The cultural deficit in Bihar!!

bihar incidence

The very first news of today’s morning that popped up on a new channel  was the horrifying death of a school director Devendra Prasad Sinha in Nalanda district of Bihar. He might be in his late 60s as per the news channel and the video associated with the news displayed how brutally he was being lynched by the aggressive villagers who were furious over the death of two school kids studying in the school run by the murdered director. According to the news the kids were found dead at a nearby pond and the parent’s had the allegation over the principal and director of the school for beating those kid to the death and then dumping their bodies into the pond from where the bodies were recovered.

If any of the reader get a chance to see that video then you will surely realize the kind of cultural deficit Bihar is actually going through . You will see the few guys beating an old man with bamboo stick in between the crowd who were mere spectator or may be the participants. The humanity appeared to be tossed somewhere. They pricked out one of the eyes of the slain director before ensuring his death. His daughter is blaming the police department for her father’s death because he went to the village with Policemen to prove his innocence in the matter of the kid’s death, but then villagers went on rampant and killed the director in front of those policemen who preferred to stay aside and watch him die.

When the postmortem report came then it became very clear that those students died because of getting drowned in the pond. And so it was proved that the director was unnecessarily made to fall prey to those illiterate, uncivilized and uncultured villagers who got no understanding of the importance of education and the people associated to that. They simply needed a reason to display that how uncivilized that state is. Nalanda is the constituency for the CM of Bihar and so considered to be the VVIP district of Bihar. If the condition of a VVIP district is that bad and the people are so illiterate then we can simply think of the poor running of the entire state. The villagers who killed the director had nothing to do with the drowned kids. They simply killed an old man just to satisfy their deep rooted illiteracy which is transferred to them generation after the generation. That video is so disturbing that it can trigger the anger even in the most intellectual and civilized person. You will feel like beating that bamboo man with the same bamboo stick to death.

Few years back there had been an incidence at the Maruti manufacturing plant in Maneshar, Gurgaon. Global HR head of Maruti automobiles was burnt alive by the workers of that plant over some dispute with the management related to their salary and bonus. The case is still pending and some of the workers are behind the bars but yet to be convicted. If the stats are referred for such cases then one thing is very common is all of them. Most of the people who has been killed by mob are found to be unarmed and physically not capable to handle a situation like that. But, even if a person is armed then also fighting a mob of illiterates is nearly impossible in a country like India. The same mob can never have the guts to even touch the director’s or principal of the premier schools in this country. Most of the time such illiterate murderers are beaten and thrashed by the big business houses or by police on the instructions of such business tycoons. And so such crowd never looses the opportunity to display their power over the weak persons.

Over the YouTube you can look out for a video in which a mob of youth gathered outside the residence of Lalu Prasad Yadav(a popular leader of Bihar) to speak to him about their appointments as the teachers in the schools run by central government. The way the mob was abused and thrashed by Laluji in that video is the actual treatment those villagers deserves in this country. They consider themselves over the law because they know that no law or Police can take any actions against them due the weakness of the judiciary system in India. Police should also not be blamed for such incidences because they also comes with our own society. And so any society will have the policemen of their own category. I am not a judge or a journalist and whatever I am writing is based on the media reports and video that I have seen myself .

On one side PM Narendra Modi talks about the Yoga and meditation, but I would like to ask him that what Yoga he got to reduce the stupidity of this nation. Can anyone take the accountability of the director’s brutal death? I myself belong to Bihar and I have seen such hooligans a lot in my life during my frequent visits to Bihar. People climbs over the trains like creepers without having any tickets and also pulls the chain to employ the emergency break to stop the train wherever they want as per their own convenience. It appears like the train belongs to their fore fathers. I have seen an incidence of TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) getting beaten by the couple of guys in AC compartment simply because TTE asked them to get down of the train because they were not having any kind of tickets, not even the general class ticket. Some people interfered to protect the TTE getting thrown away out of the train by those idiots. Nobody wants to talk about that. And every time we try to hide under the facts of the number of IITians and Civil Service officers from Bihar.

I am not saying that Bihar is the only state with such hooliganism and idiotic acts of the residents, but surely it is on the top undisputedly. We have such stupidity in Bengal, Assam and southern states as well, but what I have witnessed today morning in that news is simply horrifying and something has to be done immediately to restore the cultural sensibility on the village area of Bihar. An old man got killed without any reason except the crippled mentality of the people who literally deserves to work as the migrant laborers in other states and get beaten by the fanatic political parties of those states.

Nilesh Ranjan

8 thoughts on “The cultural deficit in Bihar!!

  1. Here comes a basic need of literacy in India. In not that aware of this incident, but to avoid such things steps should be taken by governments to make this nation a huge population of literate youth India rather then just calling our nation as the only nation with largest youth population!!!!


  2. We can’t blame illiteracy for this incident. I think this incident is a showcase of inhumane behavior of one person to the other. Literacy won’t limit such cases. I’ve seen illiterates who are very kind, generous, and soft heartened. Neelesh correctly mentioned it, cultural deficit is the reason. Violence, anger, inhumanity, loss of moral values are prominent in this century. And the reason is no-one is working for the noble cause. Each and every one of us is busy in earning money. Money has gained more importance in ones lives, than morals. And this is not just in Bihar, this is happening every where. Last week I got another such video over whatsapp from some other part of the world, where a girl is burnt alive in public. Another good reason is no fear for law and judiciaries. We have seen cases where very recently most prominent actors, politicians and industrialists have been bailed out inspite of the losses that they caused to the nation. Law should be enforced, and public should have fear of committing any crimes, then only we can expect to reduce such incidents.


  3. I’ve seen this video, the person beating with the stick is clearly seen, he should be imprisoned for entire life – to put an example for others.


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