Bachelors are not allowed!!

Yesterday while having the meeting in my society , I heard few gentlemen raising the slogan for barring the bachelors to enter the society as the tenants. It reminded me of an old Indian movie which depicted how Britishers  use to treat Indians during the colonial times. They use to put the board over the gates of any club house owned by them  displaying the message “Dogs and Indians are not allowed“. Something similar was happening there in the meeting in my society. Some of the losers who might be in there late 30s were trying to form a group with one self declared leader(I don’t want to put down his name here) to tag the entire bachelors of this nation as the hooligans. The leader of that dumb fold loser’s union were trying to pass on the strict regulations on the society members much for their own individual fear might be residing in their heart from a long time.

I was among those few who protested the stupidity of the clustered fools who think that they are above the moral and wisdom of other flat owners or even the bachelors whom they were trying to debar to enter the premises. Some of them said ” Nilesh!! That might be your individual opinion”. I feel pity on them who underestimates an individual opinion and specially when that individual is a blog writer. Finally they were not been able to pass their stupid ideas, at least not on me. But, after coming back from that meeting I did an introspection to understand the reason behind such a fear psychosis against the bachelors in almost all the major cities of Maharashtra. I gathered some of the statistics to understand the poor closed mindset of the people in our civic society, who try to impose their own fear on others by hiding in the crowd of cowards like them.

On my research I did find some of the social and legal angle to this particular issue. I read one article on the same issue which said “Sadly, Indian society still remains most of the times a closed one with clannish mindset and claustrophobic views. It is not uncommon to see, particularly in Non-metropolitan cities and towns, owners refusing to let their houses/apartments on rent to persons of certain communities or castes, and to certain sections of populations like bachelors or single women. Though this certainly reeks of some backward thinking or narrow mindset, but there may be a legal remedy against such stupidity”. On further exploration I found that any society which is duly registered in the court can set their rules on the common consent of all the society members, but a group of few senseless maniacs who lags the basic wisdom of humanity cannot alone set any regulations. Also, any committee within the society do not have the constitutional rights to overrule the decision of a flat owner to rent his/her flat to whomever they want.

That was the one side of the story. On the other side I wanted to understand what actually  bachelors have done to create such a wave against them. Yes, it is important to understand. Till last year I was myself a bachelor and was myself seeing the boards on society gates which stated “Bachelors and foreigners are not allowed”. It did not affect me much because I got an opportunity to convince one of the flat owners of a big housing society in Pune. He understood that I was safe for being a tenant, and he never received any complains about me as such till the time I stayed in that society. I did try to set the right example for the bachelors. I was never seen with 10 guys drinking on my terrace or calling the girls to celebrate my nights. And soon I started getting the invitations from my neighbors for celebrating Diwali, Holi or Eid . That’s how the working bachelors live without causing harm to anyone.

But what I heard in that society meeting yesterday was quite amusing. The self declare leader was trying to convince people with a peculiar thought. He mentioned that his wife and kids are afraid to walk in the society due to some bachelors who are living on rent in my society. Funny!! The individuals who can’t provide a sense of security to his own family in his own society, they are trying to form the committee to secure the entire society. Most of them apparently forgets the basic fact that they were bachelors in some part of their lives and might have stayed somewhere on the rent. What could have been their condition if they could have been tagged as the hooligans or gigolos? Such people might have taken birth as an old man in their families, but my hopes are with those residents in my society who are young, brave and dynamic and can fight against such stupidity.

Certainly there are young guys and girls who might have taken the advantage of the freedom given to them to maintain their privacy, but does that give authority to a society or a group of owners to tag the entire 3 million bachelors as the nuisance creator in this nation. I personally never bother about the issue till the time I attended the yesterday’s meeting. I personally felt that all those individuals in my society who were singing the cheap songs against the bachelors were chosen to lead the society on a honorary basis, and they do not have any professional expertise on such matters,  and these people invariably get carried away by an illusion of power and develop a misplaced sense of self importance. They try to enforce many arbitrary practices in the hope that they would not be effectively challenged. But, as a responsible resident of the same society I will keep challenging them for saving my society from being one undeclared “Khap-Panchayat” of Haryana. I may stand alone in this battle but I will surely not let them win with the evils in their mind against our own guys and girls.

Nilesh Ranjan