Why PK is being opposed?

From last week itself one part of the so called ‘breaking news’ in the print and electronic media seems to be occupied with the opposition over the recent release of a much hyped movie ‘PK’ by some Hindu outfits in the country. In some of the major cities like Bhopal, Varanasi, Vadodara, etc. people are demanding to ban the movie as it is hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus in India. The Hindu Saint union also seems to differ with what Amir Khan tried to depict in that movie.

I have personally seen the movie and honestly speaking it has entertained me a lot like many others in that cinema hall. Now as a critic,I personally felt that the question that was being raised in the movie should have been in any other way than comedy. Because if you see the gravity of the question and the impact over the society, comedy appears to be more like mocking the god leaving the seriousness of the topic. There are movies like ‘Khuda ke liye’ and ‘Oh!! My god’ released in the past raising similar question,but depicted in a different fashion of using the judiciary system of either India or Pakistan. And as per my understanding both the movies did not face the level of opposition ‘PK’ is facing even though it is doing its business pretty well as per the expectations.

So, the question is why ‘PK’ is being opposed? What ingredients are being found to be offensive by some people(even though the fraction is small) but it can’t be ignored? I read some blogs and comments by senior news editors and respected columnist which says that ‘its the business of some destructive political outfits to create ruckus for no reason’, but I would like be little different from them as any question raised by any civilian in the democracy should be answered without stereo typing them. Basically ‘PK’ took the path of media stunt to bring down a Godman(‘Tapasvi’ maharaj by Saurabh Shukla) without any judicial probe. It also shown how the blind faith of people in this country starts praying a stone kept below a tree.

That’s a true bizarre in this country that people can pray and worship anything, but Amir Khan forgot one very basic concept of human civilization that nothing is greater than a blind faith in this world. Blind faiths has done miracles before and it was very well used in the movie ‘Guide’ by Devanand long back. If the director could have restricted himself till the insult of a Godman, the situation could have been something else. Pointing towards the blind faith of people in a stone, cross or mazaar is a sin and no one should forget that. This country has seen lot of social reforms like abolition of Sati Pratha, Child Marriage, Widow remarriage, etc. and society is open for such change but demarcation should be there.

Nilesh Ranjan

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