The most entertaining Chief Minister of India!!

I am pretty sure about one thing that this time the readers might be able to guess the central character of this blog just by seeing the title itself. Yes, its no one else apart from our own legendary honorable chief minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Yesterday, after a very long time he entertained us once again by one of the show similar to Comedy nights with Kejriwal where he was being interviewed by the consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesayi on Aajtak. I immediately informed my wife about the same and suddenly she got up with lot of enthusiasm to prepare two cups of coffee and pop corn before the show. She was upset throughout the day because I did not took her to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But, that interview by Kejriwal took all that sorrow because he entertained both of us much more than any block buster!!

Somewhere around 9:30 PM, the show started and much to my expectation once again he was appearing with full of self pride and arrogance. Within very few minutes of interview he used the term “Thulla” to refer the cops under Delhi Police and I laughed, laughed and laughed rolling on the floor, because he actually made Delhi police appear like the jokers in uniform who sacrifice their days and nights behind securing the streets for both common and uncommon citizens of Delhi . Last time he entertained us by using the very low intensity abuses like “Kaminapanthi” for some of his own party members who turned him down by being rebels. But, this time Sirjee actually took an extra effort to walk an extra mile to refer the policemen as “Thullas” which may not be taken very positively by the cops. Quite a matter to think that if the head of a state will use such a derogatory remarks for the cops then how can we even expect the common citizens to respect them.

Actually by using such words, Arvind has truly shown the real face of those aam aadmi in this nation who immediately starts to piss over the democratic setup and values of this nation after coming into the power. Even before being the CM of Delhi, Kejriwal was very popular in India but he never had the guys to use the words like “Thulla” for the cops from any of the Indian states. But, things are different after he took an oath as the CM of Delhi. Sometimes I am surprised to know that he is actually from IIT, which is known to produce the extra ordinary breed of students who actually understands the importance of democracy in India. I did laugh out loudly on his foolish acts during the interview, but deep within my heart I do have a question for the people of Delhi. Is that for what they have voted for Arvind Kejriwal? Do they really want their kids to call a policeman as “Thulla” in their city?

Then the show went ahead and he was speaking about carrying a referendum for full statehood to Delhi. Rajdeep immediately reminded  that such an act of him could be an unconstitutional one for the nation then he immediately changed his stand by saying ” Aji ham opinion poll kara lenge delhi me kyunki woh toa ham kar sakte hain naa”. He is missing one of the very basic fact about Delhi that the people over there always preferred for being the residents of the national capital of India rather than being referred from a particular state named “Delhi”. Anyways that might be his awareness under the influence of self-illusion that he is having for himself. That’s the choice he has made for himself to call everyone with certain pathetic remarks who criticizes him or does not fall under his highness.

He also spoke about the LG Najeeb Jung who disqualified all the appointments made by him in Delhi. He also mentioned once again that the Lieutenant General of Delhi is actually a puppet of central government. He was actually referring to some article 46 and 47 of Indian constitution which talks about the authority of Lieutenant General over the state like Delhi. He tried to convince the interviewer that locking the office of principle secretory of Delhi Anindito Majumdar was the right act by his government. He also tried to justify the expenditure of Rupees 526 crore over the advertisement about his government and that made me laugh again. Because he was requesting the interviewer for revealing the cost of advertisement by other state governments as well.

After watching the complete interview once again I felt that his message was very clear. He along with his party workers are the lone survivors with honesty and dignity, rest everyone in this nation are corrupt including the Prime Minister of this nation. I was quite impressed and I realized that he should actually be appointed as the chair person of the FTII. Because his contribution can be more effective and useful for the society in that way.

Nilesh Ranjan(belongs to those set of aam aadmi who respect the cops for the kind of pain they take to secure the nation)