Hit and Run!! Justice that is force delayed…

Seeing the huge fan following and condolence by entire Bollywood and politicians towards the great “Salman Khan” has actually compelled me to think over the kind of society we are living in. People who are sympathetic to Salman Khan today have forgotten the very fact that he is not the victim in hit and run case, rather he has been convicted by the session court and has been sentenced for five years of jail term.

The issue is not subjective to one particular case but its a big question mark on the kind of mind set we as a citizen has developed over the 70 years after independence. Few months back I heard a similar story related to AIADMK chief Shri Jayalalita’s case of anti graft in which she has got acquittal today by Karnataka High Court. Some of her supporters immolated themselves after she has been sent to the jail by the session court. This sympathy and empathy towards a convict is actually beyond my understanding of a civic society.

During the time of independence struggle, people of this country might be aware of what exactly they were supporting to. It was an ideology of a leader or social reformers rather than the blind support to a particular person. Leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bal Gangadhar Tilak are still being worshiped because of their ideology for the nation. But, what is happening today has given immense confidence to the people like Jayalalita, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt who were convicted by the court for their respective crimes. It appears like judiciary has published a separate version of law for celebrities in this country otherwise Salman Khan could not have been able to prolong the trial for 13 years in an open and shut case. And on top of that Bombay High Court could not have granter him anticipatory bail for such a severe crime and low punishment.

Who are to be blamed for making Salman Khan a brand ambassador for a shit like “Being Human”. A coward and a liar became the youth icon for this nation who ran over 5 innocent persons sleeping harmlessly on a footpath killing one and severely injuring others and then running away from the site rather than helping the victims to reach out the hospital for immediate treatment. Such a shame!!

Why we the people of this country are so blind folded that just media sympathy and coverage to a person or party becomes sufficient enough to them for getting our support to make them a hero or “messiah” ? People sitting on the position of Judge of a high court or supreme court became so insensitive that they are forgetting the simple fact that the verdict given by them has got some serious impact on our society. Acquittal of Jayalalita or granting bail to Salman Khan are the kind of verdict which raises a big question mark on our judiciary system.

I personally don’t know whether Salman Khan will ever go behind the bar and that’s actually none of my business because the bigger concern and threat is the kind of support he is getting from the public and media houses. Time has come for us to analyze our behavior and the extent of support we provide to such people. Those celebrities need to get the message very loud and clear that our love and support to them is for their contribution to our society not for killing black buck or innocent persons sleeping on the footpath or for keeping the public’s tax money like their ancestral property.

Everybody is sympathetic to Salman Khan, right from media to public, Bollywood to politicians and the support of high court’s judge is an icing to the cake. But, no one is actually bothered to think about the brutal death he has caused to the person sleeping at the accident site. That’s the example of a slowly poised capitalist society. People with money can conquer everything in this nation, be it any law, any rules or even entire judiciary. It took almost 13 years for the session court to convict Salma Khan in the hit and run case and high court judge did not even take 13 minutes to overrule that. Very unfortunate for the nation and for the people who live in this nation.

Nilesh Ranjan

10 thoughts on “Hit and Run!! Justice that is force delayed…

  1. Dear blogger,

    Justice delayed is justice denied and u nailed it. However suppose you are the judge with awareness that this person has killed some one after drinking and also paid rs.13 lakh+ other benefits to family of deceased and after that he is continuously trying to make up for the act by supporting 800 children’s from feet up, support building numerous artists career, raises money through selling cloths, supporting at least another 1000 families through his bhaigiri movies. if justice delayed is justice denied then why not campaigning for ppl who were dead in bhopal gas and booking Warren Anderson, also how about writing a blog about killed victims in train accidents or air crash. Someone must have made the mistakes. The point is wisdom of crowd sometimes are better judges. Like natural law of nature with everything has a reason. So justice system is alright. Ppl also alright. Media is also ok.

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    • Dear Mr. Nathan,

      I respect your opinion which is most likely in the favor of forceful delaying of the hit and run case being talked about. I was talking exactly what you are mentioning in your comment i.e. a new version of law for rich people in this country. You do a culpable homicide and then take out some .00001 percent of your total earning in community service and get yourself tagged with a shit like “Being Human” to win the crowd. Your very often spoken concept of “Wisdom of crowd” might have worked in the country like US or Germany where crowd actually got a good level of wisdom not in a country where people immolate themselves for a convicted politician or actor. You might be fine with the separate version of law and media because you were not the victim also none of your friends or family members died or got injured in that accident. The day something like that will happen to you and the culprit will give you one crore rupees as a charity and then such stand of yours will be justified. But, right now your view point is not in sink with the victims who were harmlessly sleeping on the footpath. Also the fault was not of the black buck who became the victim of your Mr. Humans hunting amusement .



  2. hypothetically imagine you are salman khan then think of Wisdom & Vice. Case of separate law for riches and black buck hunting, is in India only ?. I am not salman supporter for that matter, But as you say, salman being convicted and going to jail for 5 yrs would have sufficed the killing of victim and black buck..right..?

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  3. Nicely written and no doubt money,name and fame can twist the verdict in your favor ; It is in our Indian genes to always find the loophole in any public figure ; his 1 crime is considered far heinous then his 1000 welfare programs ; his entertaining movies has wiped out tears,frustration from millions of faces ;his gym physique and discipline is the benchmark for many youngster and old alike; he is the man of masses ; that one mistake of drunken driving cannot cast a shadow on million other things that comes with Sallu bhai.

    He should have been convicted for doing that mistake but not for 5 years but atleast for 2-3 years . This should have reposed faith in Indian Judiciary.Judges should have told him out of 5 years 3 years is reward for all the good work he has done.2 years is for hit and run.All other Public figure would then be more inclined toward doing good work.And the lesson of “No one should escape laws” would be very loud and clear

    I feel this was the opportunity not used properly by Judges and media.Judges should have been more shrewd in giving the verdict ( from 5 years to 2 years ) Media should have been more sensible in highlighting the welfare programs as pointed out by Mr Nathan.

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  4. @Piyush : Dear Piyush,

    If you talk in terms of charity, gym, welfare work done by Salman then you might remember the case of Goldman Sachs director Rajiv;s case who was known for his humanitarian works to that extent where people like Bill Gates and Kofi Annan wrote a letter to the federal court to show mercy while punishing him. And he got punished for 2 years of jail term. His crime was financial. In case of Salman Khan its a culpable homicide and the case has already been stretched for almost 13 years. Its not about the crime and the nature of crime, its about the way he is influencing the judiciary in his favor. If there is law and judiciary then it should be equal to every citizen!! My point is that much only.

    Nilesh Ranjan


    • Suppose Sallu would have been convicted ; then all the media would have praised Judiciary for a week or 2 ; common public would have shown mixed emotions and some would have written eye catching editorial on Indian Judiciary .And then after 1 month everyone under the sun would have got bz in their already bz life ;
      The NGOs supported by Salman would have lost its credibility ; Sallu fan would stop going gym ; crores of INR on Sallu movies would be freezed for good. Common movie goer will have 1 less option for movie.
      In short there will be no noticeable impact on anyone except the ones who were dependent on NGOs , driver employed by Sallu, employees who are in the job because of Sallu and the most impacted one will be relatives of the deceased.The most important thing which he need ( as seen on news channel) is money to support daily needs which would have dried up if Sallu was convicted.

      We all bloggers,media,politician are fighting to prove their own point ; but everyone has unheard the demand of relatives of the victim !!!!

      Indian verdicts,laws and the environment in which we Indians live in cannot be compared with US or anyother developed nations ; they don’t need money,resources as much as we Indians need.So the comparison with Rajiv is indeed null and void.

      Lets not be pessimistic , emotional ; lets be practical.


  5. Last week, a stc driver over ran a girl in some village of delhi-rajasthan boarder in late evening. Villagers blocked high way and demanded justice and 1 cr as compensation to family . Case was filed in haryana dc. After all media hooplas, and locals demand dept. Offered 15 lac. As compensation and plaintiff settled with a job and cash. Tell me now, is this not a culpable homicide. Also it is proven that interstate drivers don’t drink..! So tell me, should we not draw parallel with salaman case. Driver got 3 months suspension who know he will pe paid during the period. My point is everywhere justice is like that. We say we find loophole in justice system. I believe there are almost 32 mill cases are pending in high courts, let alone session court and dc’s. With that number out of every 300 ppl 1 will be in jail. So tell me, what consequences we will see if this happens. You mentioned ambani’s son case, imagine the after effect it will have. I believe in judicial system of India in every sense. Ponder over the thought.


    • The issue is not with the accident. Issue is with his cowardice acts after committing the crime. He is continuously lying that it was his driver who was driving. He ran away from the accident site without helping the victims who needed immediate medical help. With his money and influence he delayed the judicial probe and hearing for almost 13 years. If you compare Salman Khan with a dtc driver then that’s really sad!! Accidents do happen on road due to many reasons but the victims by salman khan were sleeping on the footpath without being on road and they less deserved to be overrun by any drunk driver. I myself ran over a dog few days back as it suddenly jump on road out of nowhere, you can’t term that as a culpable homicide. You need to understand that there is an inequality in our society as most of us are blind folded by the heroism of salman khan on the screen and his charity work which started just after his sins. The way people are behaving, it appears that Salman Khan is a victim rather being a convict!!


  6. I believe we have read the verdict with should be in public domain may be in a month. Then we may be able to understand the grounds over which the ruling was made by court.


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