Delhi Elections!! A mockery of democracy!!

Its been almost a week when the entire print and electronic media was fully covered by the very well accepted charisma of Arvind Kejriwal and the performance of his party in recent Delhi election where they won miraculous 67 seats out of 70. Now the question arises how and why? I went through lot of media coverage and stories on Kejriwal and his party workers going door to door, raising common issues of public and making them believe that they are the true massiah to the aam aadmi. Some great political analysts and orators believe that its the sleeping sub conscious of the people which led the land slide victory of AAM AADMI Party. They were able to awaken the public like Annie Basant, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Swami Vivekanand and all.

When I did my research over the voters of Delhi then I got to know some of the very unfortunate and harsh reality of the pain people live with everyday in Delhi. Below are some of the points :

1. The cops on the streets of Delhi has taken the complete contract to harass the common man to collect their pocket money which is equally distributed from top to bottom in their respective departments.

2. Water shortage problem is actually there in many prominent parts of Delhi specially during the summer.

3. Load shedding is there which can make the life hell in Delhi during summer time.

4. Law and order situation can be guessed very easily if you check any news channel. Carrying gun and shooting at others has actually became very easy on the streets of Delhi like there is no administration.

When the AAP came into existence they first targeted Congress government both at state and center. People accepted that very easily by ignoring the fact that whatever infrastructural development happened in Delhi is mostly in Congress reign. Be it flyovers, metro rail, bus services and many more. They forgot very basic facts that apart from development Delhi kept on seeing the population growth months by months and year by year. It has come to the bottleneck for any city. Any city infrastructure has got some limits to tolerate a certain level of population in its arena. Similar is the pain with Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

And AAP kept on misguiding people of Delhi. Blaming any political party is another name for the lure to come into the power and so Arvind Kejrival is no different here. They will also face the similar issue and will be highly criticized by the public in coming time. And I will not mind to accept that Congress is paying the cost for their own sins of limiting the development up to few cities and states in India. People from Bihar, UP , Rajasthan, Haryana, J&K and North East comes and settles down in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and other bigger cities every day for their better lives and earning. And then they becomes the voters of that place and demands equal rights for themselves.

But what Delhites has done to themselves will really cost them to that extent that they will be seen crying in few months but as per Indian constitution god himself will not be able to help them for the next 5 years. Giving complete mandate to one party and that too over the promises of fee electricity, water, wifi, etc. is actually very societal and not at all good for any democracy. Some of my friends who voted for AAP are saying that if Kejrival doesn’t perform then he will be ousted in 6 months like they have voted for 6 months only. People mistrusting congress can be very well understood but not trusting BJP completely is really surprising.

BJP has never been in Delhi from last 15 years and so it cannot be blamed for things which they have not done. So, what if they nominated Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate? Why can’t she be CM? She has a proven track record for being an honest public servant for almost 40 years in Police Services. She has worked for the People by being the part of the system without any question being raised at her. So, what if our PM got to wear an expensive suit? He is head of this nation at this part of the time and received a gift which is being auctioned now for the charity purpose. So, the question is what people of Delhi actually thinks these days?

That the person with ordinary cloths can be honest and person with name embedded suit is corrupt. Right? Then stop worshiping Ram and Krishna because they too belonged to the kingdoms and always portrayed rich in the calenders or photographs we are having. If clothing is the reason to believe and show your trust in a person or God then only Sai Baba seems to qualify the reason for being worshiped . Its very unfortunate to see the result of Delhi but I am still positive and want to see them working in the interest of this nation and make the nation believe that what Delhites has done is actually right and people should take that as the revolutionary change in the Indian politics. It would be a real big cheating to the people of Delhi if AAP doesn’t meet their huge expectations.

One thought on “Delhi Elections!! A mockery of democracy!!

  1. The biggest mistake BJP did in Delhi was projecting Kiran Bedi as CM candidate.She is poor at her administrative skills.The worst incidence was Lathi Charge and Tear gas shells which were imposed on the peaceful protest of Lawyers at Patiyala House Court when she was posted in Delhi.Following this incident the Bar associations urged lawyers not to vote for Kiran Bedi as she will bring Hitler Raj in NCT.
    If Dr.Harshwardhan was projected as CM candidate the result would be different.


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