The death of journalism in India!!

Few weeks back I was watching a Hindi movie named “Tevar” starrer by Manoj Vajpayi, Arjun Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha in which Sonakshi’s brother was a journalist and was killed by the goons led by Manoj Vajpayi on the streets of Varanasi with the assistance of the cops who sold their moral the very first day they wore the Police Uniform. I actually suspected that scene in the movie because I always had a believe that nothing is more powerful than media in this country. But, I was actually wrong or rather forced to be wrong by the recent incidence of killing of a free lance journalist Jagender Singh in Allahabad for his active involvement to bring the crime being done by a UP cabinet minister Ram Murti Verma.

The minister did use his influence to order local police to burn the journalist alive and the five policemen including a sub inspector poured kerosene over Mr.Singh and burnt him alive. He was 60% burnt when admitted to the government hospital where he succumbed to death on 8th of June,15. All the five policemen has been suspended and the minister is absconding from the time his name appeared in the FIR. Now the question arises on the kind of journalism we follow in India specially in the states like UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu where criticizing a political person is a clear attempt to suicide. These days Indian media like Times Now , Aaj Tak or NDTV are mostly focused to criticize the BJP government in center or in any states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh or Chattisgarh where you hardly hear any such news of killing of a journalist for criticizing the government or their policy. The journalist like Arnab Goswani who use to have the high respect for his charismatic presentation of the most serious issues in the country. But, recently I have realized he is also gutless like many other in that industry . How will they protect the society when can’t protect themselves?

Somewhere in 2013 when UPA was in power with congress as the ruler for the country then I saw a press conference by the then Foreign minister Salman Khursid. In that press conference I saw him openly threatening a journalist just because he asked him a question which Mr.Khursid was not comfortable with. He told the journalist ” You are finished now”. That’s the standard of our politicians in the country from the political parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party , DMK, AIDMK or the new Telanga Samiti. I haven’t seen Narendra Modi or any of his cabinet ministers behaving so rudely to the media in spite of being target all the time from all the corners of media for Gujrat riots or for Babri Mosque demolition. But, they never shown their aggression on media in any way because most of them understand the importance of media in democracy. Attacking the media will lead to the autocracy in this country and that should be protected at any cost. Most importantly its the people of this country who do not understand the basic concept that if you elect a criminal for the momentarily gain or for short term gain then tomorrow they will set the equation to you very well. When they can burn a journalist alive then think of the common man? We are almost at the mercy of such politicians.

I always use to think from a very young age that why almost all the political parties in India do not want the rise of BJP as the superpower in this country. And I got the answer after seeing them in power in full majority. If they continue in power in every state and center as well then they will permanently remove the culture of political autocracy from this nation. They will literally uproot the VIP culture in long term and media will be more powerful. The concept of politics in India is like having an absolute power to do whatever you want and nobody can even question you. The BJP leaders have ensured to take the criticism in the best of the spirit. The desperation of the parties like congress, SP, RJD or JDU for keeping BJP in check can be seens more clearly with the kind of coalition they are forming ahead of the elections in Bihar.

For me BJP is the true party because of their clear agenda for the betterment of this country. Whatever they do however they do, most of their acts are the best in the interest of this nation . I have seen Narendra Modi’s speeches and interviews when he is a PM now and also when he was not. I do not see much difference except he appears little more responsible and careful with his words but still one thing is common that he never targeted the media for anything in his speech even in the worst times of criticism. And that’s the real quality of a true leader who do not get provoked or carried away in worst to worst condition because he truly understand that media is doing their job and he has to do his own. Both are having the basic purpose to work for the nation . When I as an ordinary person can understand it so well then why can’t the media? Not a single electronic media channels have shown the news of the killing of that journalist with gravity. Rather they are giving full coverage to the stupid ministers of UP who are giving stupid comments to protect the accused and absconded minister Ram Murti Verma.

Time has come for the media to be little responsible in this country because nation truly needs them rather than knowing them and their capability to shout loudly on a news show. Time has come for the media to sideline the parties like Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janta Dal and many others in this country who pose a very serious threat to the freedom of speech and the freedom of media. If you see the condition of South India states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh or Telangana then you will hardly find any media house effectively covering them . Recently the CM of Tamil Nadu Smt. Jayalalita got acquittal in the disproportionate asset case and her party workers distributed money openly on the streets of Chennai in the presence of all the media person but none of them were having the guts to display that on a national television news because they could have been massacred. Similar is the case in Telangana as the CM of the state himself says ” Those who criticize Telangana will be buried 20 feet below the ground. Now think of the society who chose the persons like them in power.

I don’t have much complains from Tamil Nadu or AP or Telangana because that’s the choice people have made for themselves but the state like UP and Bihar where people do not want to see the criminals into the power again but still they are for whatsoever reasons. Everyone in politics there wants to control the Police and media houses. Its very obvious that if you chose a criminal as your leader then its much likely for them to kill you also for the fun or atrocities . Media should now take a lesson and should open the front completely against the Samajwadi Party and expose them for the all crimes they do by misusing the public trust in them.

Nilesh Ranjan

2 thoughts on “The death of journalism in India!!

  1. Well too long essay for such incident if u wanted to praise BJP then it’s otherwise. I think burning/killing a media man has been shown through movies from a long time, and not a new issue in this country. Whats ur point.
    Are u suggesting leaders of “modified” gov don’t do such things and other party does..?

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    • Well my dear friend!! You are actually getting it right that I strongly believe based on the statistics that no leaders from the modified group are involved in killing a journalist or setting their scores with them. If you do not agree to that then journalist like Rajdeep Sardesayi could have been burnt alive for more than 200 times for his useless criticism towards modi.


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