Women will be women!!

Right from our childhood, we are poised to believe that ‘Men will be men’ as a worst sarcasm towards the men. And what’s the reason to believe that? Just because they look at any other girl except the one with them doesn’t necessarily makes a man betrayer, infidel or whatever be the meaning of the phrase ‘Men will be men’.

Actually its just the other way around ‘Women will be women’!! I will cite some of the very beautiful examples to prove that. One morning house maid comes to inform the lady of the house that ‘ Madam I won’t be able to come today for domestic help as few guests are coming at my home’ !! Guess what could have happened if similar thing could have been said to the Man of the house? He might have said ‘ Alright!! Go ahead with your guests. I will have food at a restaurant and I will be fine with little less cleaned house today’. Right?

But, what the lady of the house did was classical and phenomenal!! She immediately told her to get inside the house and closed the door like there is a kind of ghost outside and then with all the worries of the world she says ‘ Look!! I already took a bath and cannot use the broomstick to clean the house and cannot wash the plates kept in the sink. So, please clean it up and then you can go and enjoy with your guests’.

All the excitement over the face of maid was gone and she did all her domestic help and then left. How inhuman and cruel is that? And that’s the case with almost all the women generation after generation. So, how come they say ‘Men will be men’ just for taking a gaze towards a lady. At least men will never show such cruelty against the women. It can only be done by another women and so ‘ Women will be women’ 🙂 !!

Another example and that too with the maid only . A maid knocks the door of a bachelor guy and asks whether he need domestic help. Guy with a quirky look asks for how much she will charge monthly for domestic help and she says nothing less than 1200 rupees. Guy agrees upon 1300 with just one verbal assurance of keeping everything clean and handover one key of the flat as he work in a support project(in shifts). Maid happily murmurs ‘boys are rocking’ .

Same maid goes to the next door of a newly married couple and the lady of the house opens the door. She ask the same question whether the lady needs the domestic help. Guess what answer she might have got!! Lady says that she doesn’t have much work in the house except daily cleaning up the house, cloths, utensils, dusting the couch and beds and sometimes small help in cooking. Maid said that’s okay and I will charge 1200 monthly for that, on which lady says that she can manage things herself as she don’t need such a costly domestic help. Maid seriously needed the work to earn more and so she agrees on 1000 rupees monthly for the lady.

So, basically women doesn’t have any rights to say ‘ Men will be men’ as almost in the all the examples one can figure out that men are more kindhearted towards the women in comparison to women themselves. Take the example of the two girls from Haryana who beaten up a guy in a public bus due to eve teasing. Police is considering them for bravery award,but 3 elderly women from the village of those girls came in the support of the molester by raising the questions on those girl’s intentions.

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