The electoral sorrow of Bihar!!


The upcoming legislative elections in Bihar is slowly grabbing everyone’s attention across the country. The reason is very simple and obvious that Bihar along with the other poor states of India is being considered as the new hope for the nation. I don’t need to explain the political significance of the state because its well known to everyone. Be it the Satyagraha movement by Gandhi or be it the Youth movement against Indira Gandhi by Jayprakash Narayan, Bihar has always given its effective contribution in initiating any movement which had the larger interest for the nation. Till the Era of Karpuri Thakur(ex-cm of Bihar), Bihar was having its own charm with the strong rich legacy along with the great ancestral values. There were an excellence in the field of education specially engineering and medical. Some of the prestigious medical and engineering colleges were in Bihar like DMCH, PMCH , RIMS , etc. where the most efficient and capable doctors were produced who reached up to the pick of the fame and prosperity in their lives.

Then suddenly came the era of Lalu Prasad Yadav after his effective role in the youth movement in early 90s and that continued till the end of 2005. The people of Bihar were having a lot of hopes with him due to his image for belonging to a poor family, simple and energetic among the mass. May be Lalu was the need of an hour for Bihar at that time and he took several steps to improve the education further by recruiting 25000 basic school teachers. But slowly his relatives and community dragged him into the caste based politics. That was the time when the historical dark age of Bihar was written very efficiently by Lalu and his associates. The state witnessed the sheer rise in the caste based crimes mostly by certain communities in Bihar and the ripples were seen throughout the society. The state was already seeing the Naxal movements and the caste based hatred among the poor assisted that movement with more and more recruits. Then a new group of barbarians took the birth named as Ranvir Sena who wrote the history of massacre by slaughtering more than 100 people including women and children who were mostly Dalits.

The state was suffering badly due to the poor management of the vast natural resources of coal, bauxite and other minerals that Bihar was abundant of. It made the people further poorer and the unemployment touched at that level when people started migrating to the cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. for the survival. The crime was at the pick and media did nothing less to highlight the same and created a common image for all the people from Bihar for being uncivilized, uncultured or may be the people who don’t know how to speak in English. And the rich legacy with great ancestral values got buried somewhere under the heaviness of the ill educated politicians in the state. Students started to cheat openly during the school examinations and so the meritorious were also type casted as the cheaters wherever they went in the country until that moment came when Bihari students started proving their worthiness. They cracked the IIT exams, been topper in the civil service exams and wrote other histories, but none of them were capable of washing away the tag created by the hooligans in the state.

In 2005, with the help of election commission of India the people of Bihar shown the gate to Lalu and brought Nitish Kumar into the power with full majority. And once again the state started showing the signal for revival as the road infrastructure and other development projects were kick started. Crime came to all time low and almost 56000 criminals were convicted in the tenure of JDU government in the collaboration of the progressive BJP. Nitish came into the power by tagging the Lalu’s era as Jungleraj in Bihar. People trusted him and being very honest Nitish Kumar never breached that trust until he thought of very high for himself. He started dreaming for being the prime minister of the country which became the prime reason for his political debacle in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. His party hardly manage to get 4 seats out 40 in Bihar and people taught a tough lesson to him for his betrayal towards the state.

The worst methodology that people like Nitish Kumar picked up was “Secularism”. The concept is good in the larger interest of the nation but the way that word is being used by politicians in India is totally to fool the crowd. I personally feel that the communal harmony is an absolute requirement of the nation for maintaining the beauty of our democracy, but some politicians has used the secularism to create a nationwide outrage against them and sooner or later their era is going to be over because the nation truly understands that there is no need to give air to such concepts. Because its already there in every Indians. We are grown up by having the respect for all the religion. In my personal life also I have seen people who keep on displaying their sovereignty and secular values everywhere unnecessarily to keep on blowing the fake aura of self importance which they want to live with. And the politicians named above are merely symbolic leaders for such fools in India.

In the upcoming elections in Bihar, once again Nitish Kumar is going to contest the election with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress to defeat the BJP and its alliances. To maintain his position in the state he is even ready to push the state back to dark age once again. The Jungleraj has started appearing as Ramrajya to him once again and the consequences may lead to the end of his political career. Now, its totally up to the people of Bihar who want to take the joy of caste based stupidity once again or truly want to see the progress in the state. I am not saying the BJP or its alliance are the best parties of the state or nation, but surely they have the proven track record of making progress in whichever state they had been into the power. People talk about the Vyapan and Lalit Modi issue these days, but I personally request to the people of UP and Bihar to go and check the internal condition of those states. They will surely get the right answer before they go to vote.

Nilesh Ranjan

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