The funny elections in India!!


Elections in India are getting more and more funnier with time and the subject political science is being re invented by our politicians. In some aspects it is actually getting better because of the very strong and remarkable role played by media(some call it as paid media) which keeps on entertaining the public by their judgement. You may refer to the programs led by some of the famous journalists like Arnab Goswami, Rahul Kanwal, Deepak Chaurasiya and all. Most of the time you will find the politicians struggling with them.

The recent election of Delhi is becoming symbol of a very new kind of politics of poster war, cartoons and all. I am personally enjoying that because every day I get to see some of the most brilliant creativity by paid cartoonists of BJP. Everyday I find a new peculiar and funny cartoons for Arvind Kejriwal or his AAM AADMI Party. The battle of cartoons can actually take you back in your childhood when reading comics of chacha chaudhary was the most delighting thing possible at that time. Truly speaking a voter like me can get highly impressed with the idea of comics series on Kejriwal and his party, because BJP is appearing more efficient in depicting the flaws of his rivals through posters or cartoons.

Blame game was the prime thing in Indian politics from the very long time, I mean it might have started in 80s but became more prominent in 90s specially during the era of Atal Bihari Vajpayi. So, there is nothing new in that but the AAM AADMI Party launched a new methodology of dragging business houses as well into the discussion. If you see his speeches then it will thrill you to the very core. Most of the part of his speech will be like ” Ambani chor hai ji, Adani chor hai, BJP waale bijli ka meter laga rahe hain aur woh meter tej bhaag rahi hai” and the remaining will be like ” ham satta me aayenge toa bijli free, paani free, wifi free, bus free, auto free” . He has literally ensured that Delhi is gonna be the first city where you actually don’t need money to live because his government will provide everything for free.

Then some new flicks came for raising party funds like dinner with Kejriwal, selfie with Kejriwal, tea with Kejriwal and all for just rupees 20000. See how our political science is getting better and better. Means the actual aam aadmi can never ever think of having chai or samosa with Kejriwal because they are suppose to pay 20000 rupees before actually doing that. BJP has given new mantras of utilizing babas and saadhus for their victory. Saint Gurmeet Rami Rahin and Baba Ramdev supported BJP to win and see the result. All the adds between news break will start with Patanjali dawakhana’s products like dant kranti, kesh kranti and all. And on the other side there is historic release of a movie named ‘MSG’ in which a god man is the lead actor. That is simply a wow experience :P.

But the best things is the hell lot of entertainment out of all this drama. BJP calls Kejriwal a Bhagora and Kejriwal calling BJP and congress as corrupt parties. Journalists telling Anna Hazare ‘Sir, you have been used by your own disciples for their political ambitions’ . Manoj Tiwari’s campaign by singing song after every two lines. I heard somewhere that Indian audiences like the comedy movie above all the other choices they have and so is the case in Indian politics now. People who can strip others more using cartoons and posters will win the election :P.

Nilesh Ranjan

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