The crime against women in India!!

Recent death of a rape victim named Aruna Shanbaug has compelled me to pen down my ideas and understanding over the heinous crimes against the women in India along with the social reason behind that. Violence against the women has been the easiest thing in the human civilization right from the very beginning of the world history. It has been mentioned in the holy book Bible as well. If you go through the ancient, medieval and modern history , it is very much prominent that with every war the winning side use to capture the women of the losing side along with their kingdoms. Even in Ramayana it has been mentioned that Bali made captured his brother Sugriv’s wife as his keep and a symbol of superiority.

I did not study the crime psychology and never interviewed any rapists as such, but when I re-collect my childhood memories and observations then I have a very certain and definite reason behind the brutality against the women in India. Due to the powerful presence of media in our lives these days , we are able to get some of the most disturbing crime reports against the women in our country. You might not have forgotten the incidence of Nirbhaya in Delhi, then recently a 70 year old nun was raped in West Bengal as she tried to oppose the robbery in church , recent death of a girl in Moga(Punjab) in her attempt to protect herself from the molesters in a public bus owned by the Badal’s family.

Aruna Shanbaug was into a very noble profession as she was a nurse and her job was to cure the pain of a person with love, care and compassion , but what she got was the 42 years of sufferings with her mortal body. When I read the entire incidence then it makes me think that what kind of animals we do have in our society who can dog latch a women and that too a nurse(whom we call sister in our society) to quench his sexual thirst. And the latch was so tight at her neck that it blocked the blood supply to her brain making her paralyzed for entire life. And our judiciary found just 7 years of imprisonment for the convict named Walmiki in that case. Anyways my focus today is not over the judiciary probe into the matter rather I would be focusing more into the root cause behind such incidence.

Its sad to say but when you check the stats for the convicts of all those cases then you will find one thing very common. All such reported crimes has been mostly committed by those guys who come from a very pathetic and ugly backgrounds. I am not making a caste based comments here but if you check the national level reports and stats then you will realize all the convicts in such cases are having similar backgrounds who are mostly illiterates and have seen their mothers being beaten and sexually exploited by their drunk fathers and that’s all they understand about a woman.

In Nirbhaya’s case all the 6 convicts including the juvenile was from a very poor background and they were all living in a slum of Delhi. And such breed of humans consider a lone woman on the street as their prey and that’s how they treat them and no one is to be blamed. We talk about the culture and civilization that we have a great legacy of cultural heritage then how come we have such barbarians roaming around over the streets.

So, where is the root for all this? Lets go back to the history and check!! We all have heard that caste system in India has made the people falling in lower caste category suffer at every front of life and upper class people always exploited them. And then post independence the messiah of sufferers Dr. B R Ambedkar created the constitution of India with lot of provisions like reservations in the government services, free education, non-bail able  warrant under harizan acts and all for the economically crippled people in our society like . And what was achieved out of it? A good percentage of that section got good education and got respectable jobs to support their livelihoods but a larger section chose to remain illiterate and continue as the parasite over the civic society.

I remember during my childhood I use to be in a very small town of Bihar which was mostly settled because of Railway Employees and Marwaris(Businessmen) . And the remaining population was of sweepers who were janitors in railways and hospitals. Their kids were given free education in railway’s schools and other government schools but what they use to do? Most of them were having the highly abusive language, they started smoking and drinking right from the age of 11 or 12 and they use to pass vulgar comments over any school girls passing in front of them. All the educated class was under the population control program by the government but the population of those sweepers was growing like virus to damage the society. And unfortunately there is no provision to curb this in constitution as of now.

And most of them were not at all encouraged to study, rather they were sexually educated in a very small age because of the kind of upbringings they had. I remember one incidence in which five 12 or 13 year aged guys from those families went to hill top to celebrate new year, and after drinking four out of them raped the fifth one and left him in blood and ran away. When they do some crime specially against the women then they are very much aware of the consequences after being caught, but somehow they are not afraid of. Because the kind of life they live everyday is of lesser standard in comparison to the jail. They are not afraid because they got nothing to loose.

About a women all they have been taught is that ‘ you are guy and you got a dick and so go and drill down the girl you find on the street’. Dr. Ambedkar himself might not be knowing that what damage he is causing to our society in long term by introducing so many privileges to any community in the constitution. His vision might have been towards the brighter side but in reality women of this nation is paying the bigger cost of the mistakes done by him. Whatever logic and argument our politicians may pass but end of the day we as a nation are getting degraded day by day in the matter to provide safe and secure environment to our women over the street.

Nilesh Ranjan

8 thoughts on “The crime against women in India!!

  1. what to say about this incident. No words to describe nor we can do any imagination to understand the pains of victim. You point is absolute, but have you ever seen any society be 1st world, 2 or 3rd world country where this does not happen in some form. I am thinking , did such things happened during ancient world say during the time of Asoka, chandragupta or before. Education and income level does play important role but the fact is even affluent people in the world have such fetishes, impulse and dirty imagination disorder. Best idea is remove poverty which will lead to better thought and personality development among such group or in other words contain population growth. Make contraceptive free, aware people to have one or less kids (adoption with social benefits), make abortion legal in case of unwanted parenthood and so on. Social scientist can break their heads on findling solution, but the point is how far and how much government can control their citizens in a democracy. I think aristocratic rule was much better just like ancient times. There is lot to say but will limit myself

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  2. @Nathan : Buddy…Neither did I discuss the role of judiciary nor did I talk about the solution . I was just trying to highlight one possible part of the problem based on my observations. During our school time we might have passed the comments over the girls in our class room or may be on the road but having brutal intentions for them was never in our minds. You may also agree to me that the section I am referring to, were having a very bad view point towards the women . Remember the news about a guy named marshal from our town tried to sell a girl in Delhi and was caught !! Roots are very deep my friend and problem cannot be solved with the existing constitution that we have. There is a lack of fear in those potential rapists or criminals whom we saw during our school times…If you recollect properly then you will surely understand what I am pointing at. Some people might misunderstand this and relate it to the caste based discussion but I honestly tried to point at the miserable condition of one part of the society whom we cannot expect to make their kids a better citizen.


  3. So you are suggesting constitutional amendments. I get what you mean. Sure we can do changes to create enough fear such as cut one leg and both hands and tongue don’t let him die and tatoo on his forehead “Rapist” and let him loose. Let other potential rapist see them through media and everything that will create enough fear…? Also that part of the society are the ones benefit the most from government schemes. lot to discuss on this


  4. @Nathan : If you see the interview given by one of the convicted rapist in delhi gang rape case then you will definitely agree to me on the level of fearlessness these people have even after being sentenced to death by the court. Neither they have any guilt of what they have done to that girl. So, attacking a women is a symbol of victory for them because that;s what they are seeing and learning right from their childhood!! If they keep on continuing on the same path then soon they will lead to one more clashes of the two class in the society!! So, what’s the solution for such fearless criminals? There is something called extra judicial efforts which Mumbai Police follows very often to keep the society intact by keeping them under the law!!


    • With reference of extra judicial effort of Mumbai police, in 2009 one of the constable raped a girl at beach. He was convicted and with 7 yrs of jail. Like wise Dominic strauss kahn ceo of imf was charged with rape with room service at manhattan hotel. I believe both of them were aware of the consequences but pursued their dirty impulse. Rape crime is is very impulsively and unpredictable as the victim can never guess what happens next. It is nature of men to dominate over other. Also what about voluntary sex workers who do it for survival. I agree with you but solving this by creating fear may be temp idea but long term is something needs to discussed holistically.


      • @Nathan : Dude the topic is not about the impulsiveness of a man!! I do understand your point that sometimes crime does happen out of impulse but here I tried to focus on those breeds who are rapists by nature or trained to be a rapist or a criminal!! You are always deviating from the topic. I am well aware of the things you are mentioning but I tried to limit that up to one major cause of such crimes. Even if you provide sex workers to those monsters but they will still rape the lonely girl they find on the street!! its in their blood!!


  5. I think illiteracy is biggest problem in India, congress govt. want this kind of society for there vote bank and they are ruled India for long time due to this kind of thinking, I think we as nation should focus on education took a lesson form south Korea. go for economy based reservation system instead of cast based ; stop this 1rs kg chaval and gehu skims it is making people lazy.


  6. @Vishnu : Thanks a lot for providing your thoughts over the same. You actually got the article in the right sense that lack of education cannot not only creates the poverty , it also opens the door for the heavy production of the criminals!! A girl from one NGO went to a village to educate people about some wrong practices they were following, then the girl was gang raped by the villagers. That;s the dirty reality of this nation.


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