Hit and Run!! Justice that is force delayed…

Seeing the huge fan following and condolence by entire Bollywood and politicians towards the great “Salman Khan” has actually compelled me to think over the kind of society we are living in. People who are sympathetic to Salman Khan today have forgotten the very fact that he is not the victim in hit and run case, rather he has been convicted by the session court and has been sentenced for five years of jail term.

The issue is not subjective to one particular case but its a big question mark on the kind of mind set we as a citizen has developed over the 70 years after independence. Few months back I heard a similar story related to AIADMK chief Shri Jayalalita’s case of anti graft in which she has got acquittal today by Karnataka High Court. Some of her supporters immolated themselves after she has been sent to the jail by the session court. This sympathy and empathy towards a convict is actually beyond my understanding of a civic society.

During the time of independence struggle, people of this country might be aware of what exactly they were supporting to. It was an ideology of a leader or social reformers rather than the blind support to a particular person. Leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bal Gangadhar Tilak are still being worshiped because of their ideology for the nation. But, what is happening today has given immense confidence to the people like Jayalalita, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt who were convicted by the court for their respective crimes. It appears like judiciary has published a separate version of law for celebrities in this country otherwise Salman Khan could not have been able to prolong the trial for 13 years in an open and shut case. And on top of that Bombay High Court could not have granter him anticipatory bail for such a severe crime and low punishment.

Who are to be blamed for making Salman Khan a brand ambassador for a shit like “Being Human”. A coward and a liar became the youth icon for this nation who ran over 5 innocent persons sleeping harmlessly on a footpath killing one and severely injuring others and then running away from the site rather than helping the victims to reach out the hospital for immediate treatment. Such a shame!!

Why we the people of this country are so blind folded that just media sympathy and coverage to a person or party becomes sufficient enough to them for getting our support to make them a hero or “messiah” ? People sitting on the position of Judge of a high court or supreme court became so insensitive that they are forgetting the simple fact that the verdict given by them has got some serious impact on our society. Acquittal of Jayalalita or granting bail to Salman Khan are the kind of verdict which raises a big question mark on our judiciary system.

I personally don’t know whether Salman Khan will ever go behind the bar and that’s actually none of my business because the bigger concern and threat is the kind of support he is getting from the public and media houses. Time has come for us to analyze our behavior and the extent of support we provide to such people. Those celebrities need to get the message very loud and clear that our love and support to them is for their contribution to our society not for killing black buck or innocent persons sleeping on the footpath or for keeping the public’s tax money like their ancestral property.

Everybody is sympathetic to Salman Khan, right from media to public, Bollywood to politicians and the support of high court’s judge is an icing to the cake. But, no one is actually bothered to think about the brutal death he has caused to the person sleeping at the accident site. That’s the example of a slowly poised capitalist society. People with money can conquer everything in this nation, be it any law, any rules or even entire judiciary. It took almost 13 years for the session court to convict Salma Khan in the hit and run case and high court judge did not even take 13 minutes to overrule that. Very unfortunate for the nation and for the people who live in this nation.

Nilesh Ranjan