Detachment of aam aadmi from Aam Aadmi Party!!

From a very long time I wanted to cover the 2013’s most sensational emergence of a new self styled political party named as “Aam Aadmi Party” alias AAP led by the self declared revolutionary of the millennium Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. I am personally following him up from  year 2012, which saw one of biggest mass uprising in India led by one of the great social crusader Shri Anna Hazare. Like most of the working Indian Youth, I too got impressed and hopeful about the prominent future of India. He appeared to be very clean, honest and logical while expressing his views in front of an educated mass. That time I was in Chicago following my American dream like most of the other ordinary, mediocre IT professionals, but I did follow all the speeches given by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on youtube. And then under the little left patriotism,I too donated some amount to AAP in a hope that it will bring the change in Indian politics and will uplift the lost political will power of a nation where Swami Vivekanand’s birthday is celebrated as the Youth Day.

I remember a TV show on AAJTAK where journalist Rahul Kanwal brought up Manishankar Aiyyar from Congress Party, Ravishankar Prasad from BJP and Arvind Kejriwal on a platform to have the discussion over the issue of corruption and forming a new party and all. During the argument Ravishakar Prasad(who is considered to be a great lawyer and a political scholar) told Arvind Kejriwal that if you are in politics then keep a dream of being a CM or PM otherwise your party members will feel cheated. On that great Kejriwal replied ” Ham aapki tarah bhog ki Rajneeti nahi karne aaye hain, ham sahi maayene me janta ki sewa karna chaahte hain(We did not turn up to politics for availing the power and money, rather we are here to serve the people of this country in real sense)” and with these words he left Ravishankar Prasad and Manishakar Aiyyar speechless. And I started clapping in front of my laptop like a stubborn child who gets his favorite toy without knowing the cost and capability of his parent to buy that.

Then I saw him in a show led by Arnab goswami(The nation want to know 🙂 ) where Mr. Kejriwal addressed the intellectual audience with his immense capability to speak the right words at the right time and got lot of applaud from the public sitting in that show and also from those who were sitting in front of laptops(much comfortable in their blankets) . Then he spoke at IIT campuses and addressed the students to make them responsible towards the nation. And miraculously he earned a lot of moral and financial support, sympathy and trust of the intellectuals (the middle class guys and girls who find it painful to see the nation the way it is).

And then Delhi elections came in early 2014 and he got 28 seats giving strong contest to BJP who won 32 seats out of 70. After capturing that much of seats in legislative assembly of Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party emerged as a phenomena to change the face of Indian politics. It made us realize that people of this country can surely sideline the legacy of congress and the so called baahubali culture of Indian politics. We saw Arvind Kejriwal saying “Aji bachcho ki saugandh hai, corrupt parties se na samarthan lenge na denge(I take oath of my children that we will neither be taking support of any corrupt parties or will give our support to form the government). I clapped again like many others in a belief that “Yes, finally this country has got someone like Martin Luthar King or Abrahm Lincoln”.

And then all that dream, believe and trust got shattered by hearing the news of him swearing in as the CM of Delhi with the support of the so called most corrupt political party in the world(Congress). I remember his words to Ravishankar Prasad in a show with AAJTAK and suddenly all his morally correct dialogues appeared to be the dialogues inspired by Prakash Jha’s movie. The worst thing that came in my mind was about the donation I made to the party. I thought that I could have bought wine bottles for my friends for 20 weeks with that money and could have added some color to the funny conversations that we use to have in Chicago over the weekends.  Anyway he was running the government like any other government but then suddenly he resigned from the post of CM(just after 49 days) and went to Varanasi to contest the Loksabha election against Narendra Modi.

All this semi psychotic drama by him and his party suddenly threw him back to the muddy water from where they came. He lost against Narendra Modi and his party lost all the 7 seats from Delhi. Then this great revolutionary started repenting his decision to resign and started apologizing in public which led him getting slapped by auto drivers and all(although I do not support such acts but yes somehow he deserved that may be by his mom or dad for creating ruckus). I do still watch his speeches and arguments but now he appears more like a joker or a looser rather than a charismatic leader. No media or political party is to be blamed for the severe change in the image of Arvind Kejriwal, rather his self eccentricity and self obsession has led him to this situation.

Now a days I hear some of the very peculiar statements given by him which should be highlighted to show his desperation to come back in the power.

1. He said in one of the interview by NDTV that Delhi’s public are saying “They want to see Narendra Modi as PM of India and  Arvind Kejriwal as the CM of Delhi.”. And he made his party’s hoarding on similar concept by using Narendra Modi’s picture. My simple question to him “If BJP is such a corrupt party and they favor Ambanis, Adanis ,etc. then how come people of Delhi want to see him as the PM of this country and not to him.

2. Yesterday he was saying that BJP is afraid of him and his party,which is quite funny in itself. Without getting biased towards BJP my simple question to the great revolutionary would be ” How come a party who won loksabha election in full majority, won four major states like Jharkhand, Haryana, Maharashtra and J&K in one year can be afraid of a party with 4 MPs?”

3. Now a days you can hear him calling BJP’s CM candidate Kiran Bedi as an opportunist. Is that the face we wanted in our political system? He always had a choice to be different from the existing politicians who use bad words for their friends in public to remain in power, who believes that we Indians do not have moral values and we prefer power over friendship and relationship. We already have people like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, etc. who keep on becoming friends and enemies as per the requirement. Then why do we need Arvind Kejriwal who is doing the same thing?

End of the day I did realize one thing very clearly that you can fool the mass for couple of times by touching their pain of daily life and raising the question which they ask to themselves everyday, but you cannot fool them forever. Aam aadmi is detached from Aam Aadmi Party because this nation is already overburdened by drama queens in politics, it cannot accommodate one more. This party has really spoiled the future of young political leaders who in real sense wanted to change the fate of this country without having any personal agenda. Now, people will not trust anyone with morally correct words and filmi dialogues. He made it more tougher for the Indians to form a clean political party as an alternative to the existing parties. Its almost similar to the people like Asharam Baapu and Saint Rampal who played with the emotion of the people and their belief in God.

Nilesh Ranjan

3 thoughts on “Detachment of aam aadmi from Aam Aadmi Party!!

  1. What I HATE about them is as below

    1. They have always acclaimed that we are different and not here for dirty politics
    Q- Show them their dirt, they will straight away point to the other party and say that see they are also doing the same thing. Instead of accepting their fault, they will point others. IS THIS THE DIFFERENCE,

    2. Distribute everything for free
    Q- Is this the way they want to attract voters, instead of a VISION they show you that yes your are BHIKMANGA and see I am APPEASING you by providing you FREE FREE FREE FREE

    3. They said they will select good people with clean character.
    Q- You point a wrong person in their party and they will rebut by saying apki party mein ye hai wo hai aisa hai waisa hai….are bhai I know everyone is WRONG….BUT HOW THAT MAKES YOU CORRECT.

    4. Ask any AAPTARD, ki 49 mein kya kiya ???
    They will send you a list of links full of work done by their Alma Mater, being a CM you have to do all those regular activities its nothing unnatural. Now if you think you did something then why you left.

    Election se pehle mein Punjabi Aunty ko bol doon ki CANADA bhej dunga ab jeetne ke baad Auntia to chadhendi he ki bhaiya ab bhejo to chupe se patli gali se nikal lo kuch bahana bana ke…..this is what describes Kejriwal 🙂 🙂


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