Feeling for being a first time author!!

In next couple of weeks my first book will be published and will subsequently pop up in the market for the readers. Quills Ink publication has taken the contract to publish my book which is based on one of a very prominent issue in our society. Surely I am not going to discuss the story on this platform 🙂 because I want to keep the surprising element well intact for the readers. It took almost 30 days for me to complete the story with almost 60000 words in it. Normally for an ordinary person like me who works in IT industry, its genuinely difficult to even write around 600 words on a particular topic. So, everyone in my circle who got to know about me writing a book were simply amazed to know the fact. They kept asking me about the inspiration to write a book and that too a love story.

Right from my childhood I used to write short stories and poetries but never been able to commercialize them due to the lack of confidence or may be due to the lack of proper guidance. I do confess that I always wanted to see my name on a cover page of a book from a very long time and the motivation grew up further when I started writing blogs which got serious responses from the readers. Many a times I got threats as well from some political parties in India forcing me not to write against them. For the first time I realized the impact that an article can make in our society over any social cause. It gave me an immense pleasure to see the readership which kept on growing with every single blog of mine.

The story which is about to get published was started like an article by me and took the shape of a novel with the continuity of adding spice and flavor to that. Then I thought to give a try to get my work published and luckily some of the self publishing house came forward to make my dream come true. Some of my friends did the review of the story and found it suitable for the market. And then I did everything very professionally to make it appear a master piece. One of my friend’s wife has designed the cover page for my book and it gave a very different lvel of satisfaction to me. All this was like a fairy tale to me till last month but now while talking to the publishers, cover page artists, etc. has taken me to a very different and an unexplored area of life. The small artist in me took a bigger leap and is almost dominating the technical ability of writing oracle codes and maintain applications in IT world.

It is always said that life is a series of experiences and we need to ensure that we pick up the best lesson out of every experience. The book publishing thing has taught me one thing very clearly that there is no short cut in life. We have to walk the required miles to achieve something. Everyday I use to write approximately 2500 words in free time in office and end of the day was able to tell my wife ” Look!! I have completed that many words”. Her surprise was the best reward for me in those days. She asked me the same question everyday “After all what exactly are you writing? What interest it give to you?”. And I smiled everyday at her innocent question. And now when I am done with the writing and the entire manuscript has been submitted to the publisher, I feel a great sense of peace to myself. Because no one else can fulfill your dream except you.

Life is too small to keep on waiting for the right moment or right platform, so the pace required by us to chase our dreams actually needs a serious attention as we never know when our time is going to be over and we become the history. I have seen people dying out of a sudden and so for me life is precious at every moment. I don’t want to die with a regret for not been able to do something that I was capable of doing. So, I spent most of the time in writing poetries, blogs , books and sometimes use the pencils to sketch. During my initial days of career I made lot of jumps from one company to another and that too very frequently to enhance my earning capabilities. And I did very well. But, end of the day I realized that money can only buy comfort in your life which is very often considered as happiness. In reality the happiness is beneath us and all we need to do is to bring that out to attain the self enlightenment and glory.

Nilesh Ranjan

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