Death of a farmer!!

After a very long time, I got some pretty relaxing time to vent out my ideas on a very sensitive and forgotten issue due to Nepal crisis i.e. death of a farmer from Rajasthan at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi during the kishan rally by AAP. Some says that its a suicide and some says that it was an accidental but the bitter truth still remains the same that he is dead and cannot come anymore to clarify or justify his death.AAP wants to declare him a martyr, BJP wants to portray him as a victim of AAP political stunt and other parties have their own version as per their comfort.

The moral conscience of Indian politics has been constantly under the scrutiny since a very long time, but this incidence of Gajender Singh is an epic in Indian politics as the very great Kejriwal and his team continued their speeches even after that farmer hanged himself in front of them. This is very unfortunate and unprecedented. The biggest losers in this story are the family members of Gajender Singh who are left with nothing other than the stories formed by different political parties as per their own convenience and comfort.

Actually it reminded me of a story “Maha Bhoj” by one of the great Hindi writer Shri Mannu Bhandari in which he depicted the painful story of a farmer whose political death was being capitalized by several local and state level leaders and his wife along with an honest policeman kept on fighting for the truth and punishment to the culprit. At last the demised farmer’s wife had to leave the village as she was denting the reputation of the village by questioning the panchayat and local leaders.

Killing oneself has always been an easy choice and escape for Indian farmers from a very long time and there are multiple factors for that other than the governance or lack of vision for farmers and their rights. In this blog I don’t want to cover those factors as I want to stay focused to the Gajender Singh’s death and the way he died was nonetheless than a filmi drama with a very tragic end. Delhi Police lodged the complain against AAP leaders for provoking that farmer to climb the tree and hang himself and the great Kejriwal like always has a believe that there is a conspiracy against him. Whatever police says or Kejriwal says, truth will not change that People in this country are so blind folded and obsessed to their own comfort which is slowly making them inhuman. Why a person who is being portrayed as a farmer(actually he was a small business man having track record of tying turban to many famous personalities like Bill Gates and all) needs to be there at Kishan rally of AAP without having any big damage to the crops due to rain?

From media to police and opposition will keep on raising the question on Aam Aadmi Party, but who is actually to be blamed? Its the people of Delhi who greedily voted to such idiots to an unprecedented victory in Delhi elections. Greed was for the free electricity, water, transportation, etc. Actually most of the times its the innocents who suffer because of fools active involvement in politics. Gajender Singh died due to all those fools who voted for Aam Aadmi Party in the hope for a better Delhi with free Wi Fi. If Kejriwal is responsible for Gajender’s death then all those idiots who voted for him are equally responsible for Gajender’s death. I don’t know whether Gajender;s family will ever get the justice or not because hardly any politicians get punished in this country. My sincere sympathy is with Gajender’s family and personal curse to AAP.

Nilesh Ranjan