Turning 30!!

By this time most of my friends of my time might have realized what it is like being around 30 in age. When I meet some some of my friends luckily when we get some time out of the so called busy schedule,then I find some of them are pot bellied, some with white hair(some without any hair at all 🙂 ), some with kids,some as newly married and few of them are still bachelor or single for whatsoever reason they have. In any way life for all of us is no more same and colorful, it has started showing grey color to all of us when we see the kids who took birth during our adolescence are now themselves adolescent.

Some of them wanted to look and feel younger to our ages and some of them want to look and feel like sophisticated like they always wanted to prove something right from the childhood but was not able to 🙂 . Now everything is supposed to be planned and organized as we won’t be able to afford the carelessness or negligence like our school or college days or may be in the initial stage of our career. Now we have to think while speaking something in front of colleagues, parents and even close friends who been with us for more than 15 years as everyone suddenly turned out to be over sensitive towards everything.

But, in true sense I find life bit easy in this age because of plenty of experience and exposure with people and places due to changing jobs, girl friends, friends , location and all. If given a proper look then it is apparently visible that in this age you are perfectly fit to any age group. With kids(below 3 years) you will have a paternal touch, you will enjoy more with teenagers as it takes you to a very recent past of yours and you find yourself very much aligned to them, you can be a key decision maker in your family as your parents know that you are dealing with lot of educated and uneducated people out there and so their reliability on you has grown. You can fall in love again and most likely can achieve success due to 4 5 experiences(mostly failure) of school and college time.

Guys who are married in this age will more likely to be a passionate husband and an efficient one as they are less likely to say no to their wives for anything as they are more likely to know women to some extent due to their prior experiences 🙂 . Staying in a bachelor life by default makes you an efficient cook due to onsite assignments as you don;t have a choice of dhabas or any cheap and good food availability like India. And its a known fact and scientifically proven that a man with good cooking ability can keep their wives happy all the time. Wife feels proud to have such husbands 🙂 . They feel very privileged and blessed 🙂 .

I have seen guys crying out “yaar ab pahle waali baat nahi rahi, pahle toa ham yeh karte thhe woh karte thhe(Dude its not more like earlier time. Earlier I use to do this and that and bla bla)” . But, I found it more beautiful in this age as I am more health conscious, morally and logically correct, and stronger as an individual then in any other age. I go to gym regularly, I am more inclined to quit smoking, keep myself updated with news, keeps in touch regularly with my parents and friends, more respectful towards women because I started finding them better than men in every possible ways. I find myself more at mistakes in comparison to others which could have never been possible when I was a teenager or in early twenties.

Yes, I do agree that things do change but for betterment and that’s how it is. We all know that this body will keep on decaying with growing age but we always have a choice to keep our mind, heart and soul fresh, matured and clean by keeping ourselves morally high and correct. It never matter where, when and how you were born, privileged or unprivileged. What matters more is when, where and how you die and what has been your contribution to this world. And so 30 is the perfect age to tighten your belt for the journey ahead which may not be funny like a life of a 15 year old but an innocent and matured smile on your face can make it easier for everyone. Like they say “Smile is the universal language of kindness”.

Nilesh Ranjan

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