by the government. In early 90s I got an opportunity to see the places like Madras, Madurayi, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Mysore, Trivandrum , Jagannath Puri , Kolkata, Nainitaal, Almora, Ranikhet and Varanasi. And I loved everything about all those places which are mentioned above. Be it the temples of Tamil Nadu, Sea beaches of Trivandrum, Rock Memorial in Kanyakumari, Sunrise in Rameshwram , Boat ride in Nainitaal and Varanasi and the food in Kolkata.

My father ensured that we do understand the diversity of our nation from a very young age and so he took us to many places to visit. He never taught us the language barriers, religious barrier, etc. because they never use to exist in those times. I belong to a small town of Bihar named Darbhanga which is known for its beautiful fort, temples and one of the very prestigious medical college of India. It has got one of the oldest Sanskrit University along with the Sanskrit library which stores a vast legacy of old scriptures. It has got the rich legacy and cultural heritage of Mithilanchal. We speak a very sweet language named “Maithili” which got recognized as one of the national language of India somewhere in 2005. When I got an opportunity to visit a place named “Vaishali” in Bihar then I got to understand the deep linkage of Budhdhism in Bihar. I did try to understand the way all the preaching of Gautam Budhdha was preserved over there. The shrine explained everything very calmly to me and I felt quite satisfied.

After completing my school I went to another unexplored part of the country for attending my college. I got admission in Jaypee Universirty which is located in Waknaghat(Solan district) in Himachal Pradesh. It is known as Dev Bhumi Himachal which means the land of Gods and that was true to a very extent. People of that region were very humble and polite while speaking. They always carried a very sweet smile on their faces which was good enough to make your day very beautiful . I stayed in Himachal for almost 4 years to complete my engineering. I visited a lot of places like Shimla, Solan, Kasauli, Kufri, Narkanda, etc. and those were one of the most memorable part of my life. I will always cherish the memory of those sweet speaking Himachalis who often used the term “Bauuji” to call someone. The beauty of that place cannot be explained in my words. It had almost everything possible like Rivers, Water Falls, Mountains, Eco Points, Snowfall and what else you can think off. Beautiful place, beautiful faces and the snowfall. It was simply mesmerizing. My parents did accompany me when I went there for the first time and that’s a kind of memory for them as well. That was the first time when my parents had to travel because of me and they loved that reason.

After completing my college in 2007, I got my first posting in Chennai but before that I had to undergo through the 4 months of technical training in Mumbai. I never been to Mumbai before till Aug 6,2007 and so I was very excited to travel to the western most part of the country and that too Mumbai(land of dreams). My train reached somewhere around 3:30 AM morning and I swear I never saw any other city of this country that lively at that time of the day. After getting down to the lokmanya tilak station, I was immediately surrounded by the taxi drivers who were asking me about where I would like to go.  With little hesitation I asked them about the local train station and to much of my surprise one of the taxi driver came forward to show me the way towards the tilak nagar railway station which was adjacent to the LTT. I was so overwhelmed with that gesture and spirit. It won my heart and I loved that warm welcome by that city. It actually made those 3 months of my training as a biopic and all my friends who were part of that training will never forget it. I bet no other city could have given so much of joy and learning to all of us.

Till that time the incredibility of the country was prominent to me and I truly found myself privileged for being an Indian. But, the journey to explore the country did not stop till Mumbai. After completing the training I along with my friends started our journey for Chennai as that was our first job posting. We were very much afraid of the city due to lots of bad remarks that was very often in the air about the place. And mostly it was due to the language barrier created by the Tamilians due to their reluctance towards assimilating to this nation by not speaking Hindi. I do agree that it caused little trouble to us outside the office, but slowly we started to accept them and that changed our life. We enjoyed the city like anything for next 3 years specially the weekend drive to the Basant Nagar beach and Marina beach. We use to fly kites at the sea shore and it was so delighting that I wanted to spend entire night on the beach itself but unfortunately that was not allowed.

After completing 3 years in Chennai, I got an opportunity to work in Pune which was again a new city for me. The best part was that I did not know anyone in the city. But, on very first day itself, I fell in love with the city due to its lovely climate and lovely people. The city has beautifully kept its maharastrian culture well intact along with the young crowds from all over the country. It has a reasonably safe night life in comparison to Delhi or Gurgaon and youth feel safer to travel in nights. The city has got the places like Dagduseth Temple, Parvati Hills, Chaturshringi Mandir along with the ancient Shaniwar wada which depicts the true color of the culture very prominently.

My journey doesn’t stops here and it will continue till my last breath. This nation has shown so many colors and beauty to me till this date and I have lot many to explore. Like they say “Miles to go before I sleep”. I truly believe in the incredibility of this nation irrespective of the issues that our nation is going through.

Nilesh Ranjan

6 thoughts on “The Incredible India!!

  1. Very Nice Article Nilesh.
    Just want to add few more things about Incredible India.
    *India has 122 major languages
    *Many religions ,different culture and different colour people then also people love each other.
    * Democratic country.

    हिमालयं समारभ्य यावत् इंदु सरेावरम् |
    तं देवनिर्मितं देशं हिंदुस्थानं प्रचक्षते ||
    “Starting from Himalayas and extending upto Indian Ocean is the nation created by God which is known as ‘Hindusthan’. Himalayan ranges including Hindukush parvat on Western side and the ranges extending upto North Myanmar ( Brahmadesh) on the Eastern side formed the Northern Boundary of ancient Hindusthan. This land extended upto the Indian Ocean on the Southern side.
    This is the sacred land where God took Birth from time to time and recreated and established the social structure.

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  2. Very nice article!! lot of good things are happening in India. media does not care about but this is very good initiative. I think we should also cover current programs by govt. and there success stories in some other article.

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  3. Very well written brother.

    It is really an unavoidable fact that our country is full of colors.It has almost all the beautiful things in it…It has beautiful mountains, sea, ocean, mighty rivers, desert, vast natural habitat.

    Not only in the old ages but it has also given the great saints and enlightened persons like Lahiri Mahasaya, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda; scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam; leaders like Narendra Modi and many more selfless persons like my ever loving Grandma in it’s mordern times.

    This is our Incredible India…Magnificent India…

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